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If this doesn't break your heart, you, my friend are heartless. Click on the following link, and scroll to where it says "mayors interview". Listen to this interview, and tell me you are not in tears when the mayor and interviewer both break down.

BBC News

It is just heart rending and infuriating that the mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, had to spend two days castigating the federal government for it's inaction before he shamed the President into action. Not that he is the only one. Former Republican National chair and current Mississippi governor Haley Barbour has also been critical of the Feds effort. Of course, there will be the usual repercussions. A thoroughly pissed off Senate is already making plans for a full investigation. Bush and his wingnut supporters are already making feeble excuses, blaming the mayor and the governor for the administrations actions. But the buck, as it should, stops at the president's desk. And, as has been the case with virtually every problem confronting this administration, he has dropped the ball, been left holding the bag, just plain fucked up!

There is absolutely no excuse for the feeble and lame response of this administration to the Gulf disaster. They have always known the potential for a calamity in New Orleans. They had days to prepare ahead of the storm. Yet their response was woefully inadequate. And because it was, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people are dead.

As usual, the president is long on excuses. He has attempted to pass the blame to the mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, and the governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco. He claims that they were late in requesting help. And that he could legally do nothing until they did. Even if you believe the first claim, if you are of a certain age, you know the second claim is pure BULLSHIT!

If you ARE of that certain age, you well remember Detroit's 12th Street Riot in 1967. At the time, it was the worst riot in the history of the country. Without any formal request from Gov. George Romney (who feared such a request would negate insurer liability), LBJ sent in the 82nd Airborne. Precedent already set. Perhaps that "student of history", George "Dubya" Bush, slept through that class at Harvard. Maybe as a Texas high schooler, he was too busy snorting up the white line to notice those pesky riots in the news.

The sad truth is that this is simply the most incompetent administration since James Buchanan left us with a looming civil war. From the Al Quida threat, to 9/11, to catching Bin Laden, to Iraq, to the Gulf Coast, George W. Bush has been a day late and a dollar short. Because of his incompetence, tens of thousands of people are dead. Forget the toll from the World Trade Center and Iraq war. Experts are saying 10,000 people may be dead just in the aftermath of Katrina. Most of these deaths will not be from the power of the storm itself, but from the woefully inadequate emergency response afterwards.

Ray Narin believes that those who were callous to his city's suffering will pay in the afterlife. Must we wait that long?????????

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The aftermath of Katrina is most heartbreaking. The people there are without food, water, housing and other necessities of life, and we, the people of the United States of America are without proper leadership.
you know what they're going to say (if they haven't started already) right? That the people who stayed are to blame for their own plight. If Ann Coulter hasn't said this already I'll be very surprised. As usual, blame the victims... I mean sure people didn't evacuate, but there are always a lot of people who don't because the warnings usually come to nothing. The gov't should have (and did in their drill last year) planned that exact scenario.
Amen Barbra, and well said GWB.

So Ray Nagen had to fill out form something slash something else dot somewhere dash number to get help...that IS crazy!

I did a little drawing called "waiting" today, trying to exemplify waiting on the White House for anything.
I think even his pwn party is getting fed up. Gingrich said today that the response to katrina calls into question our entire homeland security preparedness.
They already are saying it Laura:

Bill O'Reilly
American Spectator
"And because it was, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people are dead."

I hear what you're saying and I totally agree. However, we can't forget the people we saw on the news that were refusing to leave New Orleans and seek higher ground. I saw busses leaving the area that were not entirely full and I saw people acting all proud and mighty that they were going to "weather the storm". Perhaps their stubborness contributed to the death toll??
It's not blaming the victims out of searching for a scapegoat,'s blaming people for their own inaction as well as blaming the government for their inaction. What's the difference? People (not you) bitch and moan whenever the government takes too much responsibility for our lives and then cry foul when people don't take responsibility for their own lives.
What would everyone be saying if Bush forced people to leave and then the storm wasn't that bad? Everyone would be freakin' out about his overzealousness.
What if he forced people to leave and then lives were saved?
Would you sing his praises?
I think you know I;m on your side as I've been posting about this for days. I want to thank you, though. In a time of war and fear and disappoinment, it is imperitive that the people who agree with each other stick together and support each other. If I didn't know you guys were out there in the world, I would have lost my mind by now.
Sadie... yes, actually, i would have. Having lived through the 67 riots, I have long been a proponent of proactive government intervention in potential emergency situations.

I have never believed that crap about how the government can't (or shouldn't) help us. The closest thing I have to a political hero is Theodore Roosevelt. TR believed strongly that the first job of the government was the protection of it's citizen's. Whether from foriegn invaders or the Robber Barons and Trusts, I too believe that protecting the people is the governments first job.
I have lots to say, but this is not the time for it. For now, with "love and compassion for ALL" the people of New Orleans, I'd like to recommend that anyone who is interested in knowing "What It Means to Lose New Orleans" (by author Anne Rice)~ please go to
It's one of today's (Sept. 4) posts
at "Katrina Aftermath"

I think it will mean a lot to anyone who reads it. It did to me.

Be well, all,
Thanks, bear. What you are saying needs to be shouted across the land. Nobody cares.

Let them start broadcasting the pictures of the bodies in the streets, in the water, crouching in attics. Everyone needs to see the waste and heartlessness of the people we have become. We all died last week.
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Spewing Bible quotes apparently makes it alllll better. That will solve ALL our problems.
Oh Anonymous, the truth about this county is that everyhing is about politics.
Can we vote anonymous off the island?
anonymous has been voted off. this is, after all, a democracy. PC has a vote, Laura has a vote, Sadie has a vote. the Blog andministrator has 57 votes.

apparently, I am going to have to restrict anonymous comments. I don't mind anyone coming here and expressing an opinion. But please have the intestenal fortitude to identify yourself
bigezbear- glad to hear from you! Hope your as well as can be expected! Anything we can do to help?
Sorry I missed the anonymous post. I leave the computer for a few hours and everything goes to hell!. :-)

I can tell by your comments that it had a religious bent to it. That would have been enough to get me going too.
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