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For those who don't know Josh Marshall, he is a very well known and respected journalist who left his job to blog full time. This is directly from his blog, Talking Points Memo. If I could only read one blog daily, this would be the one!

(September 06, 2005 -- 06:44 PM EDT

On the Al Franken show this afternoon I mentioned this article from today's Salt Lake Tribune which tells the story of about a thousand firefighters from around the country who volunteered to serve in the Katrina devastation areas. But when they arrived in Atlanta to be shipped out to various disaster zones in the region, they found out that they were going to be used as FEMA community relations specialists. And they were to spend a day in Atlanta getting training on community relations, sexual harassment awareness, et al. This of course while life and death situations were still the order of the day along a whole stretch of the Gulf Coast.

It's an article you've really got a to read to appreciate the full measure of folly and surreality.

But the graf at the end of the piece really puts everything in perspective, and gives some sense what the Bush administration really has in mind when it talks about a crisis. The paper reports that one team finally was sent to the region ...

As specific orders began arriving to the firefighters in Atlanta, a team of 50 Monday morning quickly was ushered onto a flight headed for Louisiana. The crew's first assignment: to stand beside President Bush as he tours devastated areas.

You can't make this stuff up.

-- Josh Marshall

There are an awful lot of people in this administration who simply deserve the treatment described at the end of A TALE OF TWO CITIES. I wanna run the guillotine! gwb

I hate having these conspiracy ideas, but with the past weeks stories adding up it really seems possible someone wanted to thin the cajan herd. Why would FEMA want its finest tools used this way? It is like using a chainsaw to wash the dishes!
George Bush: The Potemkin President

Potemkin village \puh-TEM(P)-kin\, noun:
An impressive facade or display that hides an undesirable fact or state; a false front.
What do I get to run? I saw a post entitling him the "Shit Happens" President.
TJ- If they were trying to thin out the Cajuns, they missed and got the Creoles instead.

IDP - yeah he's phonier than a North Korean store front.

pc.. I believe disembowler is still available!
My husband says that's good work if you can get it!

I've been predicing the revolution for a year now. My husband says I'm crazy. I think this might effect the economy to the point where the poor are REALLY hurting, and then there will be rioting.
Bush choosing photo-ops and backdrops of Firemen over the well-being of his citizens is the modern day equivalent of Marie Antionette saying "let them eat cake"... It's disgusting. It makes me feel dirty.
A guillotine? Wow! A rather terrifying machine, don't you think? Ya wanna kill 'em, and kill 'em good, eh Bear? Oh, yes, Laura's watching...you must be using a literary device called hyperbole. Being a neophyte and all, I don't have the expertise to judge, but from my extremely limited experience, I judge that you do pretty good! I also am quite good at noticing the obvious...you must be pretty mad.

Now, since you are making such a drastic suggestion, tongue in cheek, I might add, I suppose you have the juridical system in place to find the individuals in the Bush administration guilty for such deserving a punishment, right? What juridical system are you using? The media? The N.O. and Louisiana Democrats, Washington Democrats...uh Democrats in general? (By the way, this is a great time for Democrats to do a fund raising, eh?) Or is it something more equivalent to what the French had? Just wondering aloud. Who is the current Madame De Farge?

Also, do the cooks and janitors and the groundskeepers at the White House get their heads lopped off too? How about the Secret Service, Bush's barbor, and how about his tailor? Maybe we should add the pilot of Air Force One. They all should...they're all in it together. The tenacles of this awful conspiracy is far reaching. I say, let's get rid of them all!

You may want to consider the folks at Fox News, and hey! How about those conservative radio and T.V. talk show hosts? Lop off their heads too! And you might as well look at all who contributed to the Bush campaign since it was their money that put this evil Hilterite in office. Cut their ugly heads off!

There's no telling the good that you'll accomplish when you look across the landscape and eliminate anyone who has supported this man. Think of the lessons future generations will learn of such actions. You will guarantee a place for liberalism for generations to come. And for sure, you'll scare the hell out of anyone who dare vocalize their Fascist ideas. God bless Amerika!
Excuse me...I used the word "God." A pox upon me, what was I thinking?

I'm terribly sorry. I should have said, "May Amerikans pleasure themselves."
And still another idea! How about all those Senate Democrats who voted in favor to install Michael Brown? Are they exempt from the big "G?" You know, it was just some lowly reporter who discovered the lie in Mr. Brown's bio. You would think the mighty Senate has the ability to find this stuff out too, right? I think so. However, if they can prove that they truly are the mental midgets that they would need to be in order to be hoodwinked by such an idiot like Bush, perhaps they need to have front-row seats at the beheadings. Wait a minute, they voted for him before Bush was in office. Ah, what the hell! Do it anyway...it'll teach them a valuable lesson. Never collaborate with a Nazi conservative...never. That ought to suffice.

However, if these men and women collaborated maliciously with Bush, I propose, Madame De Farge, that this reign of terror extend to compliant Democrats who aided the evil Bush regime and his anti-American, anti-human agenda.

Long live the Republic!
My current mood is guilt by association! I realize that is not particularly rational, but in a rational world, Cuba would not be able to evacutae 1.5 million people ahead of a class 5 hurricane, and the US would be able to. So I guess guilt by asociatin is rational enough for the times.

ps. I am getting a t shirt made that has two eyes, and says "youre on the list, and i'm watching you!"
How do you evacuate people prior to a hurricane who don't want to leave? Force? They're finding it difficult now, AFTER the storm, AFTER the floods, now that New Orleans has become one giant sewer. There's a resiliency in the human spirit to face and conquer obstacles and adversity that comes into play here. There were also mistakes made.

As to mistakes made, I'm sure they were made from the local level all the way up to the federal level. It smacks of political opportunism to make this a federal problem only, or a race problem, as dear Bros. Jesse and Al have proposed. It angers me that the terrible plight these people are going through is being used for political agendas. I've quit listening to radio and watching TV news; I'm not going to be one of the media's "sheep."

However, I am keeping my eyes open to the human tendencies that were very apparent during this disaster. Massive denial, lack of preparation, naivete, looking outside ourselves for help. We all have much to learn from this. Looking to immediately blame Bush for this is NOT the lesson to learn.
Let me tell you how the Cubans did it. They sent in every available military vehicle, semi, truck, jeep, 6x, halftrack, whatever. they allowed people to take their valuables (oddly most took their refrigerator) and more importantly, their pets (there are an awful lot of people in NO who refuse to leave because they won't abandone their pets). They managed to move 1.5 million people out of the way of a class 5 hurricane, and as a result suffered almost no loss of life.

There is absolutely no plausable excuse for the governments feeble efforts, especailly post Katrina. It is certainly the biggest example of incompetance of rule in my lifetime. Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Bush golfed (and strummed guitar) while New Orleans drown! He will be first to the guillotine.
Cuba is definitely a false analogy for the N.O. situation. One, we don't have a dictatorship; George Bush doesn't run the U.S. like Castro does to Cuba. Two, we have states rights in this nation backed by the Constitution and we better damn well protect them from federal encroachment of power. Three, evacuation pre-Katrina vs. evacuation post-Katrina are polar opposites logistically. Four, your comparison of Bush to Nero is totally absurd. Nero played the fiddle because he ordered the city to be burned. You're not thinking...?

I worry about you, Bear. I'm afraid you're flaking out, man. Your "Kill George" campaign is kinda freeky.

--A Concerned UL--
a) federal reights vs. states rights was, and should have remained settled, in 1865.

b) if Cuba, a poor country with few resources and mediocre comunications network, can move that many people that quickly, the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world should have no problem doing so.

c) It is just so much b.s. to claim that Bush couldn't send in fedreal troops with out a formal request from the governor. Johnson sent the 83nd Airborne into Detroit in 1967 over the objectins of George Romney.
So the next storm that hits an area as ill prepared as New Orleans, wherever that is, the U.S. government should pull a Castro and forcibly move people out? I suppose if we had Cuba's socialism, we'd have the infrastructure to move people, don't you think?

As to states rights, what are you saying in context with the Civil War? That there is little or none whatsoever? Seems to me that states rights end where Federal rights begin. I'm not sure what you are referring to.

You blame Bush for not moving people out like Castro, but I don't think you want the communist infrastructure to back that type of action up, DO YOU? I'm sure you don't. In your anger and hatred against Bush, you pull together analogies that just don't hold, or imply solutions that would be reprehensible to most Americans, though applauded by an extreme few.

Unfortunately, you are echoing those who are using this Katrina issue and FEMA's response to snipe at Bush. FEMA has always been a backup to local and state authorities. Florida is a great example of how active and organized local authorities are in dealing with weather disasters. FEMA comes into play, but not as a first responder. The N.O. leaders dropped the ball big time, especially in preventing the Red Cross and Salvation Army from coming to the SuperDome. There are many lessons to learn here, including a more efficient response by FEMA.

The bulk of the responsibility rests on the liberal leadership in N.O. and Louisiana, who have had a huge chance to prepare themselves for a catastrophe like this for over two generations. They were caught with their pants down, and now they want to save their ugly mugs by blaming Bush.

As to the issue of race, I'm appalled that after having 60 years to make a difference in poor people's lives, that Louisiana and N.O. have as they discribe, such a high level of poverty. What is it with liberals that they promise the moon to the poor but don't have the capability to remedy the situation? Methinks they use the poor to get and maintain power; which is a huge slap in the face of human dignity. I would be shocked if Bros. Jesse and Al held the liberal leadership to account for not coming through on there promises to end poverty.

This whole topic is tiring me out; I fear any commenting on it is completely futile. I'll let you get in the last word. My hope is that the hurting and suffering in N.O., Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama find the help and hope they need.
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