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Okay, I know it was a week ago! But it was one of those really busy weeks, plus the World Series was on. So blogging has taken a back seat to fall cleaning and baseball and canoeing.

Speaking of canoeing, we had a beautiful trip Friday. Lots of fall color, and beautiful sun. We paddled on the St. Joe from Colon MI to Mendon MI. Couldn't have asked for better weather or company!

As I eluded to above, I was tagged by Laura about a week ago. The subject: Quirky Habits and Strange Hang Ups.

This was a really tough one for me to figure out! Truth is, I am a remarkably normal guy. I don't have a lot of superstitions or hang-ups. Even my daughter couldn't think of anything. But here goes:

1. I talk to myself. A lot. When people say something about it, I tell them I am just trying to have an intelligent conversation. The ones I have with myself are generally the most intelligent ones I have all week.

2. I always eat my meals one course at a time. And in a particular order. For example, if I get breakfast at the local diner, I eat my meal in this order: First, 1 slice of toast with grape jelly (always grape!). Second, 1 slice toast dipped in egg yolks. Then the eggs. Then the sausage patties (always patties, never links). Last, but not least, the potatoes.

3. I am the world's worst procrastinator. I will put off almost any unpleasant task until it verges on catastrophe. Sometimes beyond!

4. As you can guess from #3, I almost never get anyplace until the last minute (except for concerts and sporting events, for which I am always ridiculously early!)

5. I get sneezing spells. When I do they often last for 20 minutes. Imagine sneezing four or five times a minute for twenty minutes. My mom always said it was my body trying to get rid of demons. And people wonder why I have demons!

6. I have what my daughter-in-law calls "the famous Spurrier patience level.... NONE!" This, of course, only applies to the insignificant irritations of life. I carry on a constant stream of chatter directed at the drivers surrounding me. I mutter constantly. Misplacing an item will drive me into an immediate hissy fit. Amazingly, in a real crisis, I am remarkably, almost eerily, calm and composed. Go figure!

7. I have a history of obsessive behavior. I will find an interest or hobby and throw myself into it full throttle for three or four years. When I am done, I'm done. Weightlifting (for several years I spent 20 -25 hours a week in the gym), photography, fishing, English Marks darts, all were obsessions that lasted four or 5 years, then were virtually abandoned. The only hobbies I have had that have been life long pursuits are camping and canoeing. And of course, the Red Wings and Tigers! Oh yeah, my current obsession? Blogging.

8. I am extremely intolerant of intolerant people! Sounds like a contradiction, I know!

9. I never stick with one brand of beer. I have definite preferences, often depending on the activity. Canoeing or camping, I prefer Old Milwaukee when it's hot, Molson's Canadian Lager in the cooler evening hours and at night. Warm summer night and baseball, gotta be LaBatt's Blue. Watchin the hockey game on TV? Leinenkugel! BBQ? Killians or Murphy's (both Reds). Steak? Gotta be a Heineken.

10. I hate tomatoes, but love Catsup, tomato sauce, marinara sauce, etc.

You are truly weird. (Just teasin!) Glad to see that your beer choices include some of Canada's best. I can't believe that you don't like tomatoes!!! That's inconcievable! However, because of the beer thing, I'll let it go.

What exactly is "being tagged"?
LOL... it's when a blogger does one of these poq quiz things, than "tags" other bloggers to answer the same questions>
Man, do we have a LOT in common!
I talk to myself too. I think it's because we're auditory learners(can you tell I've been studying learning styles?). We have to hear something for it to cement to our brains. The dishwashers at work give me funny looks, but I tell them the same thing you do.
You're probably not the world's greatest procrastinator, but you'll be in the top 10 with me. ;)
I usually have my "sneezing fits" first thing in the morning. Lately they've been hitting me while I'm driving to work. Ever try to sneeze AND keep your eyes open?
I, too, am intolerant of intolerance. My parents can drive me WILD at times!
I loved this tag. What I've noticed, in reading everyone's responses, is that we all seem to have minor OCD traits. This has made Z feel a lot better about himself.
I just noticed you called it Catsup....I LOVE IT. Tee hee hee.
Wow, that is some lis! Very interesting, but I'd say still very benign as you said.
I have seen eaters like you. I am a reckless type, I'll eat everything - going from one item to the next.
Remember when Reagan was in office and ketchup was a vegtable according to the fda?
I too am very intolerant of intolerant people. I figure it's only fair to treat them as they treat others. As for the food issue, mine is with peanut butter. Love peanuts and peanut butter, but hate anything else connected to it, like peanut butter in crackers, candy bars, peanut butter cookies, etc. Also, I don't like my food to touch or mix, unless it's a traditional Irish corned beef dinner, then everything on the plate gets mashed and mixed with butter and patted into a lovely mound (corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes) I only recently found out there's an Irish comfort food like this called colcannon. Hmmm. :-)
Yeah, I talk to myself too. Tshsmom- you're onto something I think. I learn by seeing & hearing. It'll take me forever to learn or memorize something I read in a book. Show me or tell me, I'll remember forever.

As for the intolerance thing, my friend Rasa always says she's closed-minded in her open-mindedness... ;P

Speaking of intolerance -Did anyone hear the Trent Lott quote about Bush finding another supreme court pick? (paraphrasing) Bush should scour the country to find the best "man, woman or minority" to fill the position... so apparently there's men & women (people) and then minoriteis... why not just say best person?
Laura, it's a wonder that any politician can speak with all those feet in their mouth!
tshsmom said "man, we do have a lot in common"!

May I offer you my sincere condolences! I am glad, however, that we could all be of some encouragement to Z!

Dalmatica: Catsup... thats from hangin out with Yoopers (Lopers generally call it Ketchup)

Jules: I am glad they never made Catsup a veggie, I might have starved. When I was younger I used to put the stuff on EVERYTHING. But if they had told me it was a veggie, I would have given it up on principle. After all, real men didn't eat vegetables.

vv - I have a recipe for Colcannon if you want it!

Laura - Mr. Lott is apparently insecure in his very white maleness!
I always talk to myself, too, and my coworkers often raise their eyebrows at me. I think it has to do with how I process information.

#8 applies to me as well. But can one be too tolerant in some cases? Sometimes I believe I am.

#10 also applies to me. I used to order club sandwiches with no tomatoes; I just find the things so gross. But ketchup bears no resemblance to tomatoes at all, and the other tomato products I consume - salsa, marinara sauce, etc. really don't bear any resemblance to the original ingredient, and they're doctored to the point you can't recognize them anyways.
Maybe we're the normal ones? ;)
Okay, if I am one of the normal ones, I shudder to think about the abnormal ones!
10. I hate tomatoes, but love Catsup, tomato sauce, marinara sauce, etc.

me too!
That sneezing thing sounds scary! Poor bear. I think people who are normal--are weird.
Okay, forward the Colcannon recipe, I'm currently hankering for some corned beef. :-)
It looks like we do have a few things in common.
I live in Alabama, the reddest of red states, is there any wonder why "I" would talk to myself?
I love tomatoes but don't care for ketchup, marinara sauce, or tomatoe sauce.
I too am a classic procrastinator. So much so, I might give you a bit of compitition for the title of worst. Which is completely at odds with the fact that I'm early for everything.
The only thing I'm intolerant of is cruelty.
Ok, now I'm confused - what's a loper and what's a yooper? Egads, am I really that out of it?

This cloconnan sounds interesting. My family used to make something similar (and I have a craving for it) but instead of corned beef, my dad would make it with hamburger and gravy. Mmmmmm, memories.
I never stick with one brand of beer.

Me too. Current fav is Sierra Nevada's Crystal Wheat. Can't get it out in Detroit, so that means you'll have to come and visit. :)
WC -I think talking to myself is partially a memory trick! Otherwise, my short term memory is awful!

Sadico - i agree! How boring it must be to be normal!

VV - Found Colcannon recipe, now looking for the Corned Beef with wow wow sauce that goes with it!

Wanda - Living here in Hoosierville is enough to keep me muttering under my breath. Can't imagine what it must be like in 'Bama!

Dalmatica - Yoopers are people from the U.P. (Michigan's upper peninsula). Loper's are people like me, who hale from the lower peninsula.

Yoopers are a breed all unto themselves! Impossible to explain, but rent Jeff Daniels "Escanaba In Da Moonlight" sometime. It will all become clear.

ZS - Always looking for an excuse to visit new places, especially when beer is involved.
Leinenkugel and Bell's both brew seasonal Wheat Beers. I really like the Leinie's wheat!
I never talk to myself. However I talk alot to the voices in my head until I poke em quite with a q-tip.

However I do have the obsessive-compulsive behavior like you do.
200% until you are done with a hobby then poof it's done.
Thanks for stoping by my blog..come lurk some more...I'll stalk you over here as well if that's okay.
tshsmom tagged me with this one a little while back. I not only had fun posting mine, but I challenged others to post theirs in my comments. It was a really fun post.

I procrastinate, too. But I have always talked to myself. I figure you're okay as long as you realize you're talking to yourself.
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