Monday, October 17, 2005


Ninevah and Diyalla, Iraq's Answer to Florida and Ohio

It appears we are REALLY teaching the Iraqis to hold American style elections. Apparently, there are more votes cast than voters! And the BBC reported yesterday that in two provinces with Sunni majorities, many poling places in Sunni areas were never opened for "security reasons", while bus loads of Kurds were brought in from other provinces to vote. The Sunni's needed three provinces to vote no by two thirds to reject the constitution, they got two. But they are already screaming foul, claiming that there were massive voting irregularities in two provinces, Ninevah and Diyalla, both with Sunni majorities.

Just wondering out loud, but do you think we should tell them how this is gonna end, or let them find out for themselves?

From the why fans should never be allowed to manage sports teams department:

A few years back, I was ecstatic when the Detroit Lions used the 4th pick in the draft to grab Oregon quarterback Joey Harrington. The pick was made by the Lions owners William Clay Ford, and his son Bill Jr. (yeah THOSE Fords) , over the objections of team President Matt Millen and Coach Marty Morningweg, who wanted to draft Texas defensive back Roy Williams. Harrington has been a colossal bust, and Williams has turned into one of the best defensive backs in the NFL. The Ford's have refused to give up on Harrington, forcing the Lions coach to play him, because they have so much money invested in him. Meanwhile, the Lions offense is horrible, and Harrington's confidence is so badly shaken he'll probably never recover. Certainly not in Detroit.

Yesterday, the Lions defense scored 14 points. Unfortunately, their offense only scored 6. The Lions lost 21-20.

All I can say is.... THANK GOD HOCKEY IS BACK! Speaking of which...

My RED WINGS are now 5 and 1, after just beating the San Jose Sharks, the team most experts have picked to win the Western Conference. They are getting great play from their young players, and all 4 lines are scoring. Manny Legace has been strong in goal, and Pavel Datsyuk has shown why he was one of the best three or four players in Europe last year. The Wings other young star, Henrik Zetterberg, has been brilliant, as has newcomer Michael Samuelson, who has 5 goals in 6 games. Young Jiri Fisher has become the star we knew he had the potential to be, and has been the Wings best defenseman. Which is saying an awful lot, considering he is playing on a team who has 3 time Norris trophy winner Nick Lidstrom, 2 time winner Chris Chelios and Matheau Schneider.

Thank the Force for the Wings and Pistons!
With all the problems in southeast Michigan right now, some relief is badly needed. And we sure as hell know it ain't comin' from FORD FIELD ! Or Ford Motors!

Now cooking at THE CHURCH POTLUCK: Chocolate Lover's Pizza, French Bread

Oh my, what a tangled web we weave when we force our own deceitful tactics on others. Who is their Al Gore?
that choc pizza sounds divine, I will have to make that!
"Just wondering out loud, but do you think we should tell them how this is gonna end, or let them find out for themselves?"

Do they have a Supreme Court in place to install Chalabi?
"Ninevah and Diyalla, Iraq's Answer to Florida and Ohio" - too funny if it weren't so sad! Is there really any such thing as a democracy these days, or just the illusion of one?
incidentally, tha should read my Red Wings are 6-1!
Yeah, my Coyotes were among the victims! :-(

BTW, that chocolate pizza sounds evil. I'm all over that.
Oh why bother to tell them? They wouldn't believe us anyway.

Are you telling me there's such a thing as chocolate pizza? Surely I've died and gone to heaven.
I gained five pounds just thinking about that pizza. If I dared to try it, I think I'd end up in a chocolate coma...definately sweet dreams though.

Like all political systems, democracy is imperfect. And I don't understand why we (that's the collective "western world" we) feel the need to impose our views and way of life on others. Who's to say our ways are the "right" ones? It just makes me shake my head.
Dalmatica: The Bible says our ways are the right ones... isn't that how we Westerners got into the colonial business? ;-p
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