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Okay, so now we know, Bill Frist lied when he said his assets were in a blind trust and he didn't even know if he had any stock in his family's company. By now, we are so used to blatant lies by the Republican leadership it would have been a much bigger story if he was actually telling the truth! Meanwhile, the weekend talk shows were all abuzz with the rumor that Harriet Miers would withdraw her name from nomination to the Supreme Court. One veteran Republican Senator said "it would be a smart move, she doesn't have the votes up here to be confirmed". Meanwhile, Dubya and his minions are in full denial mode on the story (which means it likely has teeth). Hurricane Wanda devastates Cancun and Cozumel, than rakes across Florida. Another 24 American GI's die in Iraq. Just another ho hum week in the news (and isn't it sad that we've gotten to the point that 24 GI's dying is not shocking news?). So, ON TO THE GOOD STUFF.

I expected it to be a bad year for my favorite hockey teams, the Detroit Red Wings and the Michigan Wolverines. The Red Wings lost stars Derian Hatcher, Ray Whitney, Curtis Joseph, Darren McCarty, and Mathieu Dandenault to free agency or forced buyout under the salary cap system. Then they lost their #3 defenseman, rookie Nicklas Kronwall, until February or March with torn knee ligaments. It was looking grim in Hockeytown. And not much better down the road in Ann Arbor, where the Wolverines lost several of their best players to graduation, then had their goalie and best scorer both jump to the NHL.

So almost a month into the season, and how is it shaking out? The Red Wings have the best record in the NHL, and my Michigan Wolverines are ranked #1 in every poll in the country. So how is this possible?

In the case of the Red Wings, it is due to the fact that they simply have the best scouting system in hockey. In particular, nobody scouts Europe like the Wings "Super Scout" Hakken Andersson. There is a reason the Wings are starting to resemble the Swedish National team (with a few Russians and a Czech thrown in). Anderson scouts Europe like nobody else, has a tremendous knack for spotting talent where others overlook it, and makes sure young Wing prospects play in places where they can develop into NHL talent. The Red Wings current roster includes 5 Swedes, 2 Russians, and a Czech. And they have a number of NHL ready players playing either in Europe or the AHL. Next year will almost certainly see Russians Jiri Hudler and Igor Grigorenko, and Finn Valterri Filpulla wearing the Winged Wheel. So the future looks bright for North America's most hockey crazed town. Now if I could only learn to pronounce that O with the two dots over it, which Garrison Keilor says means "Americans can't say this"!

Perhaps the case of my Wolverines is even more amazing. Playing with 11 freshman, they are almost a consensus as #1 in all the polls. Led by Junior scoring sensation T.J. Hensick, hometown freshman defenseman Jack Johnson, and 17 yr old goaltending sensation Billy Sauer, Michigan is 4-0-1 in it's first five games! Can't wait to get up to Yost Arena to watch them play (although I'll probably see them here against Notre Dame first!).

Best of all, my son Sean has a 52" HDTV on which I can watch my favorites play! Hopefully, my daughter in law won't get sick of seeing me on hockey night!

Now cooking at THE CHURCH POTLUCK: Tarte Au Sucre Jaune (Brown Sugar Pie)

When you said hurricane Wanda I thought you were talking about my sizzling post! Shucks now I see you just misnamed ole Wilma.
I'm expecting to see Miers withdraw her name any day now. Although I suspect it will be after Fitzmas (indictments coming down).
Who's your pick for the REAL nominee? I'm saying Janice Rodgers Brown, Cappy says Gonzales.
My team always sucks :(
glad to see your blog reappear....all I saw was a blank page for most of the evening.....
Whew! Relief from the panic mode. I assumed you were working on your page yesterday and that's why the screen was blank, glad to see you back.
Based on the "heads in the sand" attitude this administration has always taken, I wouldn't be surprised if Miers doesn't withdraw. The debate over whether she will, whether she won't is a good distraction from all the lyers getting caught.
As for the รถ, it's pronounced like "eh" as in Goethe. My German/Swedish ancestry does sometimes come in handy. :-), okay, so that would be "liars," I never said I could spell...
I think of you whenever I hear Red Wings' news or see a game. I just know you're breathing easier this year, and probably not having to mutter to yourself as much, now that you have your beloved NHL back.
And don't the Wings just rock the ice so far?

And there's a reason "Frist" rhymes with "Fist"...
Glad to hear your beloved red wings are doing well - sadly the oilers have lost (I think) 7 straight now... oh well, I'm not a big fan anyways.
Your blog might have a polergeist, GWB. I couldn't access it, either, earlier on today.

Canadiens are looking pretty good, last I heard (which was a few days ago, I must admit)....
Wanda, they SHOULD name a hurricane after you! I'm sure you'ld take aim at a certain Texas ranch!

Andrea; The season is still young, and at least you have the SOX!


B4E: yeah, we're rockin! And are you using the word fist as a verb or a known? Cause I it's use as a verb is giving me disturbing mental images!

Dal: yeah, and the oilers started out so good!

WC: I think the Canadians are going to be pretty good all year!
yeah, glad you resurfaced my Dear One!!
I am from Tennessee and I will be One to say I am so Embarassed of Bill frist, he is such a f@@ker. Wasn't that so eloquent of me? We all know, so I don't have to expand on it, if someone likes, I will go into detail. I'm afraid he might be nominated for the next president though, ugh!
yes, it is sad thing that we reached the 2,000 mark of soldiers in Iraq and what about the civilian count of Iraqians?? It's enormous. Their count goes up much higher then ours each day. It's a sad state of affairs all around. I pray about it each night, dunno what else to do. I have friends/ relatives over there, most don't even want to be there.
We have one good thing!! The fact that the White sox won!! That is a bright spot!
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