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Arlo, now and then.

Forty years ago on Thanksgiving Day, an 18 yr old kid from Stockbridge, MA committed a thoughtless crime. Not only would this crime keep him out of the army, the saga would become immortalized on maps, t-shirts, and of course, in song. The song has become a Thanksgiving Day classic, and gets played about 5 times a day on every pop and rock station in the country during Thanksgiving week. Click on this post's title bar to hear Arlo tell the story of THE ALICE'S RESTAURANT MASSACRE.

Hockey Friday will return next Friday.

Now cooking at THE CHURCH POTLUCK: Bill Knapp's Au Gratin Potatoes, and Bill Knapp's Famous Biscuits

he's coming to Toronto in May, and me and Tuffy have 3rd row centre seats at Massey Hall...wahoooo. Years ago, I saw Arlo and Pete Seeger play at Ontario Place, when they had the old revolving stage. It was a fabulous, warm, and generous show. I'm looking forward to hearing him play again!
WXRT plays Alice's Restaurant every Thanksgiving day. What a fun song.
I first heard the song after I met my husband. I think if the draft is reinstated, we should all go out and commit small crimes.
Mr. A: I have seen Arlo any number of times over the years. He puts on a great show, you will have a wonderful time. A about 5 years ago, he was here for an outdoor show. A couple of his kids were working the souvenier stand. they were selling a T-shirt with a map on the front titled Arlo Guthrie's Historic Garbage Trail. I saw it and just broke up. His daughter told me I had one of the greatest laughs she had ever heard. Needless to say, Arlo's children are brilliant!

Laura: The local Classic Rock station plays this song at 9, 12, 3, 6, and 9 from the Monday morning before Thanksgiving through Thanksgiving Day. Just to be sure no one misses it.

pc: I am just hoping for some of that American blind justice when my case goes to court!
Our local classic rock station plays it at noon every Thanksgiving too. We had the kids captive in the car and made them listen. They liked the whole group W bit with the father rapers. They have no idea what the selective service is and I am glad.
Nice post, GWB. Nice memories.
Ahhh yes, good ole Arlo. Who knew dumping the trash could not only save your life but make you infamous as well?
My dear, dear favorite Mark Spurrier. What a kind, generous of spirit, good hearted man you are. Thank you for the incredibly kind words on my blog. You have no idea just how much your words touched me. You are a real high-quality man, and not just for a liberal (LOL! Thanks for the laugh on that one!), but a real true blue friend. How thankful I am to know you and count you as friend.
Nic - I'm glad you are keeping your sense of humor in tact! Hang in there... things will only get better for you!
So swamped at work lately, but I finally got the chance to listen to the interview. I am one of those rare souls who didn't know anything about the history of the song, even though I vaguely remember hearing it numerous times. I was too young when it first came out to be aware of much of anything. Thanks for furthering my education.
HMPH - cannot access The Church Potluck. Has the poltergiest moved?
That's it?! kI was expecting something really horrible. It's nice that it is not though.
dont know what happened there. I just republished blog and it appears to be fine now!
I've heard that these days, even Alice is negotiable. ;)
GWB: thanks. I just came from there. Am having trouble in general reaching most blogs this evening, but I suspect it's my on/off connection.
The first time I heard that song was in English class my senior year of high school. Our teacher played the song. I have no idea why but I'm really glad she did.
Oh Hey can get any thing you want at Alice's restaurant... I was about 17 whe I first heard that... now mynkids are 31 and 28 ...and they love it!!!!!!

Great hey from rural australia
Oh great white bear... you have great taste... down under...or is it you who are down under, we don't have Thanksgiving... what would a bunch of convicts have to be thankful about... arriving in prison the term of their natural lives? But Arlo's Alice's Restaraunt is a favourite of mine...also the Motorcycle song and his dad Woody's for looking like my husband's brother his real brother (the one we know of anyway) is thin and bald as a that what you look like???

I just heard Arlo and Pete Seeger sing "Where have all the Flowers Gone" wonderful... If you weren't at Woodstock then you watched it on the big screen... we grew up at a good time I reckon
definately not thin (hence the "bear"), but I do wear a driving cap at all times to hide the fact that I am "bald as a badger"
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