Saturday, November 12, 2005



Pic on left is goalie Terry Sawchuk, before he started wearing a mask. Picture on right is Gerry Cheevers, who drew stitches on his mask every place he would have gotten cut without it.

Wow is right. Incredible.
It makes me feel so old to realize that most of the people who read my blog aren't even old enough to remember the days when hockey players wore neither masks or helmuts. It doesn't seem that long ago! But all the great stadiums of my youth are gone. the Olympia in Detroit, Chicago Stadium,, the original Madison Square Gardens, Boston Garden. Maple Leaf Gardens and the Forum remain in tact, but no longer host major league hockey.
I am officially a geezer!
geezers rock!

GWB, I went to a restaurant in Boston's North End over the weekend, and found out that one of the owners is Ray Bourque. I remember a few years ago when he came to Boston with the Stanley Cup he helped win for the Rockies.

He was a class player.

The bartender said Bourque pops into the restaurant now and then to have a drink.

I'm going back this weekend to see if he comes in. And to have one of their martinis.
Ray's son Chris was a played for BU as a freshman last year. He was the Washington capitals 2nd pick in the draft this year, and opted to turn pro. By all accounts he has a pretty good future ahead of him.
I had no idea players didn't always wear helmets and masks. That's horrifying. Thank God there are geezers around to educate us young folk! :)
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