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You live in a country where:

The wealthiest one percent of the population controls more of the nations assets than the bottom 90%.

The average CEO of a Fortune 1000 company earns 500 times more than his average employee.

On the same day the the USDA announced that the number of Americans in need of food aid has risen to 38 million, Congressional Republicans announced a plan to cut the food stamp program by 30%.

The President's party has controlled the Administrative branch of the government for 18 of the last 26 years. They have controlled the Legislative branch of the last 11 years. When Ronald Reagan took office, 11% of Americans lived in poverty. Today, 18% of Americans live in poverty.

One member of the current administration is under arrest, another under indictment, still another under investigation.

The House Majority leader has been indicted and is free on bail on money laundering charges.

The Senate Majority leader is under investigation for insider trading.

The latest Supreme Court nominee believes that husbands should have the same dominion over their wives as parents have over their children.

70 million Americans are without health insurance or are under insured.

1 of 5 children lives in poverty.

In Iraq, 2000 Americans have died for a lie.



Vive la revolution! If you're very very quiet, I can probably sneak a few of you good people across the border...
But how will I run the guillotine from Canada?
Preach it, bro. You running in '08? You've got my vote...
Count me in.

"If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine." -- Che Guevara
"The wealthiest one percent of the population controls more of the nations assets than the bottom 90%.

The average CEO of a Fortune 1000 company earns 500 times more than his average employee."

Welcome to Capitalism my friend. (I'm turning Redder every day, aren't I)

The revolution starts when we, the 99%, stop bickering over religion, race, sexuality, and geographical location and get together...
You goddamned commies....

(Best 15 year old patriot voice) WHY DOAN YOU GO BACK TO RUSSIA?!?

I've just noticed that I didn't know if Laura was saying she was going more red because of Communism or because of Republicanism in America.

Zombie McCarthy would have a shit fit if he knew "red" was for Jesus.
Dude! Save the downers for Mondays when I'm expecting it! As for the revolution, do we get to wear those snazzy berets? A red beret against camo green could be this season's little black dress. :-)
Laura - you have just previewed teh subject of the next major rant I am working on!

John - My how things have changed! 10 years ago, I would have immediately equated "Red" with communism. Now, I just automatically thought Republican. You may have to ask Laura for a clarification!

VV - Nothing sexier than red and camo!
I'm hoping this is only the beginning of the 'revolution'.
I would love to to see the pofolks in this country rise up and TAKE BACK America!
I like the blog! I've placed a link to you on Swerve Left under Road Kill. (I realize this doesn't sound terribly flattering, but it's part of a thematic consideration.)
Karlo.. i am honored to be road kill on your fine blog!

Wanda.. as I increasingly teeter on the edge of becoming one of the po' folk, I agree whole ehartedly
whole heartedly too!
I recall hearing Utah Phillips talking about America. He was pretty frustrated about the place, and this is back during the Korean 'conflict', and didn't know if he could live in America anymore. His friend and mentor Ammond Hennessey told him, it wasn't America he hated....not the people. Just the government. There's a big distinction (if elections could change the system, they'd be against the law).I think he quoted Mark Twain, something like - loyalty to your country always, loyalty to your government when they deserve it -
....for more about Utah Phillips, go here

Maybe the American public is beginning to wake up.

Current CBS poll has Bush at 35% approval rating.

Political capital my ass.
I am a big fan of Phillips. I am glad to see that he is touring again, after quite a spell of health issues. I have seen him in person once, and he was just terrific!
You notice when you talk revolution and guillotines, you get lots of traffic? You might as well put this "mental junk food" to good use and advertise, Bear.

Poll numbers...score cards for the media. If Bush turns it around and starts acting like a true conservative, you'll see the poll numbers go up, which means he will be making his constituency happy and pissing off the left. Nothing would make me happier.
The second bush starts acting like a true conservative, he pisses of his neocon and fundie base. He' s already lost the middle and the rational right. This is about as lame a duck as we have ever seen.

So if poll numbers are low, they are "score cards for the media", but if they are high, UL does a little dance? Hmmm.

And what exactly is Bush's contituency? By definition, we are all his constituency (at least the voting portion). The only ones happy with Bush right now are fundie nut jobs.

His job shouldn't be to "piss off the left" (or piss off the right, for that matter). It should only be to do what's best for the country. And by no rational appraisal is he doing that.

You and I have gone around before. The media's facination with polls is that they let them know how they are doing in affecting public opinion, i.e., if Bush's poll numbers are down, it means they are accomplishing their goals, etc. Come on, you're bright enough to figure this out on your own, right? You don't need the idiotic UL to explain this to you, do you?

Those who voted for Bush are the ones Bush needs to worry about. The fundie nut jobs, as you say, are NOT happy with Bush. But since you are simply emoting and NOT thinking, your only reason for saying this is because "fundie nut-jobs" is fun to say, right?

As to pissing off the left, that will be a natural "by-product" of making his voting block happy. The liberal left hates conservative values. (Take the use of guillotines, conservative wouldn't dream of using them, but libs like the Bear here, thinks it would do quite nicely in starting our country off with a clean slate washed in the blood of "conservative criminals") You typically misconstrue what I say so that you get to vent your frustrations with something that resembles communication.

As to your mentioning rational appraisal, you need reason to do this. Go ahead, I dare you to use reason.
UL: I did error in giving you the benefit of the doubt. I did not originally see that your comments were referring to the so-called "liberal media bias". Your belief, and correct me if I'm wrong, is that the media is unjustly seeking to influence public opinion against Bush. I didn't assume that was what you meant because I just don't see it. If the media has such a vested interest in doing that, then why was that liberal bastion, the New York Times, one of the leading voices to drum up support for the war?

We differ on who he should be trying to please. If politicians of both sides were only try to placate those who voted for them, our democracy is shot.

"...pissing off the left. Nothing would make me happier." -- that's not emoting? You're always good for a laugh, UL. Why waste a cogent argument when a rhetorical flourish will do.

The same time it has always started, when the animals get hungry enough!

You can count me it too!
UL said: "Take the use of guillotines, conservative wouldn't dream of using them"

Bear replies:

a) This is true. Conservatives, lacking imagination and a flair for the dramatic, just use bullets.

b) It appears UL has a lack of appreciation for the arts of metaphor and irony!
VV said: Dude! Save the downers for Mondays when I'm expecting it! As for the revolution, do we get to wear those snazzy berets? A red beret against camo green could be this season's little black dress. :-)

Very cool comment....

I don't think I'd look that good in a little black number... but Green & Red do it for me... I even have a nice red 'Che' T-shirt..
CK - you're too modest. I'm sure you'd look great in that little black dress. But... camo and red is just HOT!
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