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John Haynes is a wealthy retired auto dealer. He is also a patriotic citizen, who is grateful for the sacrifices others have made so he could enjoy the fruits of his success. And when he found that the memorial at the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier had developed an unsightly crack, he thought he'd found the perfect way to show his gratitude. He found a perfect, 60 ton (that's 120,000 lbs. for those of you in Crawford TX) slab of Yuma marble. From the same quarry as the original monument. He purchased it, and even arranged and paid for the complex and expensive process of moving the behemoth stone. Thats when complications arose.

It seems that Arlington National Cemetery can't just accept such a generous gift. Their are regulations about such things. And the job might have to be let for competitive bidding. Like anyone can bid lower than FREE! FUCKING IDIOTS!

So, I would like to congratulate the superintendent of Arlington National Cemetery. For you sir, a place of honor right behind the Vice President has been reserved. In the guillotine line. Heads will roll!

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The point of competitive bidding isn't to get the lowest price, DUHH! It's to make sure Haliburton or one of it's subsidiaries gets the contract and over charges the government for its services.
You know how it is the Bushies just want you to send money do not send items.
The Super has what my husband likes to call "the powerful stupids".
Laura - that's exactly what my son said!

TJ - too hard to line your pockets with marble?

pc - powerfull stupids, indeed!
Gee, now Arlington is tied to Bush now. Man, you people are gonna have to unplug from NPR awhile; get some R&R, watch cartoons; something to stimulate thinking!
Damn it!!! Laura took my line!

I'm betting a generous gift of 'cash' wouldn't have been refused. Yes, I know that's along the same thoughtline as tennessee jed, but apparently I'm not the only great mind that comes up with these ideas. I can't help it if they got here before I did.
UL: I think you're the one that needs to unplug, get some R&R and rekindle a sense of humor - unless you never had one...

Do we have to go through the lesson in sarcasm again?

Go watch some Fox News - it might make you laugh.
I went to look at the regulations:
at for Section 106

then I went to the federal law,
at to view Sec. 101-47.308-3 Property for use as historic monuments and I thought to myself, "who writes this crap?!"

Then I thought, "the lawyers" make it so complicated the masses will have to pay you to interpret it! Then I thought, no, not all lawyers are like that. (IMHO) ;-)

So then I thought, who benefits the most from this, the people who get the contracts and the politicians they support. So I say your blame in the politicians is well placed, at least until I run for office. ;-)
Why am I not amazed, only continued to be disgusted!
I think Laura said it all on this one!

You're right. To me, unplugging is visiting my granddaughter Elizabeth, who is just about six months old! I could eat her up!
UL: I wouldn't recommend that. Cannibalism is frowned upon in most societies... ;)
vv - LOL.. a lawyer would have inside knowledge,eh?

wanda & julie - I think we're all pretty much on this page

ul - aren't grandkids great!

laura - don't you just love johnny depp?
Yup, grandkids are great. I saw her again today. She stares at me with an almost smile. I wonder if she recognizes my voice, since my son's and mine are very similar.

Laura: nibbling on stickie-outie ears on babies isn't cannibalism. It's why babies have them!
My favorite Mark Spurrier, this is absolutely ridiculous, outrageous and asinine. Did I mention ludicrous and stupid? You and I don't agree on much (I say very conservative you say very liberal), other than I adore the heck outta you and a few other things like supporting our fighting men and women, but this is one where you a right on the nose! The idiot who turned this gift down and the original idiot who wrote that "rule" should be horsewhipped.
Yeah Laura, it's hard to cash in a slab of granite. It'll be interesting to see if anybody "gets the bid" on this job, in the future.

UL, the back of baby necks is my favorite. Yummy!
This is just weird. You'd think Arlington would want to take care of its monuments, keep them presentable, etc.
Bring back tar and feathering for these people. That's my (and yours) money we're talking about and they're wasting.
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