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Daniel Schorr

John McCain

Daniel Schorr's commentary Sunday morning disturbed me a great deal. According to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, only 24% of Americans believe the Republican party represents their interests. Worse, only 26% of Americans believe that the Democratic party represents their interests. This means that virtually half of all Americans believe that nobody represents their interests. Schorr believes that unless something drastically changes, turnout for elections in November may reach historic lows.

I find this very disturbing for a couple of reasons. First, anytime you have an election with a turnout that low, you automatically leave the outcome to the most radical elements of society. If only the most ideologically motivated elements of society participate, it opens the door for radical policies that almost always end in restricting freedoms and concentrating power to the ruling elite.

It is especially disturbing that the Democrats aren't doing better. It's understandable why the Republicans are doing so poorly. An unpopular war, an economy and tax policy that favors the rich and marginalizes the working class, huge budget deficits, a scandal a day (and according to John McCain, we've haven't seen anything yet). Yet, the Democrats have been able to do little to take advantage the Republican's incompetence and corruption. They are viewed as having little better to offer, and if the war is unpopular, people remember precious few Dems voting against it. In many minds, it is a question of which is worse. A party whose leadership is incompetent, or a party whose leadership is non existent. Moderate Americans appear to be saying "a pox on both your houses."

McCain points out that the real tragedy of this situation is that the disillusion of young people is making it extremely difficult to attract vibrant, creative young people into politics. Again, this does not bode well for our future. In an interview on NPR's FRESH AIR this afternoon, McCain was extremely critical of Congress, and it's absolute failure of leadership. Not only on the budget, but on homeland security and ethics. He echoed the sentiments members of the 911 commission, who were also extremely critical of both the Administration and Congress for their utter failure of leadership in tackling Homeland Security issues.

John McCain interview: FRESH AIR

Did anyone hear Condi's comments on the administration and torture this morning? I wonder if the good fathers at her alma matter will allow her to take communion next time she returns here after telling those whoppers? Thing is, she gives every appearance of not believing her own words! I think if I were the Prez, I'd at least try to send out someone who was a convincing liar! I thought that's what he has Dick for. Although, I have seen a few things in the press that would lead one to believe that the Dick is in Dubya's doghouse. A little late to be pissed off about bad advice isn't it?

I don't know if the good fathers will let her take comunion or not, but sure as hell hope they slip her a Micky if they do.
There was a time when I believed that Rice was more than an Aunt Tom for Bush Co. Those days are gone. Had she an ounce of dignity and decency she, like Colin Powell would have refused to allow them to continue to use her.

I have said for a long time until Democrats come together and come up with real solutions to the problems we face they stand no chance of taking back the power in Congress or the White House. I love Howard Deans passion but he has got to stop with the smear campaign and start getting focused on finding solutions and leading the party forward. We are mired down in this dirt slinging and it has to stop. Otherwise we all loose. But Dems are loosing more!
So if we all have so little faith in the Repbulicans and Democrats, how do we get other people in office? The Dems and Reps have all the money to run a campaign. Voters are swayed by familiar names, commericials and slick campaigns. I would love to run for a seat, but with no money and no backing from those already in power, what chance would I have to reach the voters? We have to overhaul this system somehow.
What we need is massive electoral reform. A system that allows the realistic participation of more than two parties and finance reform to keep the corporations and blue-bloods from running the whole show.

I find the lack of interest of young people disturbing too. As Jello Biafra said (in the early 90's) "One Nation of sedated tabloid robots who actually believe what they see on tv (even on MTV), but when asked what they think about it “I don’t care.”"
That's the whole problem in a nutshell. Both sides are screwing their constituents. Neither party is working to solve America's problems.
I'm so sick of the media talking about "voter apathy". It's not apathy. People are just sick of voting for the lesser of two evils. I vote to prove that I'm not apathetic, but I refuse to vote for someone I don't believe in. I'll write in someone or write in NONE OF THE ABOVE and place my vote.
Laura's suggestion is the ONLY way to solve the problem, but will the 2 major parties allow this to happen?
Laura said: What we need is massive electoral reform. A system that allows the realistic participation of more than two parties and finance reform to keep the corporations and blue-bloods from running the whole show.

Alright GWB, get out the guillotine, I smell a revolution coming on!
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