Saturday, December 17, 2005



my office last night, and laid hands on my computer. Because, when I fired it up to attempt to read my email.. IT WAS CURED! Screen bright as the day I bought the computer. IT'S A MIRACLE! PRAISE THE LORD, AND SEND $100 IMMEDIATELY!

So hopefully we'll have a special BIG BLOG before the end of the weekend. My usual cynical commentary plus a belated HOCKEY FRIDAY. I know tshsmom will be relieved ! She couldn't bear the thought doing without HF! It must be tough for her knowing the 4th ranked Golden Gophers don't play again until Dec. 29 (against Canisius)!

I was wondering how you were managing to leave comments everywhere. A TRUE Christmas miracle; and YOU an unbeliever. ;)
I think it's something in the air. Z's monitor is acting flaky today too.
actually, wee hour of the morning comments were left on a friends 'puter. I didn't discover the miracle until after I got back from breakfast this morning.
Tee hee, if Oral Roberts had visited your computer, he'd have asked for a bigger donation. :-P

Glad the problem is fixed though - nothing more frustrating than having a broken puter.
If Oral asked me for any more than that, the check would bounce. One assumes, with all his divine connections, he is aware of that!
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