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with apologies to Dan and Keith, IT'S THE BIG BLOG

On the BIG BLOG this weekend:
BUSH: Could he be impeached?
From the PEOPLE UNCLEAR ON THE CONCEPT DEPT: Three words you never thought you'd hear together in a sentence!



NHL REVENUES UP DRAMATICALLY (who are the big winners?)


Well, if the matter actually made it to the Senate floor, yes. Not only are virtually all the Dems in the Senate furious over the President's authorization of NSA spying on US citizens in country, but a large number of Republicans as well. Including highly respected and influential conservatives like John Warner and Richard Lugar. It appears to be increasingly clear to most members of the senior chamber that this president is completely lacking in the character and intellect necessary to run this country. The NY Times article is only the latest in a series of damaging revelations about the conduct of the man in the oval office. It was just last week we heard he had so little respect for the constitution he referred to it as "just a piece of paper." This latest revelation certainly confirms his disdain for the founding document. And his immediate attempt to deflect blame to the bearer of bad tidings, The NY Times, certainly corroborates, again, a total lack of character!

It appears that a majority of Senators are becoming genuinely fearful of this presidents grab for more and more power. Their failure to renew the Patriot Act this week was indicative, especially since some of those leading the fight against renewal were conservatives like John Sununu.

But there are two things working against impeachment. First, any move toward impeachment would have to begin in the much more radically conservative and intellectually shallow House of Representatives. Second, the prospect of a President Cheney or President Hastert might be such a chilling prospect that Congress will decide they prefer the "devil known"

NPR did a story this week about the secret courts used to get warrants for national security surveillance. It seems the FBI is upset at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court's reluctance to provide warrants for searching library records. According to an FBI internal email:
"The inability of FBI investigators to use this seemingly effective tool has had a direct and clearly adverse impact on our terrorism cases. While radical militant librarians kick us around, true terrorists benefit..."
Radical militant librarians??? WTF? Talk about people unclear on the concept! I have this mental image of a little old lady with a bun in her hair, wearing camouflage culottes, black t-shirt and red beret with an Uzi slung over her shoulder, peering over a pair of reading glasses and asking me if I intend to pay my late fee today!

HOCKEY FRIDAY (on Saturday)
Chicago Stadium by Daniel John Campbell


Known as the "Madhouse on Madison", Chicago Stadium rivaled Detroit's Olympia as the loudest building I have ever been in. It was a horribly tough place for opponents to play because of the crowd noise, small ice surface, and the fact that the crowds were so close to the ice. And then there was the organ.

The organ was built in 1929 in Oshkosh WI. It was so large it took 24 railroad cars to transport it. Built at the then astronomical cost of $120,000, it could attain the decibel level of 25 one hundred piece brass bands playing at the same time. When the Blackhawks would score a goal, they would play a full volume diminished chord that sounded like you were about to be run over by a freight train. The organ had a beautiful sound, and the music during the pregame warm ups could be awe inspiring!

The Stadium was built in 1928-29 at a cost of $9.5 million. At the time it was the largest indoor arena in the world. It was also the first arena to feature air conditioning. Of course, the a/c was somewhat rudimentary, and the Stadium was famous for late season games played in fog! It seated 17,317 for hockey.

The stadium held a number of historic events during it's day, including 6 national political conventions, the first NFL playoff game (incidentally also the first indoor football game), which was moved indoors and played on an 80yd field due to inclement weather. The Stadium was the last NHL facility to keep time on a huge 4-sided analog clock which hung over center ice.

I saw quite a number of games at the stadium, and have great memories of Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Glenn Hall, Phil and Tony Esposito, Pierre Pilotte, Denis Savard, Al Secord, Steve Larmer, and my all time favorite Hawk, Doug Wilson. I don't think I have ever seen a more awe inspiring sight than Bobby Hull carrying the puck up ice at full speed, then unloading that monster slap shot!

Next to the Olympia and Yost Arena, the old Stadium was the best place I ever saw a game. It is greatly missed!

Contrary to the prevailing opinion, the salary cap will not go down next year. In fact, it appears it will go up by six million a team. To paraphrase old Mark Twain, rumors of the NHL's death were greatly exaggerated! This also means the maximum salary will rise from $7.5 mil to $9 mil. So who will benefit the most?

A number of high profile free agents, including Marty Turco, Zdeno Chara, and Wayne Redden.

The Carolina Hurricane, already one of the leagues premier teams, are currently well below the cap. They will have approximately $16 mil to work with. Look for a bidding war between the Red Wings and Hurricane for former Wolverine goaltender Turco.

The Detroit Red Wings. Next years Wings will be loaded with a whole bunch of very talented young, inexpensive players. They will free up several million dollars with the retirement of Steve Yzerman, Chris Chelios, and likely, Jiri Fischer. This will give them plenty of room to go after a world class goalie and /or high profile player or two.

"Radical militant librarians" ... that's classic. Can "terrorist jihadist senior volunteers" be far behind? Look at 'em the wrong way and they'll whack you with their cane and spike your drink with their prescription drugs. :-)
Zydeco Fish will have your head for this! ;)
What? You don't think ZF would look good in camo culottes?
Those damn librarian! They're the reason our country's going to hell!

As for impeachment - I wouldn't hold my breath... but it's fun to think about.
yeah, it would take a major change in the make up of the house, but you are right.. fun to contemplate.
Impeach Bush? Given the alternatives (Cheney/Hastert), yes, much better to leave them in the background to their machinations. I've noticed that when the phone calls & letters to Congress rise dramatically and the blogs start buzzing in anger, the administration does take note and someone our politicians with a little common sense, begin to chime what we're saying. I'm telling you, we have to inundate them with letters, phone calls and bitch like hell on-line.
GREAT post. I hope you're right, but sadly have little faith in the system.....
I still think a blow job in the oval office.. I mean.. I'm not volunteering.. but maybe some miltant librariant could... could lead to his impeachment.

Glad that Oral Roberts helped heal your computer woes!! LOL I always thought that whole ordeal showed that either God was the biggest shake down artist or the biggest mob guy... if you believed ORAL.. and who would name their son ORAL.. really?? jeesh... speaking of oral and blow jobs.. hmmm...

Love and kisses as always sweet guy
What are you talking about? I've known some scary librarians in my day. They say "Shhhh!" Scary.

As for our Pres, I voted for Nader and Badnarek. Never voted for Bush. I could have told you he's not a true conservative. The guy spends worse than a Democrat and he's for Big Gov't when it comes to everything, which unfortunately includes spying on us, for our own good, of course.

As for hockey, when are you going to talk about football? On the other hand, stick to hockey. My team's horrible this year. Geez, we almost got shut out by the Lions earlier in the year.
Jules, thanks again for boosting my ego.. luv you too!

And you don't have to sacrifice yourself for sake of country... we just need to catch he and Karl in the act! Or of course, find a karl stand in.. wait a minute... your ex bf looks a lot like karl.....

zs... the Lions ARE the reason I don't talk about football! but no shame in almost getting shut out by them, the lions d was pretty good till all the injuries started to pile up!
"this president is completely lacking in the character and intellect necessary to run this country."

I knew that way back in 1999. Long before he and his cohorts stole the election of 2000.

HowEVER, I ONLY want Bush impeached if we take Cheney down with him. Replacing him with Cheney gives new meaning to jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.
Actually, I find your mental image quite comforting, in a Ramboesque kinda way.
ZF - So... how DO you look in camo culottes?
Oh SURE, ZF; make a liar out of me! ;)
GWB, the image of ZF riding his bike to work in camo coullottes is NOT a pretty thought!
I think I'll draw the line at camo culottes.
Yay for Chicago Stadium!! I'm going to the United Center tonight to see the Red Wings kill my poor Blackhawks, but it's my first hockey game in about 2 years so I'm very excited.
Ah.. wish I was gonna be there.. have a great time. But watch out for Dale Talon, he has a reputation as kinda a "masher" (old time term for very insistant playboy). You're just his type, cute 20 something!
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