Friday, January 27, 2006


The Midas Touch.....NOT!!!!

New Canadian PM rebuffs US envoy: It appears rumors of a new US/CANADIAN detante are greatly exaggerated. Already, the bickering has begun. See the entire story HERE

RECAPPING THE INEPTITUDE OF THE REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP.... a brief look at the front pages the last few days encapsulates the story of 6 years of Republican incompetence and corruption. Has there ever been an administration that has so consistently screwed up everything it touched? You be the judge: (note: commentary in italics mine!)

from Wednesday's SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE: Army now "thin green line".

Okay, according to two separate reports, one commissioned by the Pentagon, the other issued by a group headed by former Defense Secretary William Perry, the US military is stretched disastrously thin, and does not have sufficient strength to outlast the insurgents in Iraq. Just one more indication that all the promises the administration made to the Iraqi people about rebuilding their country are as empty as the west Texas plains. This has been one of the biggest human disasters in world history. Unfortunately, perpetrated by us. What a shame. Related story HERE

from Thursday's USA TODAY: Rx plan failing to help neediest: "Fewer than 300,000 of the 3.6 million people who have voluntarily enrolled in the drug program were approved for a low-income subsidy. That's just 4% of the 8.2 million people the Bush administration has estimated could qualify for the subsidy."

Okay, this is just part of the disaster that is the Bush drug plan. Over half the states have been forced to pass emergency legislation allowing the states to pay for Senior citizens prescriptions and seek reimbursement from the feds. What's more, the Senate is about to launch an investigation on the activities on behalf of the US pharmaceutical industry by a Tom DeLay related lobbying firm. This drug plan is just an unmitigated disaster.

from Thursday's USA TODAY: Mideast democracy boosts Islamists.

This is what happens when ideology overrides pragmatism. Yeah, in theory, everyone should have the right to vote and a say in the way they are governed. But pushing democracy on people not ready for the responsibilities of it, and then being "shocked" by the consequences is a sign you are way out of touch with reality. In the middle east. Bush's pressure to democratize has strengthened the hand of Islamic fundamentalists in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and now, of course, Palestine. George Bush and company, again so confident in their own ideology, apparently couldn't believe things would turn out this way and had no plan of action in case they did. Once again, caught with pants down, and no suspenders to be found.

from Thursday's USA TODAY: New Orleans plan lacks okay; White House rejects Louisiana plan for special agency to buy ruined homes.

From the continuing disaster that is the Administration response to Katrina, Bush rejects a plan that has the backing of virtually every Republican and Democrat in Louisiana. That Republicans and Democrats in Louisiana agree on something is quite extraordinary! That Bush would veto it on ideological grounds, (it would "create a new federal bureaucracy") is just baffling. Fortunately, this plan appears to have enough support in Congress that even the Congressional leadership may not be able prevent a veto override.

from Friday's USA TODAY: New equation shocks mideast; Palestinians choose avowed enemy of Israel.

Could I possibly be the only one who saw this coming? Paleeeeeeze! Who the hell advises the pres anyhow? Don't his intelligence analysts read the paper? Or at least listen to ALL THINGS CONSIDERED once in a while? Christ, anybody not living in a cave should have known this was a very good possibility, even a likelihood, for months. That we apparently have no plan for this eventuallity is absolutely inexcusable!

from Friday's USA TODAY: State of Union? "Going the wrong way"

62% of Americans believe the US is headed in the wrong direction. What I want to know is: What the hell are the other 38% smokin'? And were can I get some?

Americans have always been willing to tolerate a little corruption in return for well run government. Chicago being the most obvious example. The elections next November may reveal if, for the first time, we are willing to tolerate incompetence and corruption in favor of ideology. Could be interesting. Go Pragmatists!




Mario Lemieux retired from playing this week, the victim of the aging process and heart problems. A bad back and a bout with cancer robbed him of the chance to be the greatest ever, but his impact on the game was tremendous.

For 10 years, "Super Mario", fought and cajoled the dinosaurs who run the NHL in an effort to open up the game and give the most skilled players an opportunity to display those skills. Unfortunately, by the time the new NHL came around, his skill had diminished to the point he couldn't compete in the new up tempo game.

He will, of course, remain in hockey as the owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and mentor to child star Sidney Crosby.

appears to be down to a two horse sprint. The favorite has to be Detroit's Nicklas Lidstrom. Clearly the best player, let alone defensemen, in the NHL, Lidstrom should be a shoe in, barring injury or slump.

But don't count out Ottawa's Zdeno Chara. He is having a great year, and is the emotional favorite of the Canadian contingent. But, teamate Wade Redden could pull enough from the Canadian voters to make the point moot. As it is, Lidstrom is clearly the most deserving at this point.

Current NHL Power Rankings:

1) Ottawa
2) Carolina
3) Nashville/Detroit
5) NY Rangers
6) Dallas
7) Calgary
8) Los Angeles
9) Philadelphia
10) Buffalo

Moving up fast: Tampa Bay, New Jersey

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Tampa Bay Goalie John Grahame, who pitched a shut out against New Jersey last night, his third in five games!


I just came acrossTHIS STORY on Miss World's website MY DAILY HIGH HORSE, and it just really pisses me off! What the fuck kind of people have we become, anyhow? I am so ashamed! Miss World has a really great post on this, some of which I may soon steal! Check it out, and i won't have to!

I just heard that a couple of used car dealerships in my area were trying to sell Hurricane Katrina-salvaged cars and passing them off as "Almost New".
Can you believe that nonsense?
Excellent reports! Thanks for all the good links. Can't wait to hear the lies next week from dumbya of how Iraq is going great and the economy is booming despite the increasing national debt, ford layoffs, etc, how he hasn't broken the law, how his appt to the supreme court is a great choice.
And good news for you, you've been tagged, sorry (stop the maddness!). hugs!
I am starting to feel shame. How have we let this happen? I bet Germans were asking these questions while Hitler was taking over.
Sadie - ah, America, land of opportunity!

Jules - be over shortly, now that I am "it"

TJ - excellent analogy
The problem with the Islamists is that they're usually elected because the people who elect them are either

A) Uneducated enough to know that their polices aren't truly "Islamic"


B) So fed up to the point where they want some strong leadership, no matter where it comes from.

This is the point to which we've pushed these people. This is what happened in Iran in '78-79, and in Afganistan in 1996. Our problem is that we can't see where our policies led to both of those events, and we aren't able to see how we're responsible for it now either.
I've seen what this new drug and health program has done to our seniors and it's a shame. They try to remedy the situation by holding seminars that they encourage seniors to attend. Then they proceed to tell our seniors to get on the internet for all the information so they can make an "informed" decision about their "choices". I'm disgusted. Unfortunately, when Bush is a senior citizen, he won't have to take it up the ass because he'll have coverage, unlike so many of our seniors now.

Regarding US taking insurgents' wives... what can I say? Maybe the administration has been watching too much "24".
It is the Canadian people we get our mandate from, not the ambassador of the United States.

Too bad someone in THIS country doesn't remember it's the PEOPLE who govern here as well.

According to The US Commerce Department economic report, released Friday, the US economy grew at the slowest pace in three years, rising only 1.1 percent in the last quarter of 2005.
According to a report released by the Pentagon, the Army is being stretched to it's limits.
Iraq is as unstable today as it was six months ago, and show's no signs of getting better. Despite promises by Bushies that the situation would improve 'after the elections'.
Do you think we'll be hearing any of this in the SoTU by our CiC? Of course not. The only real question is how many voters will bother to find out the REAL facts?
OK, let me say now that I'm embarassed that Canadians elected an ideological conservative with a $3 rug. In our defence, though, he was elected with the barest of minorities. For those who don't know how the Canadian system operates, (and I'm simplifying a lot), that means that his government can be defeated easily if he introduces any bills that the other parties can't live with. On the other hand, the Liberal party has to pick a new leader (there are some good choices out there) and get out of debt before they fight another election, so they will be reluctant to defeat the government for a couple years. Harper will push the window as much as he can to get some of his platform in place, but he'll be doing a delicate dance along the way.
Bush's drug plan is a JOKE! Poor people can't afford this.
Doesn't ANYBODY in the White House, think ANYTHING through? NEVER having a "Plan B" is just egotistical!
Besides being thoroughly disgusted with this administration, all I can say is you should all be paying attention and laying the groundwork now to make your vote count in the next election. A lot of state legislatures are deciding on voting machines right now. I know the Maryland legislature is currently deciding whether paper ballots or a paper trail of any kind is necessary. I've been badgering my representatives to vote for accountability and a paper trail. You should all check what your state governments are doing. We have got to turn out en masse at election time and get these idiots and their cronies out of office. We won't be able to do that if the electronic voting machines malfunction or are so easily tampered with as they currently are. *sigh* You're probably wondering if all I do is rant. Sorry.
I'm going to have to link you on the side of my blog - your political commentary is just perfect. PERFECT, I say!
greatwhitebear blushes. Thank you!
Great pic of Harper. He ain't that lean, though! And I must hand it to him for that remark he made about the Arctic. He's not talking about invading Alaska, for God's sake.

Glad Mr. A. concurs re. the $3 rug. I knew you'd come around.
Wow thanks GWB, that is one great blog.

Refuse to accept that it's "we" doing that kind of crap, unless "we" refers to out-of-control hawks led by inbred Republicans (btw I liked Regan)....Bridg

p.s. what's that quote about 'tyranny succeeds by good men doing nothing'
p.s. just had a thought. Why is it legal for 'electees' to legislate on programs they don't participate in on an elective basis? For example, no elected official (in Canada) should be able to participate in private health care clinics/medicine, they'd have to wait their turns to get into hospitals, pay current prices for meds, etc. Same deal for pensions.

It'd be so easy to legislate on how everyone ELSE has to live....
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