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Mother nature decided to drop the other shoe this week! The knee wasn't bad enough, oh no! This week she decided to ravage me with the mother of all colds! Runny nose, sore throat. ears ache, severe cough, chest congested. Yes, I feel like shit! Actually, I'd have to feel much better to feel like shit. Our beautiful Hoosier weather isn't helping matters much. Mid to high 40's all last week, mid 40's Monday, low 20's with snow Tuesday, mid 40's Wednesday, mid 50's yesterday. It was 52 at 1 am this morning. Now, at 9 am, it is 36 and dropping, with 4" of snow in the forecast for tonight.

Even alcohol isn't helping! In the old days, when they used to forward my mail to the City Limits Lounge, I was never sick! I'd smoke 2 1/2 packs a day, drink 6-10 beers and a few shots a night, and be healthy as a horse. I always thought it was cause the alcohol was killing all the germs. Well, let me tell you, whatever bug I have come down with, it is alcohol resistant! Funny, since I quit smoking and severely moderated my drinking, my health has gone all to hell. But I digress.

Ever notice that when you are sick, everything seems to conspire to torture you? Wednesday night, I fell asleep about half way through the 11 p.m. news, only to wake about 1:30. Kenny Rogers was hosting one of those Time-Life music series infomercials. Now, I generally hate country music! But I love a couple of sub genres. Especially the Austin sound. I love the music of the old Outlaws (Waylan, Willie, Kris, David Allen Coe, Charlie Daniels, et al). Now, all these artist songs were well represented on this show. So what song do you think has been rattling around my brain for the last two days? Only the twangiest piece of country tripe ever written, Jeanne Pruett's "Satin Sheets". Talk about severe torture!

The upside of being in severe pain and deathly ill is that I have watched more television in the last couple of weeks than I had in the previous year. My impressions:

24 - This was the best start ever! I usually just wait till the season comes out on DVD to watch this show. However, I can tell you that I will not be disturbed on Monday nights for the remainder of the season! Jean Smart is brilliant as the presidents neurotic wife. What a terrific addition to the cast!

LOVE MONKEY - This show is every bit as good as the hype surrounding it. Tom Cavenaugh is a terrific actor, the cast is great, and the dialogue is hip, smart, funny, and poignant all at the same time!

The CSI's - The only one of these I really like is CSI: Miami. The pace of this show seems to be much quicker, and quite frankly, this is the role David Caruso was made for. I don't like the pace or the characters in the other CSI's nearly as much.

NBC Thursdays - Will and Grace stayed a season too long. 4 Kings should be renamed 4 Deuces. The Office isn't nearly as good as it's British counterpart. However, My Name Is Earl saves the evening. This is a very clever, original and funny show. I must admit, however, that living here in Hoosierville, some of the characters look a bit TOO familiar. Kinda creepy.

LAW AND ORDER - This franchise is getting tired and old fast, although Chris Noth seems to have breathed some life into SVU

THE NHL ON NBC - Excellent start. I really like having Bill Clement and Ray Ferraro on the ice, in skates, at Rockefeller Center. It allows them to demonstrate the things they talk about between periods. Very nice touch.

CROSSING JORDON - Besides CSI: Miami, this is the other crime scene show I like. This is different than the CSI's in that there is much more made of the relationships between the investigators.

My fervent desire is that I get well and never acquire enough knowledge of TV to do this post again.

Has Ossama Bin Laden become completely irrelevant? You get the feeling he released this latest tape as a means of saying "hey guys, remember me?"

Alexander Ovechkin's brilliant goal last weekend has moved to the top of my all time great goal list. For those of you who don't watch the evening news, it happened like this. Ovechkin is breaking in alone on the left wing. The goalie moves out to cut down the angle just as a diving defenseman manages to trip Ovechkin. Stick in left hand, he is sliding face first and about to slide past the goal. He somehow manages to roll onto his back, get the heel of his stick on the puck, and slide it behind the goalie into the net!

My ex gf, Christine (isn't there a horror flick by that name) is an administrator at a local university. We used to argue endlessly over the subject of math. It has long been my contention that there is WAY too much emphasis on math in hs and college, to the detriment of the other subjects that help make one a well rounded, useful citizen. The vast majority of us NEVER use an algebraic equation or calculus in our entire adult lives, and get along just fine with good old arithmetic. Why force someone who wants to be a novelist or historian to take calculus? Imagine my surprise when MARKETPLACE aired a feature saying that math is way over rated, that the vast majority of people get through life just fine using nothing but arithmetic, and that this time spent studying advanced math might be much better spent elsewhere for most students! VINDICATION! I love it!

Sorry to hear you are so sick, GWB! I hope you heal up soon. In the meantime, enjoy the TV watching. I recommend "Dancing with the Stars" for a good belly laugh, and as my paternal grandmother used to say, "A laugh is as good as a tonic". Take care of yourself!
It's not the booze that's lost it's effectiveness, it's our AGE!! Even simple things seem to kick our ass harder now. :(
EWWWWW, Satin Sheets is ALMOST as bad as Rose Garden!!
The only CSI I don't like is NY. You're right, it drrraaaagggs. It's also hard to get into the characters.
Hang in there; at least you're not hooked on soaps....YET. ;)
Wow, your back with a bang! I'm loving this post.
I concur with your observation that we felt a lot better when we were abusing our bodies on a daily basis.
I missed the Love Monkey premier, and I really was curious, thanks for letting me know this one's a keeper.
I completely agree with you about Will & Grace. It so done and over with. I can't stand Grace and Karen's starting to wear thin as well.
CSI-Miami is great, although I do get a bit tired of the constant battle with 'the cops' that goes on between the CSI geekies and them. This is true of the other one as well.
Agree with you on the Law & Order series too. They've just basically run out of material. I do miss Vince, but Chris fills the bill just as well.
In the beginning I hated Earl. Now, well lets just not go there. ;)
Have you seen the new CBS sitcom "Out of Practice"? It has two greats, Henry Winkler and Stockard Channing as the lead characters and they are amazing. I love this show!!! Every week I laugh until I hurt. If they don't get an Emmy for best comedy somebody's missing their brain.

I, share your opinion that advanced math is way over rated. Especially in hs. I've never understood why hs kids need advanced algabra.
Glad to have you back. Try to stay healthier from here on in.
wc - Dave Coulier should have a huge advantage in this! he grew up in Windsor, played youth hockey in the Detroit/Windsor area, and still plays ina recreational league. The fact that he is a good skater should help him out ao lot!

tshsmom - I hear what you are saying, but in my state of age denial, I will still attribute it tobeer having lost it's medicinal properties. After all, you are talking to a guy who refuses to wear bi focals because it is an admission of old age!

Wanda - I think Billy Joel was right about the good dying young. I mihgt have to go back to my misbehaving ways just to feel better!

I have seen "Out of Practice" once and really enjoyed it. Jennifer Tilly was really good as the girlfriend too!
wc - oops, i thught I read "Skating With The Stars". Has to do with that refusal to wear bifocals!
GWB: Just saw the ad for skating with the stars. I'm sure it'll be just as hilarious!
The wife and I watch all 3 CSI's. I think she's partial to the original ... which I like a lot also because of William Peterson (he was great in the true first Hannibal Lecter movie ... Manhunter). I think I lean towards the NY one because I like Gary Senise. I do agree that Caruso is a perfect match for CSI: Miami.
I always turn to the TV for comfort when I'm sick. We have the same taste in shows. I never started in with 24 but I plan on renting the first season soon and getting all into it. I'm really excited because it's the only way to watch a series. NETFLIX!!
I'm sorry you feel so crappy--
Sorry you're sick, GWB. How about hot lemon and honey with a side of scotch?

You and I have opposite tastes on CSI, I like the other ones better. But we do agree on math. And I'm the offspring of two Ivy Leagues Math Ed majors (my worst subject, by the way)...
GET THE BIFOCALS, they'll streamline your life!! No more searching for your reading glasses or trying to stretch your arms out farther. ;)
Hope you're feeling better soon GWB.

TV: Nothing quite beats Don Cherry and Don McLean on Hockey Night in Canada! I'm still enjoying L&O after all these years (except for the crappy trial version that tanked really fast). Dennis Farino is a great addition. Still haven't watched a single episode of 24...I'll have to check it out one of these days.
Two words. Rent porn! :)
Two more. Make porn!
I'm sorry to hear about your illness. But, on the bright side, it lets you catch up with some good TV. :-P I have to agree with you on "24" - I love that show. On math, I'd like to say that the two most useful math classes I've ever taken were business math (having to do with stocks, percentages, balancing checkbooks, etc) and statistics. Yes, I do everyday math, but I'm lazy and I just use a calculator. Oddly enough, I use math "in my head" the most when I'm playing games with kids like "Pass the Pigs" or "Monopoly". Calculus or algebra? Sheesh... I took both and I can't even remember enough to explain them to my son. :-/
GWB, when it rains it pours indeed. I'm sorry to hear that you are sick and under the weather, when we both know that it's sometimes better to be under the table. LOL!

My answers to your quesitions are up if you want to stop by and read them. Thanks for being such a great friend! :)
Welcome back! Hope you get to feeling better. Canoe water will be calling you soon!
Well, I hope you feel better.

I have to disagree with you about Math. Our society is more dependent on computers now than ever - and computers, their programs, and their hardware are all based on mathematical logic. I also think people use math and algebra more than they realize. Math is a form of logic, and logical resoning is something sorely lacking in our society

I work in education (as an administrator) and I have a REAL problem with anyone who says "I'm a ___ major, why should I bother studying ____".
Hi Bear, welcome back. 1. As for the shows, the only one I watch is Earl, it's a hoot ala Raising Arizona. And yep, the characters are all too familiar for me too. Scary, ain't it? ;-) 2. Osama who? 3. Don't mention that story about math to my teenage daughter. I'm hoping to get her through trig and be done with all this.
dbd - I'll have to rent that... sounds good!

SL - I have always admired your taste!

brig - the math thing... I have always hated work for works sake

tshsmom - too vain!

Dal - I have said for years that the NHL would do better on TV in the US if they used the Hockey Night crew!

mm - MAKE PORN? Hell, the way I feel I can barely make tea!

Notta - I agree completely about Business math. Practical, useful, an actual life neccessity, and poorly named, cause it's really just arithmatic!

Nic - you're right, it was a trick question (Guinness room temp or cold)) And of course, you were right, either is the correct answer!

TJ - The HMS Fred and I are both SOOOOOO ready!

Laura - there are a lot better ways to teach cognative skills than forcing people to study something they will never use. i have no problem with requiring advanced math for people who choose careers where they will actually need it. Otherwise, the time could be better spent elsewhere, like the arts, the humanities, etc.

vv - living in a southern state gives one plenty of chance to view the Earl's of the world, doesn't it?
Ahh... I missed the "Advanced math" part. There's usually an option besides Calculus (which I agree with you on). Trigonometry does have applications in every day life. My high school had Probability & Statistics as an alternative to Calculus - since I knew I was going into Psychology and would use Stats, I took that instead.

I'm still of the mind that knowledge is never wasted. If nothing else, Calculus teaches many 17 year-olds that they don't want to be an engineer! ;)
Oooh, head cold and country-western music, what a god-awful combo!! Hope you feel better soon.
I, too, like CSI: Miami best. I'm not a big primetime fan, but American Idol auditions and My Name Is Earl are always worthwhile 'cause you're guaranteed some laughs.
I'm sorry to hear you have been sick :( I hope you are feelign better.

I taped the first two hours of 24, and watched them this past weekend. I had downloaded what I thought were the third and fourth hours, but they were the wrong ones, so I couldn't catch up and watch last night. This made me very sad as I love 24.

I liked the first episode of Love Monkey and plan to keep watching.

I was a bad girl and ordered NHL Center Ice. This is bad.
I hope you're doing much better by now. I had a really crap a few weeks ago. Oops, I just saw tshsmom's dropping the AGE thing. Um, yeah, it sucks getting older.

I avoid country music like the plague so, thankfully, I don't know the Sheets song. And I pay a fortune for cable tv but hardly watch it.

Anyway, I hope your whole body is healing up now.
sme - yeah, that really IS torture!

gympumpkin said; "I was a bad girl and ordered NHL Center Ice."

greatwhitebear replies: "Will you marry me?"
That cold that is going around is horrible, horrible. Please get well soon.

I love Law & Order CI with Vincent D'Onofrio and Chris Noth. The only one of the L&O that I still like. Well, SVU isn't bad, but the original sucks.
hehehe :)

I broke the news to Tim and I don't know that he was too happy about it. He's not a huge sports fan, but he can handle hockey and is getting to know the game. He doesn't love it, but will watch it with me and not be annoyed. But now I have hockey all the time and I'm not sure if he'll be jazzed. Of course, he has tons of homework now, so it's something I can put on that he can igore, so I guess it's a good thing :)
Jaye - thanks. And of course I mispoke, it is L&O CI in which Chris Noth has breathed new life!

gympumpkin- I love a girl with her priorities in order!
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