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My apologies for neglecting you all. I am still trying to recuperate from last weekend. The short of it.... I severely sprained my knee last Thursday. It was sore in the morning when I woke up (apparently I twisted it in my sleep), then later in the day I swung my leg over an object at work, and something in the back of my knee went pop, completing the job my restless sleep started. Add to that the 10 hours driving a 12 passenger van to Auburn Hills and back Saturday (arriving home at 5 am, having to work at 9 am) for a Pistons game, walking across about 50 acres of asphalt to get to the Palace, the lack of sleep , and my knee was truly a mess by Monday. Operating a clutch and climbing in and out of a semi 12 hours a day hasn't helped much. So I have spent virtually all of my non working hours laying on the couch, watching TV, with my legs elevated by my sons old bean bag chair.

The truth is, I have trouble sitting at the computer for more than a few minutes at a time. My knee gets stiff and sore really fast. But it's not like I don't have anything I'd like to talk about. There is so much going on! Like, will Patrick Fitzgerald use Tom DeLay's wife's legal problems to leverage a deal out of him. Does anyone think DeLay is the kind of guy to sacrifice himself for his wife's sake?

How about, "will Harry Reid grow a proper set of Irish balls and filibuster the Alito nomination?" Seems to me a good question! With a good Irish name like that, you'd think he'd have gotten his Irish up long ago. C'mon Harry, grow some!

More personal news: my tickets to see George Thorogood arrived in the mail yesterday! He is playing at the old, historic Elco Theatre in Elkhart. This building has acoustics rivaled only by The Auditorium in Chicago! This is gonna be a dynamite concert! I am pumped!

My dearest GWB, there's hope for you yet! Did you know that I just realized that your initials are the same as another GWB of my affiliation politically? I'll let you think about that one. LOL!

I'm so sorry to hear about your knee. Though you don't believe necessarily that God exists, I do so I'm saying a prayer for you anyway that your knee gets healed up real quick. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hello to your sweet daughter from my Emily!
Initials "GWB" - oh lordy the shudders down my spine won't stop! ;-) As for news, I don't think Reid possesses the necessary equipment, nor do I think he's able to grow any, though I would love to eat crow and have him prove me wrong. As for news, have you been following Iran's actions and their determination to block inspections of UN inspectors at their nuclear sites? Is this deja-vu all over again? Say, they're not harboring any terrorists there are they? Hmmmmm
Yikes, I'm sorry to hear about your knee. I was starting to get worried! I hope you are feeling better.

I have been totally out of the loop current events-wise, so I have no idea bout DeLay's wife's legal problems. Huh. I must check that out.

Have fun at your concert! When is it?

I have exciting news for myself. Bill Wirtz never lets Blackhawks home games be shown on TV, but because they are playing Pittsburgh tonight and eveyrone wants to see Sidney Crosby they're showing it!!! Yay!
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer

Rock on Papa Bear! Have fun!
wow, I wondered what George Thorogood was up to these days! that should be a great show. Look after your knee...I hope it gets better soon!
nic and vv - he is merely gwb. i am THE GWB!

I have been saying every since 9/11 that Iraq wasn't the threat.... that Iran was. Now we have a military so spent, with manpower and equipment so worn out we are incapable of dealing with the real threat!

This is what happens when you allow ideologues rather than pragmatists to run your country.

gp - Beware, the world may be coming to an end! Actually, I'd watch the game, but my grandaughter and I are going to Notre Dame to watch the hockey team get trounced by the #2 ranked Miami of Ohio Redhawks.

The concert is Sunday, March 26!

sl - that sounds like an excellent prescription for my knee! Actually, my favorite is "Move It On Over" ("move over little dog, the big ol' dog is movin in!"). I somehow identify with this song a lot!
mr. a - you must have posted the same time I was. GT is touring here through the end of March (I believe that as of now, Elkhart is the last stop on the US tour) Than in May and June is touring Ireland, the UK, and Scandinavia
It matters little what Reid does. Alito will be confirmed. Not because he's the best man for the job, but because what dubya wants, dubya gets.
Hopefully the dems will still show some balls and not go quietly into that [not so] good night.
We missed you big guy. Hope your knee gets better. Sadie's prescription sounds like the right idea. :-)
OOuch. Well I hope you're all right.

I must agree - the Auditorium Theatre is acoustically perfect. THey've actually tested the acoustics to determine that, it's not just my opinion.

Have fun!
Always thinking good thoughts your way G. W. Bear! It stinks to have a bum knee but you have a great heart. There is little we can do to hold back G. W. Bush except give him a little more rope to hang himself with, and he will.

The single proof of God to me is the fact that truth eventually festers to the top, even though it does not come when we expect it.

Persistance always pays persist Bear persist!
Sorry to hear about your knee, GWB, but I'm a little unclear about exactly how you injurred it. From what you wrote, I got the impression you'd sprained it while sleeping! That takes talent (I broke my arm and sprained my ankle once - walking). Anyhow, do take care of yourself.

I have no idea what's going on down there any more, but I am angry about that air strike in Pakistan that the CIA supposedly did in order to kill 1 Al Qaeda (sorry for the misspelling - you see it so often yet when it comes time to use it you cannot for the life of you remember how it's spelled) operative, yet killed 17 villagers instead. I thought the CIA were experts at assassinating individuals? WTF?
It doesn't take much to knock out a bum knee, does it? Both of mine are goofy. I'm paying for all the stupid stuff I did to my body when I was a kid. :(
Take it easy!
I've always said the same thing about Iran. NOW we're in no position to do anything about it. DUMB shits!!
Very sorry about your knee! :( Please get better soon.
So sorry to hear about your knee! I hope it heals up quickly. Have you put any ice on it or anything?

On Iran, when I heard that they didn't want to let the UN inspectors in, I thought the same thing. Here we are, for no good reason, in Iraq, and the real threat it next door. It's true that we can't just immediately pull out of Iraq and that leaves us woefully unready to take on any more rogue countries. I, too, thought we were going after Iraq when Iran was much more dangerous.
Doin' a quick drive-by myself. Hope your knee is on the mend.

Sending you best wishes and good thoughts.

Sorry about the knee. Ain't it a bitch when you can't even sleep without injury?
It's called "oldtimers disease"! Lately my symptoms have been getting worse!
Sorry to hear about the knee and the unfortunate coincidence of have the same initials as George W Bush. (-:

However, I am jealous of the Thorogood tickets.

My wife and I were headed for a camping weekend, near Quebec city, last year. We were taking my 10 year old niece and as the trip was over 4 hours I decided to put on some driving music, so I stuck a George Thorogood disc in the CD player, and My niece goes "Wow George Thorogood"

Okay now I don't feel so old for listening to him.

However, I am driving along with my 60 + father-in-law and again I put in George (great driving music), and My Father-in-law goes "oh Georgie Porgie, I used to listen to him all the time"

I suspect that George has a broad apeal, or my family is just plain Bad to the Bone.
Okay dude, recuperating time is up. I need by GWB fix!!
How is your knee doing my dear friend?

Hey, I have an Ask Nic post up today so if you want to drop on my and ask me a ? you are most welcome to!
Hellllllllloooooo, where ARE you! I'm suffering GWB withdrawl here.
under the weather... nature has decided to gang up on me. Post in the a.m. if i am still breathing!
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