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i have been tagged by the lovely Julie, one of the Rocky Top Bloggers. The rules are simple: Name the eight things you most desire in a romantic/intimate partner.

My perfect woman is....

1. Smart, because smart is the ultimate in sexy. Smart turns me on!

2. Funny, which is almost as sexy as smart!

3. Good natured and easy going, because one curmudgeon is enough in any relationship!

4. Forgiving/Have a short memory, because nothing is a bigger turn off than having something you said ten years ago thrown back in your face!

5. LIBERAL - If ya voted for Dumbya, ya need not apply!

6. Love the outdoors: If your idea of the perfect romantic evening is a moonlight swim and making love on the dunes... we should talk. Owning your own canoe and/or fishing equipment a definite plus!

7. Prefer other people's kids to having your own, cause at my age, the grandkids are about all I can handle!

8. Appreciate the occasional nuzzle behind the ear or kiss on the shoulder, because I really like doing that! At least, I vaguely remember liking to do that!

I know a number of you have already been tagged on this one by Bridget Jones or TSHSmom, so I will leave this an open ended tag. If you feel like doing it, consider yourself tagged!

Well here's a weird sentence: Your dream woman is darn tootin' similar to mine!

Substitute a night at the bar for a day on the lake and we've got very like-minds on this one GWB!

No woman has a short memory, but dream big!
I did the night at the bar thing for WAY too long. A night on the dunes with a couple of bottles of wine, a warm south breeze, and an even warmer woman....priceless!
wc - musta posted the same time I did... your right, I have yet to meet the woman whose memory doesn't rival that of the proverbial elephant!
Damn, I love a man that thinks smart is sexy. Did you feel this way when you were young too? Being smart didn't get me many dates in high school.

I'm a little iffy on #4. I'm forgiving, BUT if he insists on doing the same stupid thing for 20 yrs, yeah, I'll throw it in his face.
When I was in high school, I dated several of the "smart" girls. They were in the group I hung out with, and I really enjoyed being able to discuss heavy topics in depth and actually be understood. And they also had "wicked" senses of humor, another quality that I find to be a turn on.

I also dated a number of the, well, less than smart girls. This was because they were generally more attentive, more likely to enjoy the outdoors and sports, and were, well, easier.

It wasn't until I got to college that I discovered there were women who were smart, funny, outdoorsey, liked sports, and were easy. College changed my life!

But yes, I have always considered smart sexy.
You are indeed, a rare man!
Most guys date the bimbos and settle down with the smart girls.
I hope you can find your dream woman. I should warn you though, almost all of us have long term memories. :-P You're pretty much screwed in that department. The rest seems do-able. ;-)
Bah. GWB, you disappoint me.

My wife and I are at opposite ends of the political spectrum. Her third party left-wing vote always cancels out my third party right-wing vote. Differences are some of the things that make sex great. ;)
Dude, been there done that! The aggravation of daily life with a wingnut more than outweighed the admittedly great sex. Come to think of it, why is it crazy people are so good in bed? But I digress. Some things just aren't worth it. Ann Coulter is probably great in the sack, but you don't see guys lining up to find out. Eww, just thte thought of that makes me feel like I need a bath!

Anyhow, I have had enough aggravating relationships to know that I don't want another one!
GWB - Ann Coulter is probably great in the sack, but you don't see guys lining up to find out.

I find her completely revolting, both politically and sexually. I'd be one of the guys who would rather not find out.

As for politics with my wife, she's a "liberal Green" and I'm a Right-wing wacko, but we just never discuss politics. Music, pop culture, books, travel, money, movies, etc., but no politics. I kind of like it that way. I see politics as the most unsexual thing there is.
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