Sunday, February 26, 2006



Nicklas Lidstrom scored the game winner as Sweden defeats Finland 3-2 to take the Olympic gold medal in ice hockey. Sweden's other two goals were scored by fellow Detroit Red Wing teammates Henrik Zetterberg and Nicklas Kronwall.

This win offers me a bit of redemption, and evens my medal round picks at 2-2. It is also the first time I have out picked the Hockey Goddess.

Read the entire story HERE

I caught the end of this game. Way to go Sweden! Of course, by tomorrow I'll probably have forgotten who won and I'll be saying "Way to go Finland!"
Oh behalf of all my distant relatives still in Sweden, YIPPEE SWEDEN WON!! Um, I still know nothing about hockey though. :-)
You shame me, SME!
Damned Canadians! ;)

Now I've commented on TWO hockey posts.
Hockey goddess????
sme - it's good that a Canadian would not be so bitter tas to avoid watching the game.

vv - I am sure your distant relatives are estatic!

tshsmom - tsk tsk.... and you from the "state of hockey" and all!
OK, I confess. I only caught the end of the game 'cause I was waiting in line at a cafe that had a TV...
Shame on me!
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