Sunday, February 12, 2006



This may be the coolest site I have ever been to! It is called WOLFGANG'S VAULT. It features music from thousands of hours of live concert recordings from the vaults of legendary concert promoter Bill Graham. For those of you too young to remember, Graham is probably the most important promoter in the history of modern music. He operated the legendary Filmore Auditorium in San Francisco, and the Filmore East in New York. He promoted over 35,000 concerts, and launched the careers of myriad of stars, including Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Steppenwolfe, The Band, Buffalo Springfield, and many, many more.

Vault Radio regularly adds and removes songs from it's playlist, so the music is always new and exciting. Right now, I am listening to Bruce Springsteen doing a live cover of Manfred Mann's BLINDED BY THE LIGHT. All the songs on vault Radio are live recordings, and they are FM quality.

If you are fan of live music, you HAVE to check out this site!

I would be more than happy to listen to the Boss' version of Blinded by the Light, if for once, that one part was pronounced "deuce" instead of "douche". :-P Thanks for the link!
In fact, the Boss has the lyrics correct, "cut loose like a duece, another roamer in the night"
Thank Gawd! :-P
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