Friday, February 10, 2006


on LOVE MONKEY, smoking OLD DUTCH CLEANSER, and various and sundry OTHER MATTERS

Okay, it's official... I am addicted to LOVE MONKEY. I love this show. Maybe the best dialog based show since M*A*S*H! Smart, hip, and funny! Thing is, with the exception of hockey, and the occasional LAW & ORDER, I haven't watched anything on TV in a couple of years. Now, suddenly, I am addicted to the television! 24, NCIS, CRIMINAL MINDS, the CSI"s, NUMBERS, I'm watching them all, religiously! I need help people!

Note to Sen. Arlen Spector (R-PA): I'm pretty sure that Old Dutch Cleanser isn't smokable. We'd have discovered it in the 60's if it was. However, just in case you're onto something, anybody out there still have your old hookah? Let's raid the cleaning supplies!

Seriously though, this is not a good time to be Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Besides the accusations of being a closet smoker of sink cleaner, another senator of his own party, Lindsey Graham (R-SC) also strongly challenged the AG's assertions that Congress implicitly approved warrentless surveillance when it passed the statutory force resolution. The "argument that you're making is very dangerous in terms of its application for the future," Graham told Gonzales. "When I voted for it, I never envisioned that I was giving to this president or any other president the ability to go around FISA carte blanche." Further, Sen. Russ Feingold is seeking an investigation into whether Gonzales deliberately lied to the senate during his confirmation hearings.

it also appears that the AG may be caught up in the Abramhoff/DeLay scandal. Senate Democrats hare demanding a special prosecutor be named to over see the scandal, in part because of the appearance that Gonzales is implicated. See the whole story here and here.

On the good news front, it appears the low fat diet is officially dead! A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association concludes there is no evidence that a low fat diet leads to a lower incidence of heart disease or cancer. Which is exactly what cardiologists like Dr. Robert Adkins (Adkin's diet) and Dr. Arthur Agatson (South Beach diet) have been telling you for 15 years. So you wanna be healthy? It's not those fatty meats that are killing you, it's those empty carbs. So eat that steak, and all those veggies, but pitch that baked potato! Good news for us carnivores, not so good for you vegetarians out there!

Is anyone else already as bored with the "betting scandal" in the NHL as I am? A bunch of rich athletes bet big bucks on football. Now there's a surprise. Rich, competitive guys gambling! Who would have thought that? But so far, the evidence is that none of the bets were on hockey. So, until that changes....YAWN!

Speaking of hockey, today will be a historic first. Venerable Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, will host the first hockey contest in its illustrious history. The University of Wisconsin Badgers and the Ohio State Buckeyes will play in the first outdoor game in the history of either school. About 45,000 fans are expected for the game.


Gold medal: CZECH REPUBLIC - Great goaltending with Dominic Hasek and Tomas Volkoun. Great goal scorers in Jaromir Jagr and Robert Lang and solid defense.

Silver: CANADA - Very deep team with goaltender Martin Brodeur finally getting healthy. A solid shot for gold, but Gretzky's legal problems may be a team downer.

Bronze: SWEDEN - probably the most talented team, but playing with an NHL rookie in goal. Henrik Lundqvist has had a brilliant rookie season with the New York Rangers, but can he stand up to the pressure of the Olympics? Still, this is the best team at the blue line of any in the Olympics. But the loss of Peter Forsberg will put a huge burden on the shoulders of Henrik Zetterberg to score early and often.

Can't figure: The Russians. This is a team with explosive offensive talent, both up front and at the blue line, and goaltending that should be as good as any. Any team with Ilya Kovalchuk, Alexander Ovechkin, Pavel Datsyuk and Sergei Zubov is gonna score a lot of goals. But it's goaltenders have badly under achieved this year, and the team is in disarray with little chemistry. This team will either be brilliant and take the whole thing, or suck pond scum. There will be no in between.

And somebody please explain this to me. How is it that the USA's best goaltender, Ryan Miller, is only an alternate and can't play unless one of the stiffs in front of him gets hurt? Understand that Miller's .925 save percentage is thirty points higher than USA starter Rick Di Pietro's .895. Miller, the former Michigan State star, has been brilliant for the Sabres this year. He should have had the chance to carry the load for Team USA. He would have given us a fighting chance at a bronze.

I saw in the paper yesterday that love monkey was canceled
I was going to bet you a cheeseburger, fries and a shake that Canada finishes higher than the Czechs....but with this betting scandal happening, I'm staying away from high-stakes bets like that for a while.
EVEN I have to agree about this betting scandal.
The only worse thing I've heard was when a bunch of housewives, in an afternoon bowling league in Duluth, were arrested for having a $.25/game/person pool for high score. They really nabbed a bunch of hard-core criminals that time. Sheesh. ;)
What's with the old Dutch cleanser? Did I miss something?

I haven't gotten into any new primetime shows, but I'm becoming addicted to Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. THere is nothing more bizzarre than Robot Chicken.
Arlen Spector accused Alberto Gonzales of smoking it.
I haven't seen Love Monkey yet, but I heard it was good. As far as dieting, the reason why low fat dieting doesn't work is because people figure, "oh, it's low fat, so I can eat as much as I want". Meanwhile, they are taking in a ton of empty calories that turn to fat (after it gets turned to sugar). I don't agree with the Atkins approach - it's not very well balanced. Yeah, people shouldn't go crazy on carbs, but it's not a good idea to avoid them altogether. People of my grandparents' generation ate balanced meals (yes, even potatoes) and didn't get fat. The main difference was that they worked their butts off, literally. Their jobs were more physically demanding and they were more active in their spare time. I think that's the bigger difference... activity levels. Good post. I'm not sure about the surveillance. I personally don't agree with carte blanche spying, but I don't have anything to hide. The reason I don't agree with it is because regular folks, like myself, could say something that might be misconstrued and get in trouble. I know that sounds paranoid, but with Bush in office, anything could happen.
What an odd thing to say... Funny what you miss when you stop watching the news for a while.
Do you mean to say that the US will be shut out of a hockey medal? Shocking predictions, GWB! But must agree with Mr. A; no betting for me right now.

Bearing in mind that I know nothing about the depth of the hockey teams etc., here is my stab at predicting the medals: Gold - Czech Rep., Silver - Russia, Bronze - Canada. But who knows? We'll win the women's gold, though.
Geez GWB, Didn't think I was into politics OR sports, and here I am loving another of your posts!!

A. Specter...he was around before we moved up here. He must be 100 or something...
BTW: has the Church Potluck lost steam?
To quote Joseph Welch in response to Joseph McCarthy, "Have you no decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?" - Gonzalez is a man without a soul. I don't know how he can sit up there and just completely lie through his teeth. Like all good liars, it's probably because he actually believes his own lies.
There was something sus about the so called low fat diet anyway... you start with milk and cheese...then some strange process makes it all 98% (never 99%) fat free. How do you reckon they did that? By patiently skimming off all of the fat? Oh Sure! Like as if they would when big Chem and Pharma are around to help them chemically adjust the fat levels...Butter is butter. Cheese is cheese. Milk is Milk and we are having Lamb Chops for tea and my cholesterol is fine thank you very much. The con's that are around to make us "healthy" are outrageous at times.
Speaking of hockey, today will be a historic first. Venerable Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, will host the first hockey contest in its illustrious history.

Well, this is strange. Now if only the Packers will play there this year. (Play as in stop looking like a bunch of jack*sses and win some games).

By the way, watched Canadian embarass the Italian team to the point I was seriously hoping Italy in the 2nd period would just give up and forfeit. The entire game, the puck was on the Italian side. The game was a joke. One player got a hat trick in the first period. I've never seen anything like that before.
WC - nope, as soon as blogger allows me t post again, there will be a couple of cajun recipes up

DBD - I don't think there is a shred of decency left tin this entire administration. Incidentally. did you see where "Dead Eye" Dick shot one of his huntin partners?

MC - I think low fat anything is kinda like sausage... you never wnat to watch it being made!

ZS - thats what happens when you have a rule that makes it mandatory that the host country's team be allowed to play!
I will never ditch that paked potato or any potato for that matter.
Actually, potatoes have a lot of nutritional value when you leave the skins on, so I wouldn't ditch them, either. Ditch the white breads and other refined flours and sugars instead.
Smoking tubscrub! Yuck! I have got to read that one. Thanks GWB
Give up taters??? No figgin way! I'd rather smoke Dutch Cleaner than to give up my taters.
Love Monkey might get cancelled!!! CBS has already taken a scheduled episode out for something else, and it has no set return date :( There's a petition to save the show here:
You think YOU'RE bored with the hockey betting scandal, try living in Western Canada!! We've been eating and breathing it. How utterly boring.
Is it just me, or is the chick on the Old Dutch cleanser can truly frightening...? :D
mm - so do you still have your old hooka? just curious.

wc and sadie - I can't give up my addiction to them either, even though when I do, my health improves immediately. My blood sugars, triglycrides, cholesteral always improve dramatically. Truth is, insulin is hell on your body, and potatoes, white rice and sugar are about the worst things you can consume if you want to avoid insulin overload.

gympumkin - I have a post already composed on the Love Monkey subject, if f**king blogger will ever let me post again.

sme - yeah, my brother in law in Detroit says you can hit the scan button on your radio, and every station will be talking about the Great One and gambling.

This is probably the only time you will ever hear me say i am glad I am not in Detroit right now!
Love Monkey is so good, but I also love My Name is EARL, that is my favorite since Seinfield!! I've given up CSI and will watch the reruns of it to see the new EARL's for now. Of course I"m a LOST junkie too.
Things keep getting crazier in Washington.... but no one goes to jail or gets impeached!
OMG, Laura - Adult Swim rocks! I don't have cable but I'll rent SeaLab and Brak from the store and laugh well into the night.

GWB: I, for one, am a HUGE fan of hearing that low-fat is useless and dead. :) Best news I've heard in ages.
Okay dude, it's like way past time for a new post.
I'm about to enter the withdrawal stage.
As soon as the good folks at blogger decide to let me post again, I surely will. three are severa; posts backed up, including what stupid, worthsless, fucking bastards the fplks at blogger support are!
DO NOT make the mistake of counting Slovakia out. They're way better than most people (cough Ilya Kovalchuk cough) give them credit for.
Dave - you're right, of course!

still think it will be between Canada, Sweden, and and the Czech Republic though.
new blog
Dave - btw, Kolvalchuk plays for Russia, not Slovakia
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