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Yeah, we had a visit from King George today! His motorcade came within 6 blocks of my house. Someone at work suggested I should have walked up the hill so I could wave when when His Royal Highness drove by. I told him "nah, then my middle finger would have gotten cold."

His Majesty was here to attend a fundraiser for the presidential lap dog, Rep. Chris Chocopoodle, being held at my alma mater, Bethel College. Chocopoodle is an old fashioned Repugnican. He sold the corporation his grandfather built to Warren Buffet, then used the proceeds to buy a congressional seat. Last time I checked, he had a perfect 100% record of voting with His Excellency. To paraphrase Bob Casey; If two people agree 100% of the time, one of them is unnecessary. Actually, in this case...

Now, I hate it when Presidents and VPs I LIKE come for a visit. Bill Clinton and Al Gore both were fairly regular visitors here. Let me tell you, a presidential visit, or in Dumbya's case, royal visit, is a giant pain in the ass. About a half hour before the president's plane lands, they shut down all the roads that intersect or run parallel to the motorcade route. They leave them shut until the president arrives at his destination. Which means not only were all the north/south roads shut down for 45 minutes, but a section of the Indiana Toll Road , which runs parallel to part of the motorcade route, as well. So traffic has nowhere to go of the better part of an hour, and just continues to back up.

I was fortunate. As I left for work, I noticed the traffic backing up in time to make a very illegal u-turn in the middle of Jefferson Blvd., and take the back roads through the hood to get to work. I never feel threatened when driving through Doglife or Latin King territory. It can be a bit embarrassing though. My middle son was class clown in his high school. Because of that, he got along with all the gang bangers. A couple of years ago, I bought his car. If I drive through the south side, I will occasionally hear someone shout "hey look, it's Shorty's dad... Hi Shorty's dad!" It is very demoralizing to think that all I have accomplished in my life is to be known as "Shorty's dad".

Anyhow, if a presidential visit by someone you like is a pain in the ass, think how much worse it is if you despise the guy! Actually, it could have been worse. As vocal as I am about my hatred of all things Bush, I am really surprised I didn't get a visit from the State Police or Secret Service. Maybe I'll have that to look forward to next time!

Chocopoodle?? ppppt bwahahahahah! that's the dumbest name I ever hoid.

Shorty's dad? Nice.

Bush paid a royal visit to Chicago not too long ago and you could see the helicopter land in grant park from where I work. My boss and I were hoping for a crash...
GWB said: "As vocal as I am about my hatred of all things Bush, I am really surprised I didn't get a visit from the State Police or Secret Service. Maybe I'll have that to look forward to next time!" Um, it's been a few years now, but from what I understand, the number of people who: hate, despise, loathe, wish horrible physical harm to Bush and his cronies has gotten so large, that there aren't enough police or SS guys to pay visits. They've changed their focus to protecting that rare and rapidly dwindly species of Bush lovers. So you're good to go! :-)
laura- his actual name is Chocola (yeah, like the old soft drink). we just refer to him as chocopoodle because he is the presidential lap dog. George calls, and he comes running, tongue hanging out, tail wagging.

yeah, in the hood, I'm shorty's dad. in the local grocery and at the mall i'm shelley's dad. on the east side of mishawaka, i'm savannah's grandpa. Ino longer have an identitiy of my own!

vv - Well, as a rule, I avoid bush lovers like the plague (cept of course for our friend Nic), so I should have no trouble avoiding conflict with the authorities,
There are sooooo many things I could type in response, but I'll keep it short and sweet with utter agreeance: BUSH IS DUMB.

Sorry you had to endure a Royal Visit. Ha, I think King George knows better than to try and visit Seattle. He did come once a few years ago, but never crossed the bridge to get to the city - he stayed nestled in the rich, rich, rich, Republican 'burb of Bellevue.
Bush forced us to close roads here too. And, man, was I pissed. I don't own a car and didn't get caught in traffic, but the symbolism of it pissed me off.
We used to have Mondale visit here. You're right, it's a pain!

LOL about your "identity crisis"! And our kids think it's senility when we forget our own names. Hell, we don't have a name anymore. ;)
Well, I happen to think that Shorty's dad is a pretty swell guy! ;) Sorry about the traffic, but glad you made it to work ok. :)

I may be a Republican and as conservative as they come but Bush has really disappointed me and a lot of other people I know who voted for him this last term. He's just making a lot of dumb mistakes and decisions this term that are very noticable, especially in the past few months. But, just b/c I think he's not doing such a hot job this time around does not mean that I would EVER have voted for a Kerry presidency. The thought just makes me shudder and cringe and generally feel sick to my stomach. Much like you with the Bush presidency. LOL.

*MUAH* to you my dear friend (er that's a smooch). Have a fabulous weekend.

BTW, a girl from work is going to take the other ticket. Too bad you're not a man of means. :( It would have been nice to have you come for a visit, some great music and some cold Guinness (and a snakebite or two) at the rowdy after party.
Miss World - unfortuantely for us, to get from the airport to the rich "burbs' here, he has to pass through the ral world first.

zf - yeah, sometimes it's the appearance of it allthat really riles you.

tshsmom - I'm glad some else understands the whole identitiy crisis thing!

Nic, thanks for the kind words, I think you're pretty terrific too. Smooches back. And it's REALLY too bad I couldn't just hop a jet and take that ticket off your hands... cause I am so all about after parties!
Run if the SS shows up in rubber gloves....
We get Dubya entirely too much out here (Phoenix). If you remember, he was hawking his train wreck called the Medicare Drug Benefit when the levees were breaking in New Orleans last year. Apparently, playing kiss-ass with the geriatric set of El Mirage, AZ was a higher priority than the BIGGEST NATIONAL DISASTER OF ALL TIME! Moron.
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Brig - why? Dubya has been sticking it to us for so long we should be used to it by now. It's routine.

Dbackdad - this was Dubya's 7th trip here. He always screws things up downtown, because he has to eat at the Marriot, there is some dish they serve here that is said to be his favorite. Frankly, I think it's the only reason he comes here.
As vocal as I am about my hatred of all things Bush, I am really surprised I didn't get a visit from the State Police or Secret Service. Maybe I'll have that to look forward to next time!

I know someone in the Secret Service. I can make it happen. If you accidentally slight my Hurricanes too much, I might make the call. :P
Dave, I would never slight the "Canes... I am hoping they get to play the Swedish National team in the
Stanley Cup finals.

My best friend in h.s. is a career Marine in Naval intelligence. Doubt that he'd come to my aid however, since I told him that navel intellignence was a contradiction in terms. Funny, I haven't heard form him in years.
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