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Yale's David Meckler

Even better than a baseball double header, Yale and Union fans were treated to 2 1/3 hockey games for the price of one! In the longest game in NCAA history, Yale upset Union 3-2 in FIVE overtimes Saturday night. The game, which started at 7 pm and ended at 1:10 am, had an actual playing time of 2 hours, 21 minutes and 35 seconds.

This is the reason I don't buy Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream more often. I have just consumed an entire quart of KARAMEL SUTRA while sitting here at the computer! DAMN, this stuff is good!

Chris Matthews redeemed himself a bit in my eyes Friday night. Asked to speak at Westminster College in Missouri in honor of the 60th anniversary of Winston Churchill's famous "Iron Curtain" speech there, Matthews spoke of the courage it takes to convey a warning no one wants to hear, and the courage it takes to heed it. He used three examples:

In the 1930's, with WWI still fresh in people's memories, nobody wanted to hear Churchill's warnings about the rising power of European fascism and Hitler's Germany. Britain and France failed to heed his warning. The result was WWII.

In the war weary world of 1946, nobody wanted hear Churchill's warning of an "Iron Curtain" enveloping Europe. Truman was so outraged he offered to transport Stalin to the US to rebut Churchill's charges. Yet, the Western world did heed the warning, and took steps to isolate and restrain Stalin and the Soviet Union. As a result, WWIII never happened, and the "Iron Curtain" eventually fell of it's own dead weight.

In the hysteria that followed 9/11, nobody wanted to hear the warnings of former President Jimmy Carter, former President George H. Bush, his National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft, or former Secretary of State James Baker. Nobody wanted to hear words like quagmire, insurgency, civil war. Especially not President George W. Bush and his advisors. So here we are, three years later, bogged down in an endless war of attrition. Iraq is on the verge of sectarian civil war, and has replaced Afghanistan as the primary breeding and training ground for terrorists who will be a threat to our security for the foreseeable future and beyond.

I gotta admit, Matthews earned some points with me for that one!

I suddenly feel as if I am living in Bizzarro World! In the past few days, I have found myself defending George W. Bush and Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan, two men I generally loathe. Now Matthews.

If you will excuse me, I have to go find a stiff wire brush and a box of 20 Mule Team Borax. I feel dirty!

GWB said: "I suddenly feel as if I am living in Bizzarro World! In the past few days, I have found myself defending George W. Bush." I've done that recently too and I just wanted to slap myself! ;-)
The thing with Ben & Jerry's is that they lie right on the package. They say that pint serves 4 - but that's a fuckin single serving!
vv - I STILL feel dirty

laura - certainly always turns out to be in MY case!
My favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor is Chubby Hubby. Those pretzles are to DIE for.
I wonder if ten years from now we look back and laugh, while we pull out our prayer mats and face Mecca.
Hey there my friend, nothing to be ashamed about. From time to time lately I find myself criticizing Bush's decisions so that certainly proves Newton's 3rd Law of Motion in a non-motion way: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. LOL!

Hey, I have a recipe up on my blog that you might find interesting. It's omelets in a bag.

Have a beautiful Monday my favorite Mark Spurrier! :)
Heh heh heh hope you're clean now GWB (have you ever thought of changing those initials?)!

BTW did they ever fix the voting machines in Florida, or are we getting ready for a three-peat?
Sadie - mine are the afore mentioned Karamel Sutra, and Cherry Garcia. The kids go for Chubby Hubby, New York Superchunk Fudge, and Dave Matthew's Magic Brownie.

TJ - as long as I have whoopie cusions to put under those mats, yes we will!

Nic - I think you and I have our own personal parallel universes

Brig - I may NEVER feel clean again! And I am sure that as long as Jeb is governor, where there's a will, he'll find a way!

btw... he is merely GWB. I am THE GWB!
Karamel Sutra ... great name.
I have been good at avoiding Ben and Jerry's lately, which is both good and bad I think :)

When I was in Vermont I took a tour of the Ben and Jerry's factory. It was quite interesting, and there was free ice cream! The coolest part of the place is the Flavor Graveyard, which is this little "cemetary" with headstones for each of the discontinued flavors, with little witty sayings on them. I used to have a picture of it, if I can find it I will post it. My favorite flavor was Bovinity Divinity, but it's discontinued :( That and Festivus flavor.
That was REALLY sneaky; slipping a regular post in there under that hockey picture!
Quagmire is an understatement!
I haven't defended Bush; I have my parents for that. ;)
dbd - you thinkthe NAME is great.. One side of the carton contains vanilla ice cream, the other chocolate with dark chocolate chips. In the center is and 1 1/2" column of caramel running from bottom of carton to top. This stuff is killer!

gymp -I woud LOVE to see pictures of the graveyard! that is so cool!

tshsm - not sneaky, just have priorities in order!
GWB you're right--you are THE GWB!!!

and please feel clean!!
I stay away from ice cream. If I didn't I'd Chunky Monkey myself to death.
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