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Dr. John at Fats Domino's house

Between Mardi Gras and Brownie, New Orleans was back in the national conscious this week. The Brownie tapes finally place the blame for the disaster that followed the disaster clearly where it belongs. Ahem, Mr. Bush and Mr. Chertoff. And Mardi Gras brought media attention back to the city and it's continued travails, it's suffering under the continued incompetence of administration of Bush Inc.

New Orleans native Mac Revenac, a.k.a. Dr. John, eloquently explains why ALL of the Big Easy must be rebuilt HERE

BIGEZBEAR, our friend from New Orleans, has the perfect take on "the Brownie Tapes" HERE. BIGEZBEAR'S descriptions of life in N.O. the past few months have often had me on the verge of tears. I can't imagine how emotionally painful life must be there.


Our friend Miss World had me in tears with this beautiful letter to her mother!

It's 5:45 pm. Time to start dinner. Tonight, I cook what I blog! So check out the recipe for Cajun Beans and Rice at THE CHURCH POTLUCK

I thought, while watching Mardi Gras last week, that visitors should have been required to do an hour of community service as "admission" to the party. Think of how much could have gotten cleaned up by that many people?

Those tapes won't result in anything, except the size of the medal Chertoff will receive.
actually, the tapes do two things. They focus the blame squarely back on Bush. Which, along with the UAE ports thing, has contributed to the spectacular 10 point drop in Dunya's ratings in the last month. According to CBS/Gallup, Bushes approval rating, as of yesterday were down to 32%. Repugs in Congress have also taken a big hit.

The other thing the tape does is in large part exhonorate Brown, and puts the onus on DHS. This will likely force Congress to split FEMA from DHS, which, in my opinion, is a neccessity
Of course the bulk of the blame for post-Katrina chaos rests on the current administration (i.e. FEMA), but wasn't the whole mess the result of improperly built or poorly maintained levees? That can't be blamed on anyone but the city, can it? Shouldn't there have been a plan in place for this sort of catastrophe decades ago?
Actually, the levees are the responsibility of the Army Corp Of Engineers.
That's scary! :S
That Ms World has a way w/ words and so do you! YOu find all kinds of good things all over the web, I love your blog, just don't comment as often as I should , but read it all the time! You know I love and adore you my sweet baby!
Hey my late dad worked for the Corps. There are politicos in charge of that place too. You wouldn't believe the number of times he came home steamed because of stupid engineering decisions dictated by politics (the elected kind, I think).

Have you seen the stuff about the world economy of sugar? It too places a lot of blame on folks like the userper in Washington (GWB). The WHO tried to get rid or reduce the amount of sugar in processed food. Those In Charge (daddy warbucks types) had the WHO officials demoted. And the changes never happened.
sme - yes it is!

Julie - t.y. (he says, blushing profusely). You know the feeling is mutual.

Brig - that doesn't surprise me at all.
Laura said: "visitors should have been required to do an hour of community service as "admission" to the party. Think of how much could have gotten cleaned up by that many people?" I was just talking to my sister in New Orleans via e-mail about people taking a few days to a week of vacation and coming down there to help clean up. She said the only group that has consistently been there from the beginning and is still there doing work where you can actually see the results is Habitat for Humanity. She said the Red Cross and church groups were there for quite a while providing shelter, meds and handing out food and clothing, but she's not seeing their presence anymore. Who knows where all that money went. I'm at the beginning stages of investigating how to go about going there to help clean up. I mean, some of these folks are old and just cleaning up the mess on their property or cleaning their houses for them would help tremendously. Other houses are beyond help. Even so, something should be done to clear the lots and help those people rebuild on their property.
Well, I must be getting soft in MY old age if I stopped to write that letter to my mother. :) Thanks for the shout-out.

And, unfortunately, Tapes Schmapes. God itself could part the clouds and shout down from above "Bush ignored warnings, and that's why New Orleans fell!" and the masses would still follow George off a cliff. In fact, his approval ratings would probably soar.
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