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SCSU"s Matt Hartman mobbed after OT goal beats #1 Minnesota
Northwestern State's Clifton Lee

When a recently retired center/right Supreme Court justice talks about the beginnings of a dictatorship, shouldn't people begin to seriously think? Or at least take notice?

Our friend Karen has started a cool new site called Crazy Canuck Critics Corner. The goal: View and critque all of the American Film Institute's 100 Top American films of all time. It is really a nice site, although it is clear her tastes and mine don't coincide at all. Hated the FRENCH CONNECTION, but loved SINGING IN THE RAIN?

The AFI has a really nice site. I especially like the TOP 100 MOVIE QUOTES. My current favorite: "Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!" Auntie Mame, 1958

It's tourney time for NCAA winter sports! Which means lots and lots of people running around with cell phones open, checking scores and brackets. Not to mention the pulling of hair, rending of clothing and nashing of teeth. I don't ever remember a weekend with so many huge upsets.

In hockey, the WCHA conferance tourney has seen two huge upsets, with the nations #2 team, Wisconsin, losing to North Dakota, and the nations #1 team Minnesota, losing to unranked St. Cloud State. No, that is not a misprint. Which leaves Michigan as a bubble team for the NCAA tourney. Should St. Cloud somehow pull off another big upset and beat North Dakota, they would get an automatic bid to the NCAA tourney. Which might leave the Wolverines out of the tourney for the first time in over a decade and a half!

Meanwhile gamblers and bracket mavens have to be beside theselves. Seven major upsets in the first two days of the NCAA Basketball tourney! Some just unbelievable. Iowa blows a 17 point lead and looses to tiny Northwest State U. of
Natchitoches, La. Michigan State losses to George Mason. Bradley beats Kansas. The list goes on!

The Cajun theme continues at THE CHURCH POTLUCK with Jambalaya the featured recipe!

I don't pay much attention to the NCAA. Maybe if DePaul were any good. Speaking of - did you hear Ray Meyer died :(
Yes I did. I was very sad when I heard it. I was a big fan. I'l post about it next time I blog.
Nice links! I love anything about films and food!
It's an exciting time for sports - I'm happy about baseball gearing up myself. I'm really tired of hearing about the steriod controversy. I am personally against their use, but please, baseball has been through enough since the strike of 1994.
GWB said: "When a recently retired center/right Supreme Court justice talks about the beginnings of a dictatorship, shouldn't people begin to seriously think? Or at least take notice?" You would think, wouldn't ya? We're all just sheep being led to slaughter. On a happier note, we're all participating in the NCAA pool. My teenage daughter, who knows almost as little about basketball as I do, has successfully picked, I think 3 of the upsets. She picked them because she like their names better. It might turn out to be a winning strategy! :-)
For the record, I didn't say I "loved" Singin in the Rain...I DO however LOVE (*sigh*) Gene Kelly. Thanks for the plug GWB! Hopefully more movies this weekend.
Howdy GWB just stoppin' by to make sure you were keepin' it between the ditches!
Just an FYI, DePaul's got some great photos on their website.
Karen - I guess 7 1/2 movie bucks out of ten is only strong like! But you gave French connection only two out of 10?

TJ - yeah, although there are days...

Laura - really nice tribute to Coach Ray. He was such a classy guy!
I don't pay attention to pro basketball, but I've had fun following Gonzaga since I'm from Spokane. Thank you for the link to the movie quotes! I'm not sure about my favorite, but my least favorite is, "Love means not having to say you're sorry". What a crock! :-P
One would hope that we would pay attention to the comments of Justice O'Connor. I don't recall, as a student of the Court, a retired Justice being so open about the state of political affairs. This is indeed serious.

It is also serious when Justice Ginsberg notes publically that they have received death threats. Of course that happens in America to Justices, but I think her point was that this was different, fueled by terrible rhetoric.

Indeed, I am afraid for the nation and the direction we are taking even if most of us aren't listening. Which may explain alot about how we got here.
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