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Ever dream about your own death? I did last week. Let me tell you, it is horribly unnerving. And the dream was so weird...

I dreamt I was lying in my casket at the cemetery, watching my own funeral procession. At first, I was my current age. I saw my kids, and my canoeing buddies drive by. Then suddenly, I was a small child. My grandparents and parents drove up in a car. My Grandpa Clarke was driving and the window was down. I jumped out of my casket, ran up to the car and gave him a big hug and told him I loved him. Then the dream got really strange.

Suddenly, I was cleaning up the burial vault with my mom. Some of my old clothes from college were laying around. My favorite hat was there, but it was moth eaten. But my American flag overalls were there and appeared to be servicable. My mom suggested they might help keep me warm. She than got very indignant and said she was going to "talk to these people", because if they were gonna make people stay overnight there, they ought to at least allow you to build a fire to keep warm. Apparently, I wasn't supposed to die till Saturday or Sunday, but because the cemetery was closed on weekends, I had to stay there until I actually croaked.

The whole dream has really spooked me. I have known several people who dreamed about their own death, and died shortly thereafter. So needless to say, I am a little phobic right now.


The lovely Nic has tagged me with very simple meme. Your 10 favorite simple pleasures:

1. The Granddaughters. A constant source of delight!
2. Watching Red Wings hockey on the big screen with my kids. It's almost Stanley Cup time!
3. My canoe, a meandering stream, a marsh. Nothing more awesome than scaring up a crane, egret or heron just after sunrise!
4. Breaking open the ice cold Old Milwaukee's on a hot day in the middle of a stream, and just letting the canoes drift while you swap stories and savor cold beer. Yes OM is the official beer of the Michiana Canoeguysandgals.
5. Hearty food... Jambalaya. Brats on the grill. A pork shoulder or brisket barbecued.
6. Great music. Current constant listens... new albums by Pink, Willie Nelson, Little Willies, Ray Davies (former Kinks frontman), KT Tunstall. I don't ever remember a month where so many really great albums have been released so close together. I can't say enough about these albums, especially the one by Pink, and the one by Willie.
7. Live Celtic music and a cold Murphy's Red
8. A hot summers day and a Lake Michigan beach
9. A warm summers evening, a cold Molsons, and a Lake Michigan sunset.
10. A stary night, a campfire, egg coffee, pudgie pies, and s'mores.
11. Saturday morning breakfast at Micky D's with Ron and Bob

Tagged, any and all of you, my dear friends.

Rummy has obviously lost the faith of the military side of the Pentagon. He needs to go. We will never come up with a viable strategy to stabilize the situation in Iraq as long as the Rummy is running things. Problem is, he and Bush are so tied at the waste, Bush can't fire him without admitting his own failure. So we will just sit here and watch things deteriorate. Its only Dyngus Day, and April has already been the deadliest month this year for US troops.

Daniel Schorr had a great commentary on what happens when ideologues are allowed to run wars. Listen HERE.

Great list, my favorite Mark Spurrier! One other thing we have in common...I often do bonus answers on my memes too but my break at work was coming to a swift end and I couldn't think of a #11 to put down until I was on my way home and by the time I got there it was gone again. SIGH!

Two peas in a pod we are it seems - LOL! (In an interesting way.)

If you ever make it down to Austin again I'll have to take you for the best beef ribs and Italian margs you've ever had!

Thanks on the compliment on my new profile pic. My ex that I emailed you about posted "anonymously" again last week and told me that I looked great and very sexy in that pic. *SMACK* What the H-E-Double hockey sticks is he thinking a married man with two kids? (Heh! I'm posting on it tomorrow)

Don't fret over your dream. Sometimes the worry of things causes us to bring it into reality. I'll say a prayer for you peace of mind and your safety. I know you don't believe in that stuff, but I do my friend.

Hugs and smooches!
I oft have weird and vivid dreams the only thing it really means is I didn't rest well that night. We live another day, one day at a time. Have a grilled brat and visit your granddaughters and keep your worry at bay. The one thing that proves to me God is alive and well is the fact the truth still floats to the top at some point in every story so Dick, George and Don will have their day of truth by God.
What the heck is egg coffee and pudgie pie????

(your beloved red wings are going down to the oilers baby!).
Well, if you'd posted that list in a personal's ad about 20 years ago, I'd have answered it! So much in common it's scary! ;-) Anyway, as for the dream, I've dreamed my death before, crashing in an airplane. People say when you have falling or dying dreams if you wake up before you hit the ground you'll be okay, but if you don't you'll die. I actually felt the pressure of falling fast, the plane hit the ground, a massive wall of flames and air pressure blasted up the isle toward me and everything went white. I remember thinking in that white space, "what happened, am I dead?" That moment lasted for a while. The end scene replayed until I came to the white again, as if to say, "yes, you're dead, this is what happened." Then I felt my self, my consciousness being pulled upward and before I reached wherever it was I was rising to, I woke up. So, as a result, I'm totally freaked out about getting on planes, but I suck it up and do it anyway. I'll probably be snockered or drugged by the time I make it to England this summer. I'd say don't worry about your dream, but not worrying hasn't happened for me. :-)
That dream is pretty creepy. Think about it as a self-fulfilling prophecy though: If you let it get to you, you might be more apt to do something that might hurt you b/c you're anxious. So don't let it bother you. In many cultures dreams about death aren't about death, but about a drastic change. ;]
Wow.... I don't know what to say about your dream..... you seriously owned American Flag overalls?!? :-P It's okay, it could be worse.... I used to have in my posession a pair of "Hee Haw" overalls. :-/
Nic - LOL, the fact that we are two peas in a pod makes me fear for your future! I certaily hope to get to Austin again. Last time was as a side trip on my way to the Kerrville Folk Festival. Many moons ago. But I hope to get back to both sometime. And i appreciate the prayers. Even though I don't believe in a diety, I do believe ther is a certain power in things like prayer and meditation. And I can't blame the guy for thinking those things, I think you look attractive in that pic too!

TJ - once again, you are the voice of reason. Thanks, my friend!

Karen - Egg coffee is coffee boiled in an open pot. You drop an egg in when it is done to settle the grounds. Pudgie pies are made by buttering the outsides of two slices of bread, On the inside of one you put your favorite pie filling, and top with the other slice. These go into a cast iron "pie iron", a hinged contraption that allows you to bake them over a campfire. When they are golden brown, you sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar. Delicious!

Wanna bet a couple of Loonies on the Wings/Oilers series?

VV - LOL, might have worked out, My daughter says I shoulda been a woman, or gay.

Your dream sounds way scarier than mine. I admire the fact you have the courage to get on a plane after that one!

Laura - I am definately concious of the self fulfilling prophesy thing. Have been trying not to dwell on it. But your right... it is creepy.
Notta - yes, back in my days as a baby hippie, I owned not only a pair of American flag bibs, but a great pair of American Flag bell bottoms. They were the coolest, most comfortable pair of jeans I ever owned.

The did get me hassled by the cops a lot though.
Good list! Especially the food, Celtic music, all the beer, and music. I saw KT Tunstall last week and she was wonderful. Her opener was David Ford, and he was fantastic.

I will be posting my list later tonight :)
Bring it on! I'll bet a toonie* (that's a $2 coin) or two loonies, whichever you prefer that the Oilers will kick your precious Red Wings to the curb. Fear me.

* that roughly works out to approximately $1.75 USD. I don't take cheques.
I've died LOADS of times in dreams - usually violently.... It's nothing to worry about... [grin].
CK, yeah, now that you mention it, I've died in dreams other times too, just none as scary.
gp - Isn't KT great? I'll be by to check out the list!

Karen - make it two loonies. They look cooler than toonies.

ck - gottta be something deeply Freudian about continued violent death dreams.

VV - I am glad your other death dreams weren't nearly as memorable!
GWB: I have dreamed of my death several times in the past and I'm still alive and kicking (barely). So, I wouldn't worry too much. Your subconscious is just sorting stuff out. I have lots of dreams that leave me feeling disconcerted and uncomfortable, though. I write mine down.

The pudgie pies sound wonderful!
I have heard that dreaming of your own death also may signal change as well. I've dreamed of being shot and feeling it in my dreams and that really freaked me out.. but I haven't been shot -yet. :)
Nice list.. that 'OM' beer has that gold ribbon it ya know for winning that blind taste test for lager beers when people give ya grief about it.
soon my camping and your canoeing season starts and life will be good again :)
most of your simple pleasures include food--a man after my own heart!
GWB I dreamed of being murdered in my 80's (stabbed during a robbery). As a consequence I wound up being interviewed Up There. Had a job to do, help someone do something. I failed. A Voice know what that means...ominously. Then I woke up. This was years ago but eerie. A fair proportion of my dreams happen sooner or later.

Sure want a recount on that one...Maybe dreams are sent to us as messages so that we can still change the future course of events by our choices...
The Complete Dream Dictionary by Pamela Ball says that dreaming of your own death "usually heralds some major change in life, the death perhaps of an old outdated way of being, necessitating a move into the unknown. Dreams of death often occur during those periods in life which were formerly handled by ceremonies and rites of passage, such as puberty to adulthood, maturity to old age....(lots of female examples)...In these present times, as [eoples's attitudes change, death ina dream indicates a challenge which must be confronted. We need to adjust our approach to life and to accept that there can be a new beginning if we have courage.
I don't know about that dream. Have no idea how to interpret it.

As for Celtic music, we have a band called "The Pub Scouts" that's quite good, that plays every Friday night in Chico at the local Irish pub. :)

No, I'm not Irish, but sure do love the Irish women.
zs - sigh.. I am still waiting for the red haired, blue eyed, tart tongued lass of my dreams!
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