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Tomorrow may be a big holiday in most places, but around here, the really big holiday is Monday. With apologies to Buffalo, South Bend celebrates Dyngus Day like no other city in North America! Dyngus Day commemorates the birth of Christianity in Poland (966 A.D.) in which Holy Baptism was administered to Prince Mieszko on Easter Monday, uniting all of Poland under the banner of Christianity. Here in South Bend, it is an all day orgy of beer, sausage, cabbage, boiled eggs, and especially, politics.

For seventy five years, it has been tradition here that politicians, from national to local, come visit the local taverns, ethnic and political clubs, and church halls to rub elbows and tip glasses with the masses. Political posters will festoon all of these establishments. Virtually every local politician, along with the governor, both Senators, a congressman or two, and a few people with national ambitions, will be trying to prove they're just regular folks. They'll be photographed eating sausages and cabbage, peeling eggs, an tipping beers with local factory workers. Dyngus day has become probably the single most important event in Indiana politics. It is where unknowns attempt to become known, and the veteran politician begins the chore of shoring up his base.

The amount of food and beer consumed on Monday will be staggering. Several tons of sausage will be boiled, as will truckloads of eggs. Every tavern, ethnic club, and Catholic church hall will pleasantly reek of the smell of cooking cabbage, boiling eggs, and sausage. By itself, the West Side Democratic Club will cook 1500 lbs of sausage. As will the PNA (Polish National Association). There will be big celebrations at MR Falcons, ZB Falcons,the Elks, the BK Club (Belgian). Politicians will frantically try to drive from church to ethnic club to political club and make the vain attempt to appear hungry, thirsty. and interested in the views of the masses.

Of course, South Bends finest will have their hand full. There will probably be more DUI's issued Monday than any other day of the year. And Tuesday, there will be gossip all over town about who got in heated arguments with whom, which pols can't hold their beer, and who was seen sneaking away from festivities with who.

Geezus, I CAN'T WAIT!
CAUGHT RED HANDED! is sponsoring a political ad focusing on our local congressman, Chris Chocola. He was caught "red handed" taking $80,000 from oil companies, then voting against bills that would prohibit those same companies from price gouging. The ads are very good and surprisingly effective. I know one woman who has been inspired to have red hand car magnets made. So soon, we'll be seeing red hands on cars instead of yellow or red, white and blue ribbons. Again, can't wait. You can view the ad here
We did another stretch of the Grand yesterday, and really bit off more than we could chew. Another long, incredibly meandering stretch of river. We covered about 11 miles as the crow flies, and probably paddled thirty, including crossing three lakes in a 25 mph head wind. With a couple of hours light left, a good three hours paddling to our takeout site, and one paddler in severe pain, we aborted our trip early and made John hitch a ride to get one of the vehicles. We made a rule, against the Curmudgeon's objections, that we will no longer canoe any unfamiliar stretch of river without dropping a bike or two at intermediate take outs along the way.

In a week or so, I will be starting a RIVERQUEST journal, where I can post a more detailed description of each trip, and photos.

Beer & 1500 lbs of sausage ... I think we've solved our fuel problem. :-)
$80K? A hypocrit AND an idiot!!!
Happy Dyngus Day!
dbd.. quick, call the DOE. And you didn't mention the added effect of cabbage and hard boiled eggs!

Bridg, not to mention an extremely wealthy idiot! He sold his grandfather's corporation to Warren Buffet. One wonders why someone that wealthy would sell his soul for a mere 80K.

Sadie - Thank you very much!
Awesome!! I'm having a gathering for all my godless friends tomorrow, and instead of Easter, we're celebrating gluttony!! Food and drinks ALL day long.

And what am I making? Cabbage, kielbasa, boiled eggs...and beer. :) So my Dyngus Day is coming a day early! I'll be thinking of you on Monday while you're celebrating yours.
GWB, wow, that was fast! I was just on Tshsmom's blog and left you a message asking what Dyngus Day was, and then I come here, and bam, here's my answer. Thank you for your prompt reply. ;-) Happy Dyngus Day!
Dyngus Day? Never heard of it. Sounds like fun though. Enjoy your sausage & beer. Now I'm hungry, dammit.
Dyngus Day sounds like a blast - especially with the cabbage part (LOL!). I couldn't resist. ;)

Good to see you back my dear friend. You've been tagged by me. Stop on by and see what the fuss is about. It's a pretty easy one. :)
No hockey news??? I was expecting to see something about Edmonton meeting Detroit in the playoffs!
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