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Well, it appears that George Orwell had it right all along. Okay, so he missed it by 22 years. And it's not Big Brother who's watching, it's The Decider, but other than that Orwell appears to have gotten it pretty much right. First closed circuit TV monitoring American and British streets. Now a government data base put together with the intent of being able to track every single phone call made by every single American. 4th amendment? Fuck that! The Decider decides what laws he follows, not he Constitution, Congress, or the Supreme Court.

I can't begin to tell you how much it angers me what craven, fucking cowards Americans have become. We have become so cowed by a few religious radicals we are willing to turn our backs on the Constitution, and the rights our parents, grandparents, and ancestors fought so hard to preserve for us. Give me liberty or give me death? HELL NO! Give me a life under the thumb of a few religious radicals instead! Better to live a slave to our fears rather than bravely fight to maintain our freedom.

I can't fathom the fact the 63% of Americans approve of this program (even while they disapprove of Bush's lack of forthrightness over the whole issue). Perhaps they believe it is a program run by a benevolent administration just trying to protect them from the terrorist threat. But if Mom and Pop America were paying any attention at all, they would realize this is an administration whose hallmark is flaunting, breaking, and disregarding any law that inconveniences them. The law forbids torture? No problem. The Decider just decides he doesn't have to obey that law. The law requires a warrant for eaves dropping on Americans? No problem. The decider decides that law doesn't apply to his administration. Why? Because The Decider says it doesn't!

I guarantee that with this administration, it is only a matter of time before they start mining this data base in search of political advantage. As a means of attempting to intimidate political opponents. As a means of stifling criticism. As a means to cow you into stifling your speech. For fear of Big Bro.. er.. The Decider. Quite frankly, Bush is beginning to make Nixon look like a saint.

And as bad as this all appears, there is plenty of reason to believe it is actually worse. Check out this story and this one!

Is anyone having as much trouble keeping track of all the scandals, guilty pleas, and indictments as I am? The Abramhoff scandal, the Cunningham scandal, Hookergate, and Plamegate? Did you EVER think things would come to the point the FBI would be raiding CIA offices? WTF?????? This country is not going to hell in a handbasket, it is going to hell in a runaway freight train! Josh Marshall at TPM is doing a great job keeping track of the whole Cunningham to Wilkes to hookers to Basset to Foggo to Goss connection. Hookers, sweetheart contracts, bribes, etc. I found this story particularly revealing. I know I keep plugging Marshall's site, but it is such a wealth of information, I can't help it!
The playoffs are the time when baseball and hockey prove their superiority over football and basketball. Unlike the incredibly predictable NFL and NBA playoffs, baseball and hockey always provide surprises galore come playoff time. Cinderella teams. Players who toil in obscurity for years suddenly emerge as the unlikeliest of heroes. Second stringers suddenly thrust into the spotlight to shine brightly. The rookie who puts his team on his back and carries them deep into the playoffs.

This year's Stanley Cup Playoffs have had as many surprises as I can ever remember. The top four teams in the West lose to the 5, 6, 7, and 8 seeds. The top seed in the east down 3 games to 1 in the semi finals. And the players who have come out of nowhere to lead their teams:

Ilya Brzgalov - Anaheim rookie takes over starting goaltending job from JS Giguerre, and leads Mighty Ducks to playoff victory over defending conference champion Calgary. Proves it's not a fluke by absolutely stoning Colorado as Ducks sweep the Avs.

Cam Ward - Carolina Hurricane was down 2 games to 0 to Montreal when rookie Ward replaced Martin Gerber in nets for the 'Canes. They haven't lost since, as Carolina took next four against Les Habitants, and first three games against the Devils.

Dwayne Roloson - loses starting job in Minnesota to Manny Fernandez, gets traded to Edmonton, and promptly stones the leagues best team, the Detroit Red Wings. Has his team tied with San Jose in the semis.

Joffrey Lupul - Mighty Ducks rookie left wing scores all 4 of his teams goals, including OT winner, in victory over Colorado.

Daniel Briere - Sabre's center has toiled in relative obscurity for five years on poor teams in Phoenix and Buffalo. But now the Sabres are about to knock off the East's best team, Ottawa, and Briere is a big part of the reason. If the vote for playoff MVP took place right now, it would have to be between he and Bryzgalov.
Finally, Crooks and Liars has three must view clips for you. Check out Keith Oberman's "Worst Person In The World" (hint: Michelle Malkin came in second). Jon Stewart on Bush's CIA appointments. Plus, Jackson Browne's new song and video. See it all HERE

Now cooking at THE CHURCH POTLUCK: Pita Bread and Jamaican Banana-Rum Bread

It pains me that we have become so apathetic that we are letting SO many groups run over our civil liberties. The national government was created with three branches so that there are checks and balances but when all three of them decide that they can operate on their own accord, we should all be afraid - be very, very afraid.
I have no reason to believe that if phone calls and bank transactions are being mined, then so are my emails, every website I go to, etc., etc. Maybe I shouldn't be looking at those web sites about Sinn Fein and Óglaigh na hÉireann, and maybe I shouldn't subscribe to the Irish Republican News anymore. Think about it, We all look at websites the gov't may deem questionable, and we all talk about things in current events over the phone with our friends, family. Sinn Fein and the IRA are just SOME of MY examples. And if the gov't can deceide that the laws protecting our civil liberties don't apply to them, then they can deceide anything they want. "Oooh, it looks as if Courtney supports a an organization we deem terrorists, no one will notice if she disappears." That may be a little extreme, but it could go that way. The question is, however, what do we do?
I actually worry about that a great deal. After all, we already know the homeland insecurity act allows the government to hold you incognito indefinately if it deems you to be a threat to national security.

btw.. your a republican in the old world sense? i am impressed.
It's really scary. I don't understand how people can be okay with it. I just don't.

I'm loving the playoffs :)

Have you seen this?
Okay, apparently it cut off part of the link. Let's see if this works.
I have now been labeled a Republican... and I'm okay with that... :::shudder:::
It constantly suprises me that with all the online research I do into "terrorist organizations", like Shining Path, al Qaeda, IRA, etc... not to mention having a wife who is a fanatic online researcher about similar subject matter, that I'm not buried somewhere deep within the catacombs beneath Leavenworth. I'm certainly not a terrorist, but I did hold a top secret security clearence for many years (It's only been within the last year or so that I've stopped hearing the telltale recorder *click* at the beginning of my phone conversations.)So, I know absolutely that any data I put out into the electronic jungle is being collected.

It strikes me as extreme ironic humor that the US's biggest problem (in the eyes of the Bush Administration anyway) is a group of individuals who were trained by the USA in the very terror tactics they use. Hindsight being 20-20 and all you'd think right around Afghanistan time, someone would have asked the question, "Is this really a good idea?" Oh wait.... we did. Ask any person who was in any branch of the military from 1980 - 1999 if they were suprised by what happened September 11th 2001 and see what they say.
"Better to live a slave to our fears rather than bravely fight to maintain our freedom."

Sadly, that's what most people prefer now. We've been "educated" and socialized into thinking that the average citizen isn't capable of overseeing the actions of our elected officials. Just leave the important decisions to them - we should trust them to do the right thing. I won't go into how our current educational system feeds this apathy - as I've done that several times before. But...

You should check out the current debate at Shawn's...

Hey, Dan & Courtney are back... ;)
I feel sorry for my friend. He just finished up a novel and did a ton of Googling for info on explosives & terrorism. Ha, I'm not riding in a car with him for the next 2 years - I don't need to be caught in "an accident"!

Oh, and as for hockey, I had a blazing and intense crush on Steve Yzerman for, like, two summers when I was 19. Does that count for anything?
gympkn - I think the survey is hillarious. you know it just has to frost the chimps ass

courtney - small r republican, small r!

dan - you and courtney would be awfully interesting people to tip a beer or two with, I'm gonna have to find an excuse to get out to Montana sometime soon

laura - sigh. universities sure aren't what hey were in my day!

miss world - that makes you an offical Motown Maven! And definately the coolest woman in Washington State!
Hmmm... A reason to come to Montana... Great canoeing?!
Is anyone having as much trouble keeping track of all the scandals, guilty pleas, and indictments as I am?

I find it easier to just keep track of the honest people in this administration. That way I don't have to remember anything.
Courtney - Actually, good conversation and good beer ought to be enough!

Shawn - LOL... good point!
CBC Radio had a program on this last week - scary stuff but the people are letting it happen. We need to rise up! Fight the power! Vive la revolucion!

PS: Oilers won again last night...only one more game needed. You still considering taking part in round 3?
yeah, I'm takin The Mighty Ducks!
Nixon + McCarthyism ain't got nothing on today.. scary times my brother, scary times! They believe they are above the law...
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