Friday, May 19, 2006


Seger, Cobo Arena, Detroit, 1972, and Hall Of Fame, 2004

His first album since 1995's IT'S A MYSTERY and the first tour since he sold over a million seats in 1996! The new album FACE THE PROMISE is said to contain 11 new original songs, plus a killer cover of Vince Gill's Real Mean Bottle with Kid Rock. EMI has pushed back the release date at least 6 times, mostly because Seger is such a production perfectionist. But the Flint Journal reports that Seger's manager is booking a 21 city tour starting Sept. 16, so the Sept. 12 release date should be set in stone this time!

I thought he only did concerts in Michigan.
Always loved him. Always will
I always liked Bob Seger. My parents listened to his music and I never begged them to turn it off like I did some of their other music (Neil Young).
As you can tell, I am pumped!

Gotta check Alto Reed's site (the Silver Bullets saxaphonist). I'll know its official when Alto starts talking about it.
I remember doing chores on weekends and my mom would have on either Bob Seger or Neil Diamond... fun stuff.
Okay, gotta cry foul here. Bob Seger and Neil Diamond should never be contained in the same sentence, unless that sentence is "Neil Diamond SOOOOOO sucks compared to Bob Seger"
I always liked Seger's music, but never bought one of his albums. I think I'll give it a listen on-line and maybe make my first Seger purchase ever! Today though, I'm going to get my copy of the Dixie Chicks' latest album. I plan to review it on my blog later this week. Happy listening!
Cool. Like Sadie, I usually begged my mom to turn off her music (or at least turn it DOWN), but I never had any complaints about Bob Seger. Excellent summer music.

The music I did complain about: Billy Joel (Mom once played "A Matter of Trust" 33 TIMES in a SINGLE DAY), Def Leppard in the early '90s, and .... you guessed it.... Neil Diamond.
Neil Diamond....ARGHHHH!
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