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"Hi! I'm Al Gore, and I used to be the next president of the United States". Gore has been using this line to open his speeches on the college lecture circuit. Guess what? He probably still is.

For a guy who isn't running, he certainly gives the appearance of someone who is. Gone are the scruffy professorial beard and work shirt. Ditto the Washington insider image makers. Refreshingly, it's Al being Al. Relaxed, funny, on point.

He has turned his slide lectures on global warming into a documentary film that is getting high critical praise. Titled AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, it opens in theatres at the end of this month. The film received three standing ovations at Sundance, and the reviews have been universally favorable.

Gore has recently dropped the kid gloves and has been taking the President to task on both the war and energy issues.

None of this is really news, I said he would be the Democratic nominee months ago. But the MSM is starting to pick up on it. Clarence Page had an excellent column in the TRIBUNE Wednesday on Gore. Definitely worth reading!
John Kenneth Galbraith died last week at the age of 97. The Harvard economist was highly influential in both the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. He was the inspiration behind Johnson's "Great Society"

Fifty years ago his book, THE AFFLUENT SOCIETY, argued that we were in danger of producing "private wealth and public squalor." As the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette ruefully noted , "Galbraith lived to see the U.S. he feared".

University of Colorado law professor and Rocky Mountain News columnist Paul Compos has an excellent column this week on Galbraith and his warnings come true. Read it HERE

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Thought of the day:
If cow flatulence is such a contributor to ozone depletion, why don't we make it mandatory that all cattle be fed Beano with their hay?

Wasn't Galbraith a Canadian?
I love Al Gore! And Beano for cows? Thanks for my morning chuckle.
I would vote for Gore (again). Especially if this time he doesn't wuss out and drop the environment as a cause to push. The one thing the Dems just don't get is that people want CHANGE, not someone who is almost like the GOP candidate.
Oooooo, the cookin's at the Church Potluck sound wonderful!!

Stop on by for today's post. I have something for you in it.
Al Gore for president? I shudder at the thought although I suppose just about anything would be better than the possibility of another few more years with Bushie boy.
Gore rocks!!

I found out last weekend that my sister doesn't believe in global warming. ??????!!!!!!! I'm so dragging her to see Gore's film.
I'm so glad Al Gore is not President. As much as I don't like Bush, Gore would even be worse. The guy is spineless. Any way the wind blows, you'll see Al Gore. Al and Tipper used to hate homosexuals. Suddenly, they try to be the big hero to gays and lesbians. Al used to love guns. When the Dems suddenly become anti-2nd Amendment, so does Al. Same thing with abortion. They used to be both highly against abortion. Then they flip flop when the polls say Americans are pro-choice. What happens when the polls change? I think we all know the answer.

As for an environmentalist, no. Al and Tipper kept popping out puppies until they had a boy. And all of Al's kids have SUVs. Yeah, rabid environmentalists they are not. I doubt Al even wrote his book Earth in Balance. When a reporter asked him about an issue the book brought up, he was stumped.

Plus, I'll never forgive Al for marrying Tipper. She tried to ban everything I loved when I was a teen-ager.

If the Dems were smart, they'd drop Hillary and Al in favor of Barack. I think everyone's sick of Al and Hillary.
So Zombieslayer, how do you really feel about Gore? ;-) Wow, not only do you dislike him, you can pinpoint exact reasons, well done! Oh that we were all as passionate about politicians, love them or hate and actually educated ourselves as to why we felt as we do.
I will never forgive Gore for, "I helped invent the internet." Not gonna happen... ;)
Courtney - First welcome back! Thought we'd lost you for a while!

Second - Al Gore NEVER said he invented the internet. Rush Limbaugh said Al said he invented the internet.

What Gore said, correctly, was that he was the first person to recognize the commercial potential of the internet. Gore was chairman of the Senate Armed Services Commitee when the military came up with the idea of an internet as an alternative means of communication in case conventional means were knocked out during a war.

Gore was immediately intrigued with the possiblilities. When the University of Minnesota came up with gophernet as a means of academics sharing information, it was Gore who saw the larger possibilities and began promoting the internet's potential not only as a research tool, but as a personal and business tool. He was the leader in pushing for an open, free internet.

The simple truth is, if not for Gore, the way the internet operates would be entirely different now.

So, people, give the man his due.

Zombie - people change. Deal with it. I used to be a conservative, homophobic, gun loving Evangelical. I am now a liberal, open minded, gun respecting athiest. It happened when I decided that facts and truth were more important than myth and what I wished to be true.

And being for gun control is not the same as being against guns. I own two shot guns. Used to use them till the woods became so full of idiots who had no business being there it ceased to be safe.

But my town of 100,000 people has already had two cops killed this year, and has averaged one a year for the past five. Do I believe we should register all guns and throw the book at violators. Hell yes!

Do I believe a well regulated militia is an imperative. Yes. And I support the right of any National Guardsman to take his rifle home with him. Never know when he might get called out to mob control duty.
I'd vote for Gore in a minute. As to the assertion that Gore probably didn't write Earth in the Balance, I hope you're kidding. Gore wrote this book almost 15 years ago and was talking about global warming when it wasn't hip to do so. I read the book then and have re-read since then and it's still as relevant now ... even more so.

You think Gore would be worse than Bush? How could things possibly be worse than Bush? Even mainstream conservatives don't believe Bush is doing a good job any more.

Why don't people that are not democrats quit telling us who we should support.
no no no silly, they need mufflers/catalytic converters shoved up their butts (nicely of course)

Thanks for the pic of jkg. Gorgeous....
"Second - Al Gore NEVER said he invented the internet. Rush Limbaugh said Al said he invented the internet."

Ummm... that was when Clinton spoke to the students at the University of IL, and I was there... he soooo said it. :)
Beano for cows? Talk about expensive farming... :-P
wait, Clinton said that Gore invented the internet? Or Clinton said Gore said he invented the internet? I am so confused!

Bottom line.. if not for Gore, the internet would look nothing like it does today.

In 1992 on the David Frost Show, Gore said he still regarded abortion as the taking of “innocent human life” but conceded that he no longer used such phrases in letters because they are “so loaded with political charge.” He added, “I think many of us have mixed feelings, because there are two questions involved. The first question is how you feel about an abortion in a given set of circumstances. And the second question is, who makes the decision? And regardless of how you and I might feel about the rightness or wrongness of a given decision in a particular set of circumstances, I believe the government ought not to have the right to order a woman to accept its judgment about how to weigh the different aspects of the decision, and order the woman to make the decision that government says she has to make, instead of leaving the decision to her. I’ve always believed that.
Source: Inventing Al Gore, p.122 Mar 3, 2000


Q: What are your thoughts and feelings about legalizing same-sex marriage? A: I’m for domestic partnerships having legal protections, but not the same sacrament, not the same name, because I favor protecting the institution of marriage as it has been understood between a man and a woman. But I think that a partner should have legal protection and contractual rights and health care and the rest
Source: Democrat Debate at Dartmouth College Oct 28, 1999


GORE: All my proposals are focused on that problem: gun safety. None of my proposals would have any effect on hunters or sportsmen or people who use rifles. They’re aimed at the real problem. Let’s have a three-day waiting period, A cooling off, so we can have a background check to make sure that criminals and people who really shouldn’t have guns don’t get them.

Source: (X-ref Bush) St. Louis debate Oct 17, 2000

In the St. Louis debate, the then Gov. Bush said he was in favor of continuing the ban on assault weapons, but as president, let the ban lapse. In other words, Bush changed his mind.

Gore would make a great, great president.

If he ran and won, it wouldn't be the first time a man was defeated and came back to win the presidency.
Heh heh... (by the way, I'm a not a Gore hater ;). Clinton and Gore both spoke at the U of I. Gore was mentioning all the things you did -- his early interest and influence. He mentioned Mosaic and Prairienet, and as he was talking about his positive influence (so I'm not disagreeing with you, just poking fun), he said, "that's why I helped invent the internet." It wasn't something you would have even noticed if there were some of the engineers who developed mosaic in the audience. Imagine PHDs in computer engineering saying, "he did NOT just say that!"

Again, I was just poking fun... as any good Libertarian would! ;)
GWB - With all due respect, he completely flip-flopped. It's like Mussolini going from a Left-wing extremist to a Right-wing extremist. I could respect people who change, but someone to take a completely new face, no. Al Gore did a 180 on everything.

Besides, let's get some new blood in there. I'm sick of career politicians.
zs - Gore Has hardly flip flopped. He was talking about the environment and global warming long before he was VP. And talking about ways we can have economic growth AND environmental sustainability.
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