Sunday, May 14, 2006


NEWSWEEK: Evidence puts Cheney at heart of Plame probe

Prosecutor files evidence directly linking VP to Plame outing. No wonder Dick looks so angry!

Al Gore on Saturday Night Live! In case you missed it, he was hilarious! Thanks to Julie for the heads up!

I was cracking up!
I read about that this morning, and you were the first person I thought of.
Would I ever like to see Unca Dick have to resign over this!

However, there is a really down side to Cheney being indicted should it come to pass...Frist or McCain would be selected to fill the job, setting them up for a solid run in 2008.
I am not too worried about Frist, he's likely to be indicted by then too.

And I could probably live with President McCain.

My real hope is that teh Dems take over Congress iwht enough seats to impeach Dumbya and Dick at the same time. Which would leave Nancy Pelosi as President. How owuld THAT be for a coup de tat?
Thanks for the link to Al Gore - that's the most personality I've ever seen out of him. :-P
I think of Cheney as the anti christ, he is just plame evil.. opps, I mean plain evil (sorry, couldn't resist, tee hee).
Maybe Dick should just take a few journalists out bird hunting...that would stop their incessant reporting of ongoing saga of his treason.

I would prefer him held as an 'enemy combatant' myself.
I never watch SNL but caught the Al Gore clip this past weekend when a family member chhanged channels. I couldn't quite figure out if it was really Al Gore or not - but holy bananas, it was funny. (And it was really nice to seem Gore's self-deprecating humor - why doesn't he bring it out more often?)
My partner and I were watching Al on SNL. I thought he was great! My partner says he won't, and she's usually always right, but I do wish he'd run for President again. *sigh*
it's the probe! the probe! Ouchie the probe!!!
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