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It has been said that politicians are a reflection of the people they serve. If so, WE AMERICANS ARE A STUPID LOT! Now, there are plenty of issues that should be keeping politicians busy to the point of exhaustion. There's that war we are loosing. There's homeland security. Global warming. Soaring oil prices.

So what are our reflections talking about? Whether the Star Spangled Banner should be sung in Spanish or not. Let me be as clear on this as I can possibly be..... WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK?

Why would it be unpatriotic to sing it in Spanish? How ab
out those US citizens in Puerto Rico for whom Spanish is the first language. Pretty sure they've been singing it in Spanish for the better part of a century. Are they suddenly lacking in patriotism? Do the words suddenly take on different meaning when translated to Spanish? Is freedom of speech only applicable to speech spoken or sung in English? So it's okay for me to say "fuck you" on my website, but not "carajo tu"?

This subject is such a complete waste of time, so ridiculous, so STUPID! But there was the Idiot-In-Chief, weighing in with his opinion that the national anthem should only be sung in English, and if these immigrants truly loved America, they'd learn to speak English. Hell, as far as I'm concerned, if the president of the United States was a real patriot, HE'D learn to speak English! 'Cause I have heard him speak, and none of the stuff that comes out of his mouth sounds like any English I know. Nukuler war indeed.

I was watching the Carolina/Montreal game the other night. The inhabitants of Montreal were singing the Canadian national anthem in *gasp* FRENCH! Yet, I saw no offended politicians on the CBC the next day wringing their hands about the defiling of "Oh, Canada". Even Don Cherry didn't seem offended! Hmmm...

Seems our politicians will grasp at anything to avoid doing the real work of the people. Perhaps a few heads strategically place in the guillotine would motivate them!
Speaking of things that piss me off, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE RED WINGS? How do you blow a 2-0 lead after two periods? A 3-2 lead with less than 4 minutes left? Actually I know the answers to all these. Just too pissed off to talk about it. Suffice it to say, Nick Lidstrom should refuse the Norris Trophy when they give it to him. And Manny Legace should start packing his bags now, because he definitely will not be the Wings goaltender next year.

Actually, after four straight playoff flops, I am hoping they blow up this team, bring up the kids who have been waiting for their chance, and rebuild.

Now cooking at The Church Potluck: MARK'S BEST BEEF JERKY

I think the issue is about maintaining a source of very cheap powerless labour. If America really didn't want illegal Mexican working in the USA, I think way fewer employers would be willing to hire illegal immigrants. I think the underlying worry is that the illegal Mexican workers gain power and want a living wage and benefits.
Red Wings >sigh< hanging my head in shame - usually in Michigan we only have to do that when the Lion's are playing >giggle< As for the politicians - GRRRRR - shall we also mention the hearings on steroid use? Yeah, that's keeping most of us awake nights. Or the possible amendment to ban flag burning; yup there's another one that's really going to tackle the quality of life for most Americans. Oy, this needs another whole journal entry!
And...the service industry dometic industry and factory industry will not raise their pay wage.

If anyone was really worried about illegals working or claiming status, they could up minimum wage to 12 bucks an hour. Trust me, we would see a shift in the workers in fashion sweatshops overnight. goodbye Spanish national anthem and hello young white mothers singing Britney Spears.

Another isssue which might be wise to consider is allowing the folks that are working and living in America to have citizenship and jobs on the books...and pay TAXES. Those taxes are sorely needed to fund war, and the illegal children could be drafted. I think that may be part of the push to get citizenship within this unrecord population.

I don't know this could be a huge revolution, or it will likely quietly go away and carry on carrying on.

Hi GWB by the way how ya doing!? I love the Grand River themed blog idea nice.
The National Anthem is another symbolic wedge issue that will be used in the 2006 election because it's simple enough for 20 second sound bites. I personally don't think it should be changed, but I don't think our elected officials should be worrying about that. It's not a threat to our way of life.

The focus here is illegal immigration - and I think it needs to be addressed. We should be keeping track of who is here. To turn the other way while people come here illegally is a big slap in the face to the people who went through all the hoops to do it legally. I also think that the way to do this is to lean on businesses, not the people. You can't blame people for trying to make a living - that's a natural state of being. But to say that illegals do jobs citizens won't do is not true. They do jobs citizens won't do for the wages they're getting paid. Crack down on businesses, increase the minimum wage, and put long-term illegals on a track to legal citizenship.

But that takes longer than 20 seconds, and a lot of money to do.
GWB, I'm willing to be a literacy volunteer for W. I can teach him to read newspapers with diverse viewpoints and assist him in speaking proper English. I'm not an English professor or major, but I still believe I could be of some help. :-)
I wonder when the general American public will see through the smoke & mirrors. Without fail, when Bush needs his approval ratings to go up, a new decisive/wedge (yet completely irrelevent and idiotic) issue hits the media.

Intelligence leaks and illegal wire taps? Don't pay attention - look over there - our national anthem is being sung in SPANISH!!

If only the real thing threatening America was a bilingual song. We could be so lucky...
What happened to REAL issues like poverty, education, the environment, rising oil/gas prices and who's going to win Survivor?

Seriously? The man in charge is worried about your national anthem being sung in (*gasp*) Spanish? Oh wait...that must be the voices of all those illegal immigrants singing while they do the jobs other people don't want to do. That's pathetic. I agree that immigration is a serious issue but come on Georgie boy....let's get real here.

Those are too complicated to be addressed in a 30 second attack ad. Plus, Americans are used to ignoring those problems anyway. *sigh*
Laura: that's exactly what is wrong with the world today... It's a shame.
Canada has TWO official languages, which is why you heard the anthem in both French and English. It only makes sense that we have a French version, though you only hear it in the east.

I can sing it in both, BTW.

I think this is just another diversion tactic by your government to keep people's minds away from the real issues.
yes and I used to be able to sing it too, but have long since forgotton the words, Since the wings hardly ever play the Canadians anymore. Still remember the English words though! Just ttrying to point out how ridiculous this whole "controversy" is.
Sorry about the Wings! (Well, OK, not really.) :D
RE the Anthem; Canadians know dealing with two languages isn't so bad. Just annoying.
SME: annoying how?
Pinche politicians... whoops, sorry, fuckin' politicians...
How To Save The World (Dave Pollard)


Hi ya, the above is a thoughtful essay onthis topic. Actually almost everything Dave Pollard posts about is useful and interesting. He is a challneging person and thinker, like you Great White Bear!
Darling, visit Canada. It matters. OK other things matter too, but silly as this one seems, it will bite your butts sooner or later.

Colorado has the language thing down right (or they did when I lived there in 1960).

Who was it that said that people get the government they deserve? I don't believe that. The voting system, esp. the electoral college (grrrr) is rigged against that. How else can one explain Bush's so called election?

I love my birthplace (you guys). And will never give up on you no matter what.

Unless you put Hill in. THen most bets are off.
The French language isn't annoying. Just French television.
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