Sunday, June 18, 2006

Top: TGWB in Pine River (WI) rapids.
Middle: Jeff "Riverdog" Mathews leads the way through a Pine River rock garden.
Bottom: Young Bald Eagle on the Brule River (WI/UP border)

I am REALLY having trouble getting back into the swing of things since vacation. While I am trying to get my act together, thought you might enjoy a few photos from the recent Wisconsin/UP excursion. All photos curtosy of Gary "Muskrat" Hill.

View more photos of our excursion HERE

Looks like you had a fantastic trip!!! Now I'm jealous! However, why oh why are you not wearing a life jacket??? What on earth would we do without you if (*god forbid*) you should have tipped over???? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!

PS: Looks like the 'Canes may have blown themselves out...
I never wear a life jacket because I float like a cork, and these rivers were too shallow to drown in anyhow.

Should be a great game tommorrow night
Beautiful pics!!

Go Oilers, eh....
That would be my kind of canoing ... as long as there is enough room in the canoe for a small beer cooler. :-)
Yeah, pix of the water, GWB and life looks good!
FUN vacation! I'm totally jealous. I think I need to take up canoeing!
Yeah, I agree -- jealous! I need to learn how to swim so I can take up canoeing!
Wow looks like a good time was had! I hope you can get back there soon.

Now get the river water out of your ears and get back to work and give the other GWB his share first.
Wow, what great pics! You have more courage than I do - I don't know that I could canoe down a river.
Don't kid yourself. No one has their act together. I have to wear a life jacket. I sink like a stone. My belly floats just a little now that I'm 6 months pregnant, but the rest of me is still made of lead.
LOL... what a visual that inspires! Jessica submerged while her belly floats above the water like a shark fin!

Notta - Canoeing on rivers is the way to go. You have the current to do most of the work. Paddling on lakes is an awful lot like work!

Courtney - With a good lifejacket, the ability to swim is optional. However, swimming is an excellent skill to aquire!

Miss World - You and Lisa should come visit some time. We'll set you up in a canoe and have you paddling in no time!

VV - you and your kayak should come for a visit sometime too!

TJ - I'l be back giving him hell shortly.

Dbdad - yeah, a nice river, and a cooler full of Leinenkugels. Damn near heaven!

Mr. A. - Thanks! REally hoping I can swing that Sand River trip this spring!
I guess I'm just worried about the current of the river and falling in and drowning and such things. And because I over-obsess about it, it would be likely to happen. :-P
Ok, that looks like SO MUCH FUN! It looks like beautiful country. Lucky you!

Sometimes, my dearst GWB, we just have to agree to disagree! :)

You didn't comment on my online dating experience thus far (one post down). LOL! It's perked up somewhat since then. I'll be blogging about that today. Though they guy I'm MOST interested in you would probably disagree with. But that's ok. You are and remain my favorite liberal! ;)
Is that an osprey in that last picture? If it is, then I'm soooo jealous. :)
it's actually an immature Bald Eagle. We saw Osprey, but never got close enough for a good pic.
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