Sunday, July 30, 2006



Pigeon River, Mongo IN

Holy sh*t,
it's been a busy couple of weeks. Four birthdays, a weekend spent canoeing the Pigeon River. Plus, trying to get ready for the Indiana Paddler's Rendezvous in Lafayette next weekend, and a VERY hot day paddling the Elkhart!

Happy Birthday to my granddaughters Savannah and Sierra, my son's girlfriend Sarah, and ME!

Spent much of my spare time this week and last working on the the Michiana Canoeguyandgals' official new website Paddle Michiana. I did find the time to make some killer spare ribs and watch the Tiger's beat the Twins on my son's Big screen HD tv Friday night!

I have not been completely out of touch, however. Have you noticed that even the Republicans are becoming increasingly frustrated with the Bush administrations foreign policy? Congressman Jim Leach (R-Iowa), considered the House's leading foreign policy expert , was extremely critical of Bush's foreign policy in general and middle east policy in particular.

I am sure you have probably seen this BUSH DRUNK video from The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. But just in case, I offer it here. Besides, it is so funny, you can't see it too many times!

Happy birthday!
thank you!
Happy Birthday big guy!
again, thank you!
Hey GWB!

My b-day was the 27th! Another reason that we're so much alike!


Happy Birthday, handsome!
Happy Birthday!! Z's was the 29th. TWO of my favorite guys, born in the same month!
Happy Birthday, GWB! That's a gorgeous photo you have up; looks like the perfect summer.
Bush drunk is funny, but not as funny as the creepy backrub...
They're only "becoming increasingly frustrated with the Bush administration" because elections are coming up and they want to distance themselves. Am I cynical or what? ;-)
Just checked out the Bush clip, too funny. I know it's just a slowed down version of what he said, but it's soooo funny!
Thank you all, it was great!

An Happy belated Birthday to Isabella. Glad to see you're posting recipes again. Also, happy birthday to Z!

VV - for the most part I agree with you, but in Leach's case, he sounds genuinely PO'd

I hate the fact that Ferguson and Conan are on at the same time.... I really need a tivo
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