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A quick look at the situation in the middle east should be enough to convince anyone of the damage done when foreign policy is driven by the organ between the presidents legs, rather than the one on top of his shoulders. Taking a quick look at where trash talking gunboat diplomacy has gotten us so far....

No matter how hard you spin it, Iraq is now embroiled in a full flegged civil war. 6,000 Iraqis have died at the hands of other Iraqis in the last two months alone.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban are resurgent and increasingly strong. The Brits and Canadians have both sent re-reinforcement in hopes of dealing with them. Their support increases every day in the south, while the government continues to disappoint its constituents.

Iran has brilliantly out maneuvered the US over the Palestinian/Israeli peace process. Using its influence over Hamas and Hezbollah, Iran now has Israel fighting on two fronts, and NATO nations bickering with each other. This still has the potential to draw the entire middle east into war. Gee, I guess forcing democracy down the throat of the not overly interested Palestinians, and pushing Syria out of Lebanon (both moves strongly opposed by our allies in the area) weren't such grand plans after all.

Damn, and those folks the pres called the "axis of evil" all seem to be getting the better of us, diplomatically speaking. So much for "little head" diplomacy!

And don't even get me started on President Dickhead's boorish behavior at the G8! (hint to Dubya: beckoning the Prime Minister of a sovereign nation by yelling "yo, Blair" or sneaking up behind the female president of and allied country to give her a surprise massage may be acceptable behavior in a Harvard frat house, but is considered boorish at a summit of world leaders, just so you know!)

Meanwhile, it was a busy week for me last week!

The Huck Finn float was Saturday, and my pal Ron and I decided to build our own raft. We completed it about midnight Friday night! But it was a big success, save a minor incident or two. Details on my myspace blog. Hopefully, I'll have pics to post shortly.

I hate July, there are no fewer than 5 family birthdays this month. Which means not only a sever strain on my pocketbook, but a logistical nightmare trying to figure out when we can celebrate them. Speaking of which, gotta run. Gotta shop for the granddaughter's birthday gifts.

I wonder if Bush & Co are actually surprised that things turn into such a mess everytime they get involved. Have they begun to realise that they're actually idiots?

I'm guessing not.

As to Bush himself.... I don't particularly like Tony Blair but his total disrespect of him was amazing. After all the UK is supposed to be his biggest ally. I think what little respect Tony has here almost vanished with that "Yo, Blair" comment.
Hah, I just saw the clip last night of Bush and the German chancellor. It was painful. Jon Stewart's astute observation was that, at least she was able to escape his hold because of the moves she learned in her date rape class. Honestly, if government officials interact with people from different cultures, wouldn't you figure they'd take the time to learn the "no-no's" of the culture?
Just when I think George cannot embarrass this nation anymore, we send him into another G8 Summit. He's 6 years into this job - has he not yet learned the ropes? That, my friends, is an exceptionally SLOW learning curve, one that would get you or I fired by the way.

Great blog, GWB. Loved every last word.
A slow learner in charge of the biggest military machine the world has ever seen.... Doesn't that just make you get a good nights sleep.....!

I feel so sad for all those people trying to live peacefully in Lebanon, while the all the infrastructure in the country is bombed to shit.
ck - they aren't bright enough to realize they are stupid!

notta - problem is, these guys are so arrogent, they think that everyone else should play to our culture. Although, I can't think of many boardrooms where Dumyas behavior would n't be frowned upon, either!

mw - see comment above. George thinks they should all have to learn to do things his way. In fact he thinks the entire world should learn to do things his way. The leader of the free world doesn't have time for such things as cultural nicities!

ck - mw was being kind when she referred to him as a "slow learner"

And it scares me to death that somebody that "slow" has his trigger on the bomb.

mr. a - me too!
Fantastic people are born in the month of July! ;-)
Do you think they are kissin' cousins. I somehow think that if you lined Blair, our John Howard, Bush, Saddam (will the real one please rais his hand tee hee?) Osama bin Bush's Buddy Laden, and whoever the bastard Israel's PM is and they'd all have the same DNA dloating in their acid veins... I think they are children of the same lizard and slithered out from under the same rock...along with a few others who smile out at us Joe Blows and stamp down on our faces...
THAT would explain a lot, wouldn't it!
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