Friday, July 07, 2006


Warning: I Have Been Sucked In...

to MySpace. Yes, I know a lot of you believe that MySpace is the embodiment of evil. But I am finding it a great way to keep up with my kids and nieces, and to find out what they are REALLY thinking, as opposed to what they tell me because it is what they think I want to hear! And, I am hoping to network with some people with similar interests, like canoeing and camping. Visit me, and tell me if you like my choice of home page music!

Speaking of music, I heard a couple of new things on the radio yesterday that I really liked. Soul Asylum (pictured) has a new album coming out July 11 (I believe it is already available on iTunes). The album is titled THE SILVER LINING, and I really like the featured single, Stand Up And Be Strong. There website features clips of several of the albums songs, and it definitely will be on my purchase list come payday.

A band from Omaha (hard to believe, I know), Tilly And The Wall, has been all over public and college radio the last couple of weeks. They have gotten rave reviews on Fresh Air and ATC, and were featured yesterday on World Cafe. This is what World Cafe's website has to say about them:

The first thing listeners will probably notice about the indie-pop band Tilly and the Wall is its use of tap-dancing in place of drumming. While that helps set it apart from its peers, it's the Omaha natives' infectious blend of girl-group vocal harmonies, brash rock and tightly constructed pop that makes it far more than the sum of its gimmicks.

They played a three song set on yesterdays show, which you can hear HERE

Al Gore is interviewed in ROLLING STONE (yes, I realize I am probably their oldest subscriber) this week. Gore on Bush:
...Bush is insulated - his staff smiles a lot and only gives him news that he wants to hear. Unfortunately, they still have this delusion they are creating their own reality. As George Orwell wrote, we human beings are capable of believing something that's not true long after the accumulated evidence would convince any reasonable person that it is wrong. And when leaders persist in that error, sooner or later they will have a collision with reality, often on a battlefield.

on the sad state of the Democratic Party:
... but the dream of a Gore candidacy also underscores the pathetic core of today's Democratic Party. It has become so unusual to hear a mainstream Democratic politician speak with a sense of conviction that when one does, people start practically begging him to run.

Dear god, not mySpace? Say it ain't so!!!!

I also heard that Gore talks about the Alberta Oilsands in his RS interview. In response, our premier, Uncle Ralphie, was going on and on about how the US needs our oil and what did the reporters expect the world to run on? Um let me power, wind power, hydrogen cells, need I go on? Sheesh - no one is thinking long term except for the president of the US...oops sorry, I mean the man who was ELECTED president but isn't.

Hell in a handbasket? Already bought my ticket - going first class.
First Class? Me too. Mostly so I can get a good look at the shock on the faces of all those Evangelicals who thought they were taking the coach seats to heaven.
I hadn't heard about Soul Asylum's new one. I used to really like them ... even saw them at the fair a few years ago.

I certainly see the attraction of Gore and maybe to a lesser extent, Russ Feingold. They both are not afraid to say something that might not be popular politically. I'd be overjoyed to have either as a president.
You're older than Al Gore?

You're older than Al Gore?

Ha, I consider myself an AVID anti-MySpace-er ... yet I check my MySpace account at least 10 times a day.

Beware. They lace the "log in" button with heroine. If you log in once, you'll be addicted for life.
dbdad - If only we could get some real leadership out of someone in this party, we could steamroll the next election

brig - yes, I am ever so slightly older than Al

debra - you know this means i will be expecting an invite to your friends list!
Hi GWB, I plan to go have a listen to that music soon. I checked out your MySpace page. Love that Sesame Street picture and the Bush pictures. From your listing of interests, I'd say you're half man and half lesbian. ;-) We have so much in common it's scarey! Now to get caught up on a week's worth of everyone's blogs. Later!
VV - yeah, my daughter swears I shoulda been gay.
GWB said: "my daughter swears I shoulda been gay"

You should consider that a great compliment. :-)
I just added you to my list of myspace friends. :) I am only on myspace because I have a couple of friends who use it a lot. I keep up with them that way. I like LiveJournal much better.
MySpace?!Break out the beer hose and tank tops! Well, maybe just the beer hose. I think you'll also have to wear tinfoil on your teeth, or something like that. ;D
I love your page! I think myspace is a great way to find new music and to find out about bands you already enjoy.
Hugs to you sweets!
GWB - I miss you on blogger. Sad face.
tried to post tonight, but blogger was down for maintainence. You can always come see me at myspace. But, I promise, tommorrow. The topic: Dickhead foriegn policy!
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