Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Apparently.... I haven't been giving the President nearly enough credit. Hugo Chavez says he is the devil himself. Here I only thought he was the Anti-Christ!

I read this on CNN this morning and laughed out loud as a coworker and I had been discussing Chavez vs. Bush. I fear that Georgie Boy better be nice - he can't afford to piss off yet another influential world leader.
I love Hugo!
Okay, I'm swiping this picture.
;-) I watched the Daily Show last night and they "translated" Hugo's speech. Only on The Daily Show, sometimes you can't tell how much is joke and how much is reality. In their translation they have Hugo saying he can still smell the sulphur on the podium. I don't know if he actually said that, but it made me roar with laughter.
Oh my gosh! I just went to check Hugo's speech on CNN and he really did say it smelled like sulphur!

"The devil came here yesterday," Chavez said, referring to Bush, who addressed the world body during its annual meeting Tuesday. "And it smells of sulfur still today."

I was listenig to Chavez's speach on the radio.. when he said that, I laughed so hard i almost drove my semi into a ditch!
I'm swiping that picture, too!
I'm not with you on this, at all. This is way over-the-top disrespectful. He's a very little man trying to make his tiny impression in the world by joining the "Hate George Bush" club. Apparently, he's made his tiny impression on you all.

As for me, I'm pissed. No one comes on our soil, in a building we basically have paid for, to dis the prez. I don't care if the president is a Dem or a Repub. Is it worthy anything to you all that Charlie Rangel didn't like it, and even Nancy Pelosi didn't like it?
UL said,"He's a very little man trying to make his tiny impression in the world" -- Who were we talking about again? lol

In principle, you are correct. But I seriously doubt that you would be so vociferous in defending Bill Clinton if some world leader called him the devil.

" ... I'm pissed. No one comes on our soil, in a building we basically have paid for, to dis the prez ... " -- Oh, please. Ditch the bullshit cowboy bravado. It serves no one and comes off just as weak as Chavez's statement. In the last 6 years, we have squandered any moral high horse that we could have claimed previously.
Dear Underground, I see where you're coming from and read a report about the Dems coming to Bush's defense. I didn't initially think about where Chavez was saying this (at the UN in NYC) or that he is the leader of a country (Venezuela) because I see him as such a joke of a leader that I can't take him seriously. I agree that it was disrespectful to come to our country and say this, bad form and all that, but I am for freedom of speech, even if I don't like it, and he was in the land of free speech. I do remember saying to someone after he said that, "I wonder what would happen to someone in his country if they said that about him." Heck, even if another world leader said that to him, he'd be having a hissy fit. Chavez was wrong, but I thought it was funny just because it was so ridiculous.
UL - the United Nations belongs to it's members, not to the country who paid for the building. And Chavez is entitled to his opinion as are all us of us, including you. I could be wrong, but I don't believe the UN is actually considered to be "ON" US soil.

Aw rats!! You're not impressed. Now what do I do now? I didn't convince the DBACKDAD!

I didn't think I was doing the cowboy thing, though. I'm from Wisconsin; it's more the "dairyman thing." Or, better, the "Deerhunter thing." Not cheesehead, I don't do the cheesehead thing. I'm a bit embarrassed when cheeseheads show up on national TV.

I cannot help what you choose to suppose about me, but I do stand with what I've said. No one comes on our soil to dis our president, whatever political stripe he may be. But, hey, it's in vogue to rip the president; makes for great coffee shop discussions, eh? Makes us feel so good that we'll bring in the foreigners too, eh? "Not only do we hate Bush, but look at what Hugo and Mahmoud say! And they're some of the coolest people on the planet too! We must all be cool, since we all agree, eh?"

Nope. Not buying into it. It makes us a LOT more vulnerable in this very dangerous world.
That statement was an insult to the devil. In all my imaginings, I always thought the devil to have some smarts...
I guess I am not offended by Chavez remarks because a) There was a "theatre of the absurd" aspect to them, b) because lets face it, he was only saying things we have all thought at one time or another, c) considering all the intemperate acts and remarks the Dumya has been guilty of, often on foreign soil, we owe a few people "gimmies".

I am much more disappointed that the press chose only to focus on the humerous p[arts of his speech, and not the substance. Like our hypocritical stand on supporting terrorism. Or our supposed wish to promote democracy, even as we plot ot overthrow democratically elected governments.

Chavez actually did Bush a favor. His humrous remarks allowed the press to focus on them, and not the true substance of his speech. Had the press focused on the substance, Bush would have had to answer a lot of uncomfortable questions.
The Right are a bunch of friggin' hypocrites. Was there indignation when Rush Limbaugh called 13-year old Chelsea Clinton "the White House Dog" or when he regularly called the Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle "el Diablo"? Those are sure showing a lot of respect for the office of the President and for our Senate.
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