Tuesday, September 19, 2006


celebrated Michigan's victory over the Fightless Irish by consuming all if my favorite comfort foods! Had a fabulous Detroit style pizza after the game. Coffee and a couple of TimTarts at Tim Horton's later that evening. And a couple of steak pasties Sunday!

OK, what makes Detroit style pizza Detroit style? (forgive my pizza ignorance....we don't have the regional pizza style thang going on up in Canada
Remind me not to get pizza in Canada ;p

What is a TimTart? Whatever it is, it looks good. My boss is a ND fan, he was a little upset I think...
Aw man! You're making my mouth water, and I'm not even from that area!
Mmmm pizza and butter tarts. Delicious. Were you in Canada and you didn't tell me????
Laura, the "timtart" GWB is referring to appears to be a "Butter Tart". Sweet and delicious.
mr. a - Detroit style pizza (also known as Italian bakery style) is a thick crust pan pizza. The crust is crispy on the botom and light and chewy on the inside. It is baked in a rectangular pan, and the cheese around the edges gets brown and chewy and really delicious.

Laura - TimTarts are butter tarts from Tim's (just as Timbits are dougnut holes from Tim's). They generally come in raisin, pecan, and plain. Occasionally currant also. They are wonderful. Tim Horton's also has great coffee, soups and sandwiches.

VV - trust me, thi stuff is the ultimate in comfort food!

Karen- didn't make it to Canada, just to the borderlands (where they have Tim's). And yep, them is butter tarts!
If we Canadians export the buttertart concept to the States, we will have done a good thing. Hey GWB, I know pizza kind of like that - we call it Sicilian style up here. Hey Laura, we may not have style by city, but we make some damn good za up here.
Mr. A - exporting to michigan is a start. although, my republican sister adn I both agree it is only a matter of time before Michigan secedes and joins Canada. About the time they start trying to pipe Lake Michigan water to AZ.

I am a step ahead of her, however. I already know the words to Oh, Canada
Don't get me started on the piping water to AZ thing!!
WHY should our resources be diverted to AZ so the yuppies can have green lawns on the friggin' desert?!
Ohh... that looks like a good steak pastie. I'm going to have to look up a recipe. :-)
Must be something awfully addictive in those little tarts, 'cause Richard can't leave them alone either!
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