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Just call me "Sulfur Boy"

In the year 2000, the Republican party swept to power on a platform that promised to:
1. Increase prosperity for working Americans
2. Increase access to higher education for all Americans.
3. Improve our standing in the world, especially the middle east.
4. Combat terrorism.
5. Save Social Security
6. Preserve and improve Medicare
7. Provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans
8. Provide energy security.

After 6 years in power, these are the promises kept:
Er, well.......

That’s right, none.

They have however:
1. Given us a stupid, immoral, unnecessary, unwinable war that has cost nearly 3,000 American and British lives, over 100,000 Iraqi lives, and over $300 billion, with no end in sight. We have turned a stable, secular country into a sectarian civil war front. 100 Iraqi’s die daily. Women, who had civil rights on a par with western societies , have lost most of those rights. In fact we have turned Iraq into a breeding ground for terrorists. All the meanwhile strengthening the hands of our enemies in Iran.

2. Managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in Afghanistan. The Taliban are resurgent, and gaining in popularity. In alliance with war lords turned drug lords, they have turned Afghanistan into a narco state, the new Columbia.

3. Turned budget surpluses into record deficits.

4. Given us a recession, one of the weakest recoveries in history, and an economy slipping back into recession.

Now, let’s look at those promises:
1. Increased prosperity for working Americans: The realty is that 90% of wage earners have lost about 5% of their income to inflation since 2000.

2. Increased access to higher education for all Americans. Fact: College tuition is has risen at twice the rate of inflation since the Republicans took control. Worse, the government just drastically raised the interest on student loans, pricing even more young people out of a college education.

3. Improve our standing in the world: Okay, you can get up off the floor from that laughing fit now! This administration has managed to squander all the good will we had world wide after 9/11. Now, even our allies despise us. Btw, if you have to travel to the UK or Europe, make sure you always wear a Toronto Maple Leafs baseball hat or jersey. Likely to save you from a mugging.

4. Combat terrorism: On the floor again?!!!! Yeah, the latest national security estimate says we are creating terrorists much faster than we can kill them. Try to find a retired military officer who has anything positive to say about Iraq and the war on terrorism. Because they have all been on the radio calling Sulfur Boy everything but caucasian.

5. Save Social Security: Nothing pending on that front. Plan on working till you drop dead.

6. Preserve and improve Medicare: Not happening. In fact, there is a movement in the AMA for doctors to drop medicare patients, due to payment cuts. Seniors, need that operation? Better keep eating Kibbles and Bits so you can save enough to have it done!

7. Provide affordable health insurance to all Americans: Did you all choke on that one? 40,000,000 Americans without health insurance, and almost that many more who go without medical care because of unaffordable deductibles. Does that remotely sound like affordable health care to YOU?

8. Energy security. Do recent events make you feel secure?

How long would you keep someone around who consistently lied and broke their promises to you? Six years is long enough. Time to send Mr. Wizard the Lizard to DC so he can chant “Drissle drassel, dressel drone. Time for these ones to come home”

Send the bums packing!

p.s. My apologies to Tudor Turtle

If only a couple million people had seen the light before Georgie lost the election but became president anyway, things would have been different. My brother needs to become governor of Florida and then I'll become president too, no matter what the vote count says. Ooops, I've gone off on a tangent again.

Unfortunately hindsight is 20/20 and I'm sure that a lot of people are regretting their votes. However, many others predicted bad things would happen should Bushy become president and ... surprise ... they were right!

It's one thing to make promises and not keep them, I think we're all resigned to the fact that just about every elected official is going to do that. However, the US (and Canada now too thanks to George Jr, I mean Stephen H) has become the bully of the world threatening others to get it's (ie Bush's) way. As a result the economy has gone into the tank, thousands of people are dying (and not just Americans, or soldiers) and a growing number of people, thanks in part to that sexy beast, Hugo Chavez, hate the US. It seems every time people start loudly questioning Bush and his gov'ts actions, he does something huge to take the focus off of what they were complaining about.

Where is it going to end? Oh wait, I know...before he leaves office, he still has to invade Iraq and goad Venequela, Cuba and the rest of SOuth America into declaring war on the US as well.

Great post as usual GWB.
Sorry, Bear. Your description looks like a "Fractured Fairy Tale."
Wow, incredible post Great White Bear!!!

I hear that the country is completely divided in half voting wise these days.

How does that play out underground logician? Perhaps you can give us some examples of what you admire and believe in when it comes to Bush and his leaders? (Rove, Rumsfeild, Cheney?)
And up here in Canada, Mr. Harper wants to be just like his buddy Dubya.
Karen - if we had the troops strength to Invade Iran, we would have already done so.

UL - and just which of these points are you going to refute?

CM - but Bush was chosen by God to be president, how could these men be anything but steadfast and true?

Mr. A - sounds like the maing of a mediocre movie... Mr. Harper Goes To Washington.
GWB - I hear ya and thankful that you guys don't. I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that there won't be enough time before the next election for Georgie boy to gather enough troops together to follow through on his desire to go there. It wouldn't surprise me if Stephen Harper offered to "supplement" your troops with CDN ones if Bush really wants to go into Iran. Like my esteemed fellow CDN Blogger, Mr. Anchovy stated, Stevie wants to be just like Bush when he grows up.
Well played, sir ... Well played.
Your list is why I'm anti-incumbent! It's time to clean house, from the bottom all the way to the top!!
Don't forget environmental screw-ups too..and enron....and yah, get the relatives out of office in florida first.
The oddest thing about his manifest failures is that Dubya continues claiming they're sucesses. Often by redefining his goals to fit what's happened instead.
Well said.
Watch America keep GOP in majority this November, no matter what we vote the "right" people stay in power...I give up bear...just plain give up.
Like tshsmom, I think I'm just plain anti-incumbent, as well. I may even break my libertarian streak and vote for ::gasp:: Jon Tester for Senate just to get that damn, bigoted, republicant bastard Burns out of office. After that I'm going to move to Toronto. ;)
LOL! I've been meaning to get the figures and rant on all this. You beat me to the post! As for Mr. Wizard. I recently text messaged my teenage son, "drizzle, dwazzle, dweezle, dwome, time for this one to come hom" when dinner was ready and he didn't get the reference, never having seen that cartoon. I'm so old! ;-)
They're successes only if, borrowing a phrase from Calvin and Hobbes, it's "Opposites Day".
When my dog misbehaved, I used to pretend she was trained to do that. "Bark really loud! Wriggle around on the floor and act like an idiot!" Etc. That's pretty much what Bush does.
GWB and VV, I don't get the drissel drassel thing either... :D
Excellent post. I may have to link to it sometime soon.
Would Kerry have been all that bad? Gore, for that matter?

Great post, as usual, GWB. And, as usual, I'm grateful for being a Canadian after reading it! Though Karen is right: we're in trouble with Harper.
They are lizards. If you look long enough and hard enough the less human they look...apologies to the little lizards in our garden. Have you ever come accross David icke's books...:The Biggest secret" and "The Matrix" amongst others...nothing surpises me now...but I still hold out hope for some foolish reason.
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