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I sincerely apologize for neglecting all my net friends. Just that not only have I been very busy, I have been in one of those moods where I am so pissed off and bummed I cannot write coherently.

It pisses me off the president thinks we are all so stupid we don't understand that when he tells us Americans don't torture people, it means we have others do it for us. That we can't figure out that if these detainees weren't being tortured, we would have no need for secret, foreign prisons. That "alternative methods of interrogation" is a euphemism for torture.

It has always pissed me off the way politicians and the media have used 9/11 to whip up mass hysteria for political and ratings purposes. How they have sullied a genuine tragedy with their grandstanding and quest for ratings.

Tomorrow will be the fifth anniversary of the "email read around the world". It started as a potential op-ed piece, on the subject I spoke of above. I basically said that American had not changed forever, that we would all continue to go to work and play with the grandkids, and carry on as we had before. And it decried the media hype and politicization of a genuine tragedy. I sent it to the people on my mail list, asking for suggestions, and criticisms. Well, not only did my evil, fightin fundie, James Dobson loving ex sister-in-law send an email to everyone on my mail list demanding they all send me excoriating letters of disgust, she sent a copy to everyone on HER email list, demanding the same thing, and asking them to forward a copy to everyone on their email lists, etc. I got HUNDREDS of emails from all over the US and even a couple from Canada and the UK. My ISP threatened to charge me commercial rates, since they were sure I was conducting some kind of business by email.

To be fair, a lot of the emails I got were actually very supportive, but I received a lot more calling me everything but a white man. So I felt very vindicated when a few months later, the venerable Alistair Cooke remarked on his weekly BBC radio show LETTER FROM AMERICA, "Everyone, including myself, thought that America would be changed forever. As it turns out, forever lasts almost exactly three months!"

There is some good news this week. Our good friend Jessica at United We Lay had a bouncing baby boy this week. Julian weighed in at 7lbs, 6oz! Drop her a congratulatory note at


Finally, a special thanks to Ron and Edna Curren, who threw one of the most awesome parties I have ever had the honor of attending Saturday. Festivities included hog roast, hay ride, professional fireworks display, dj, and enough beer and jello shots to float a battle ship!

And to all those light weights at my place of employment, I TOLD YOU NONE OF YOU COULD HANG WITH ME. The exception being the bosses daughter-in-law Shelley, who pretty much matched me beer for beer and jello shot for jello shot. Woman's pretty, smart, funny, and drinks like a man. No wonder Josh married her!

Oh thank goodness you're back! It truly isn't the same without our GWB in the blogosphere.

This friend's ex-sister-in-law sounds like a world class bitch. Seems she's one of the multitude of deluded people out there that believe everything the gov't tells them and blindly accepts things without question. Send me a copy of the original email and her email address...I'll give her what for!

I have my own issues with the whole 9/11 thing, the current Bush's gov't's foreign policy, etc which I'm hoping to get up the energy to blog about today. I tried to avoid all the media coverage yesterday as I find it very draining.

Sounds like this party you went to was fantastic. Nothing like throwing a big shindig to give summer a great send off and welcome fall.
Woo hoo, I was the first...
I feel your pain GWB That is one of the main reaons I end up talking about movies or music. If I didn't break up my rants, I think I'd burst into flame. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't want to scream at the top of my lungs. And it seems like the majority of people don't even care.

Rant on, brother. We love you in whatever doses we can get you.
Ya'Know, I feel your pain regarding family. The past few years I have simply detached myself from the bulk of my extended family. I grew tired of constantly being the one labeled as "weird" or "wrong" or "unconventional". I finally came to the conclusion that if it weren't for the weak blood and legal ties to these people, I would have no reason to see or talk to them. We have nothing in common. I used to feel bad about it, like it was my fault. But I've come to realize that I simply have no need for them if they can't appreciate who I am. Hm... this is turning into a post of its own I think.

That was a particularly nasty thing your ex sister in law did. I think you need to add her to some mailing lists.

Good to have you back.
I still get annoyed when the media say that the world changed on 9/11. No, it didn't. The world has always been like this.

What changed on 9/11 was the American *perception* of the world.

I try & keep my understandable anger under control. Sometimes I'm so pissed I could punch a nun... and the sad thing is (as most of you have said) no one seems to care. Sad.
GWB: agree with Karen about the ex sister-in-law. Couldn't believe what I was reading there for a minute.

Yep, Bush obviously DOES think you are all idiots re. the torture thing. I was surprised he came out and even said what he did. I've been pretty sure for years your government has been shipping people off to foreign countries to be tortured. Just look at our own Maher Arar, who was arrested by the Americans in New York and then shipped off on a private plane to Syria where he was tortured for 10 months. And he ain't the only one, I'm sure.
Dear GWB,

Forget all that merda! Just remember I think you are hot!

The sexiest part of a human is his brain.

Man, you are awesome!

*Mwah* (hint: that's a kiss)
Part of having a big ego, being stupid, and being a control freak, is that you assume that what you say goes and that everyone blindly follows your lead.

Having a loaded family doesn't hurt either.

How long till the next federal election????
p.s. GWB, didn't I hit on you first?
I think you da man, and anyone who doesn't agree with me has ME to deal with and I can be one right royal bitch.

She definitely doesn't want me on her ass.

As for the political and other crap, like dbackdad, I care deeply and very much. Choose not to talk about it because I'd go up in flames hourly if I did. There's far too much stupidity in the world, and not enough say in the hands of the people (poor A. Lincoln must be spinning in his grave).

Agree with Laura. Isn't that what mailing lists, matchbook covers and bathroom walls are for?
So glad to see a new post from you. I thought you'd gotten lost on MySpace and was ready to send out a search and rescue team. :-)
I try & keep my understandable anger under control. Sometimes I'm so pissed I could punch a nun... and the sad thing is (as most of you have said) no one seems to care. Sad.

Wow, I am SO sorry about that ex sister-in-law. That's some seriously evil sh**, and congratulations for getting through it without homicide charges! ;D
I've actually heard people say they're grateful the U.S. has secret prisons; the whole "you can't HANDLE the truth" argument. They'll think differently when they're in one for some piddling offense.
Just wanted to say that I steer clear of political issues 99% of the time, on the advice of 8th-century poet Abbas Ibn al-Ahnaf: "Don't let your life be governed by what disturbs you." But if I was political, I suspect my views would be closely aligned with yours, and I totally appreciate and enjoy reading your POV. Thanks!! Don't let the crazy fundie sisters-in-law of the world keep you down!!
I think you and I need a vacation away from radio, TV, and household problems!! Maybe next year? *sigh*

Good quote SME!
I know the mood. It's been difficult thinking about it with a new baby. We're discussing staying here and whether it's really better anywhere else. I think we agree that kids are better behaved in other countries, though with the advent of technology, the evil will spread. I don't want my boy to inherit a government this out of control, and I don't know that it will get any better. I would rather die than let him serve this hypocracy in any way.
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