Saturday, October 28, 2006


*sigh* WHAT A WEEK!

Great articles in Rolling Stone: The Worst Congress Ever, and The 10 Worst Congressmen . Plus.......

Keith Olberman reveals Rush Limbaugh as the vermin he really is. From COUNTDOWN via "Crooks and Liars"

Okay, it hasn't been the best of weeks. Of course, there is the whole Detroit Tigers world Series fiasco. I just don't get how, when you are down three games to one and the fielding abilities of your pitching staff is the reason you are not up 3-1, you start a rookie pitcher whose fielding abilities have already cost you one game, instead of pitching the guy who is not only your best pitcher, but the best fielding pitcher in the major leagues.

To make matters worse, cleaning and packing is going incredibly slow, mostly due to my daughters work and babysitting schedule.

Then to top it off, I got kicked off a debating site for the crime of... DEBATING! Because neocons and evangelicals apparently don't like having their cherished beliefs challenged. And what is an even bigger crime, if they attack you personally, you defend yourself and fight back.

It is really kind of humorous, but I stepped on the toes of an old geezer who works at NASA, claims to have an IQ of 147, and gets really pissed off if you ask him questions that he can't answer. Like why, if the Pentagon sees the same intelligence data as he does, and comes to an entirely different conclusion, should I believe him instead of them? Never piss someone off who is buddies with the moderator.

SME just posted about a similar experience while debating. :(

Weird week here too. First a troll, then Nancy Drew and I had our emails hijacked by a different troll(Don't click on any attachments if you get an email from either of us) Then my son-in-law got a visit from the Pentagon on his 9-11 conspiracy blog.
It's not even a full moon. Must be Halloween.
What is it with righties lately? They're getting more and more aggressive. I mean, 5 years ago Ann Coulter could pass as a columnist instead of as a venomous snake, O'Reilly actually let people finish sentences, and Rush Limbaugh was a dick - but at least he wasn't spewing the completely insane bulls*** he is today!
Frankly, I think it's their sense of intellectual inferiority that's getting to them. Prior to 9/11 they could just prattle on about anything without having to defend their turf, but now that their credibility is undermined on a daily basis, they're short-circuiting. They can't handle the criticism. (or reality, for that matter)
Between the White Sox winning last year and the Cardinals winning this year it's been the worst two years of my life.
tshs - tell our son in law I am SO jealous!

sme - uh, i guess you can probably pass that along as well, LOL. As for righties, they are just more desperate

gympumkin (yes, you will always be gumpumpklin to me) - sigh, between the Wings, Tigers, and Pistons, there has been a lot ofo rooting for bridesmaids arround here te last couple of years!
Oh you are having bad time with naughty people. I had two sailors here all weekend -wouldn't leave me alone they were so nice how are youducky- still remember me xoxox
who are the two old bagyou talking to. im jealous
Yairsss they can't hack it...its like all they really want to do is stand up there andgo on with their verbal diahorrea unimpeded by the great unwashed...

They are sycophants to a shitty system... Ah hates them... because you can't debate them and they use that purile language which makes them sound all reasonable and cool while you get hot and red-necked
KO's my hero. If anyone's the modern version of Murrow, it's him.
Most people don't want a debate, they want a small group of like-minded people to validate their worldview.

Ahh, free speech. Gotta love it!
SME, I highly take offense to that. I am as right-wing as they come and have an extremely high IQ - not some inferior intelligence. I actually make up my own mind instead of following the party line like a lot of liberals I know and I even tie my own shoes.

Hey there my favorite liberal, before I start saying things I'll really regret to some poster saying things in general about me even though they don't know the first thing about me and would rather lump me into the same catagory as everyone else they don't agree with, I just wanted to say that I hope you are doing just peachy.

Love you dearly dearest and hope that you are smiling big and beautiful just like the absoutely wonderful left-"wingnut" that you are. ;)

I have my thanksgiving feast recipe's up early this year so that other's have time to plan ahead.

Hugs to you and your lovely daughter!
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