Thursday, October 05, 2006


SO WHY....

... haven't I been around? Getting ready to move in 6 weeks and trying to get ready. Also had a bunch of medical tests taking up a lot of time.

... would the Republicans, the "family values" party, cover up for a predator stalking kids on the internet for 5 years? Follow the money. Foley was one of the House's biggest bankers. He had millions in unspent campaign money he spread around to other Republican re-election efforts. Just before the story broke, he donated a half million dollars to the Republican Congressional campaign committee. Let's face it, the pachyderm party has always been and will always be about the money. "Family values" my ass.

... would Virginia's senior senator essentially cut the legs out from under his junior partners bid for re-election? John Warner just recently returned from Iraq, saying if the situation doesn't change there within a couple of months, the US needs to make drastic changes in its war policy. He said that ALL options MUST be on the table, which obviously means a complete pull out included. The hawkish, popular, and deeply respected Warner, until recently one of the administrations most dependable backers, cut the legs out from under George Allen's charges that his opponent is soft on terror and willing to cut and run. If the highly popular Warner says it is time to consider pulling out, what leg does Allen have to stand on?

We Can't Make It Here Anymore - by James McMurtry


Impressive video.

Why are you moving?
I hate packing more than painting! ;)

Kick ass video Bear.....

Good luck with the move.
Agreed. Great video and song.

How far you moving? Moving blows.
Yucky, yucky, moving's sucky! Great video btw, though I'm none too certain that the Democrats will do any better. We need to get the special interests out of bed with the politicians.
I LOVE MOVING! Ok, well, I love the packing and the unpacking, I don't enjoy the actual moving. Are you changing cities or just homes?
I am sooooo with you VV!!!!
I am moving across town to bigger digs. Renting ex's house with option to buy.

means less stair climbing, and a dinning roo big enough I can entertain family at holidays.
Best of luck with the tests and the move, GWB!!!
Good luck with the move and I hope everything's ok with the tests... that's never any fun.

I love that James McMurtry song. Cool video.
I don't like the packing, or the unpacking, or the lifting... I like the cleaning. It's the only time spotlessness comes to my place, when I have a new one.
Looks like you'll be de-rednecking YOUR back yard now.
That's the only good thing about packing. You're forced to sort all your possessions into 2 categories: 1)Must haves and 2)OMG, why do I still have all this shit?
trust me, the OMG's WAY outnumber the others.
I believe you!
We have a living room FULL of OMGs, that Z just cleaned out of his room.
Z LEANED OUT HIS ROOM? how'd you affect THAT miracle.

whatever it is, I'd love to try it on my daughter!
We wouldn't let him put his computer in his room, until he cleaned it. You KNEW there had to be bribery, didn't you?
Wow...thanks for that. we both sat with eyes wide are sending on to all on our mail list whether they want it or nooo.
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