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The move is done, and now the unpacking and and home improvement projects begin! First order of business; get rid of ancient stove, and install a modern stove and dishwasher. Yes, I have come to the conclusion that I know myself well enough to understand a dishwasher is mandatory. Tired of looking at piles of dishes. Which brings about the first DIY dilema. I have limited room in my kitchen. So, do I go for apartment sized stove and full sized dishwasher? Or full sized stove and apartment sized dishwasher? Either way, it will be about $200 more than if I bought both units full sized. Doesn't seem right that smaller would be more expensive, but such is life.

I am eagerly awaiting installation of cable intenet. This dial up s**t is frustrating the bejeebers out of me! I waste so much time trying to get to where I am going, I run out of time to do what I wanted when I finaly arrive at my net destination!

Can't go with out posting something a little political. The Chicago Tribune is running a great series on the hidden consequences of our trade policies with China. Very revealing and sobering stuff. Web site also offers video which is said to be excellent, but, of course, with dial up, I am not geting to view it! Anyhow, check it out at Or CLICK HERE

Yay! The bear is back! Woo hoo!
It's about time, but with dial-up, I understand. No excuses after you get cable though. ;)

YOU would NEVER be happy with an apartment-size oven. The stove top isn't too bad, but that dinky oven is a bugger!
Do you have space somewhere,(like an entryway or hallway) for a full-sized portable dishwasher?
We have an apartment sized dishwasher and are quite happy with it. John is terrible at doing dishes and so I understand the need for a dishwasher. It may be that you end up running it more often as it fills up faster, but in the end, I think that's a better deal than having to deal with a tiny stove. You can pile dishes in the sink - you can't do that with pots & pans when you're cookin.

The Tribune series is very good. Interesting stuff!

Welcome back!
Karen - does seem good to be back! TY!

tshs - No room for roll away. As for the dinky oven... I am not much of a baker other than the occasional pie or meatloaf. And I have the electric roaster for larger items like hams and such. The small cooktop worries me a bit though.

Laura - I am one of those cooks who seems to make a huge amount of dishes everytime he cooks... the small capacity of the apartment sized dishwahser scares me!
Sure, come back just when I am exiting! ;-) Hmmm, not being much of a cook, but loving to cook turkeys, I'd go for the full size stove and compromise on the dishwasher, but then, I have no problem washing dishes by hand. Try to imagine which one would be a bigger pain in the butt. :-) Happy Holidays! Oh, that reminds me, I never posted pictures of M's new toy, a new side by side refrigerator. Hmmm, maybe I'll get a post of it up after X-mas. Bye!
If you have a roaster for large turkeys and hams, then the oven should be fine. The smaller cooktop is fine IF you have a counter next to your stove, so you have a place for your cooking utensils.
Go for the larger dishwasher. Pots and pans fill up a dishwasher real quick!
Your sage rants on our goofy world have been missed. I was very pleased to flip over to your blog today and see you had returned. First on my blog list ... first in our hearts.
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