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Tony Dungy
Lovie Smith

1. This Super Bowl should be special. Not because of the fact that there will be two black coaches running the teams (there has never even been one black head coach in the game before). But because these are two of the nicest, classiest men around. It will be a joy to see how they handle themselves and their teams the next two weeks.

2. Is Manning/Brady the best quarterback rivalry since Johnny Unitas and Bart Starr? I think this is even better than Montana/Marino.

3. Busting the myth: So if Japanese cars are so superior to American cars, how is it that Toyota currently has more cars under recall than they sold world wide last year? And do you know which car company's vehicles are #1 in initial quality (according to J.D. Powers AND Car and Driver ) for the second year in a row? NOT Toyota, NOT Honda, NOT Nissan. Nope... GENERAL MOTORS! So before you plunk down money for that Camry or Tundra, go check out a Chevy HHR or Silverado!

4. Will anybody bother to watch Dubya's SOU speech tomorrow night? I don't ever remember a SOU speech with less buzz than this one.

5. My latest electoral theory. Obama and Clinton will bash each others brains in to the point nobody wants either one of them, and Al (can you say Oscar buzz) Gore will step in as the unity candidate. I realize bash and smash is not Obama's style, but he'll have Move On and Howard Dean to do that for him.

Meanwhile, the Republicans will have just as much trouble settling on a candidate. Brownback too radical, Giuliani to liberal, McCain to old and crazy, Romney too Mormon. Stepping into the breach? Look for Newt to present himself as the compromise candidate.

Okay, rambled enough! Time for bed!

Well, Bear, I agree with a lot of what you have to say, and I'd like to see North American cars be the best, and I'm prepared to accept that they've become better than the last bucket of junk North American car I drove (it was a Sunbird, and oh geez man was it a bad car).....but I just traded my old Subaru for a 5 year old Corolla which I will likely quitely drive for a dozen years.
GM better than Japanese? Are you gonna tell me God is dead, while you're at it?! Just go ahead and burst our little bubbles... ;D

I watched the stupid SOU, and it was like deja vu; you can tell what the guy's gonna say months before he gets around to saying it, so from now on I'll spare myself the annoyance of listening to him at all.
I think Japanese carmakers are sacrificing quality for gas mileage right now.

This is the first time, since I was old enough to vote, that I haven't watched SOU. Like SME said, you KNOW what he's gonna say. Besides, I wasn't in the mood for a stress headache.
I really hope your wrong about Obama/Clinton, but realistically I think you might be right. Either one would make a great president in my opinion, but I think Hilary has become too Milquetoast in her policy, rhetoric, and demeanor. She's the female version of Lurch Dukakis (Kerry).

I still think I'd buy a Japanese car for fuel efficiency reasons. It depends on the nature of the recall too - if it's a major problem - then yes, the car should never have been released off the line. If it's replacing a widget, that's another thing.

Not that I really care about football, but.. Go Bears. As long as there is no SuperBowl Shuffle Part II. If they do that again, then Go Colts just as a matter of principle.
Football, don't watch it really.

SOU address, I'm not supposed to swear at the t.v. or throw things at it anymore, so I won't be watching it.

Cars, waiting for the return of the all electric car that was confiscated from Californians a few years back and all of them destroyed. They were too good and posed a huge threat for the oil and automotive industries. See the movie, "What ever happened to the electric car" for a real eye opener.

As for the election, I think Hillary is too smart to allow herself to be dragged through the mud, I predict a Hillary / Obama ticket. Who could give them a run for their money, maybe a Gore / Edwards ticket?

As for the Republican Party, I don't see any candidate for them holding much sway over the nation. Just my cracked crystal ball predictions. ;-)
1. Lost a bunch of money betting on Bears. I now officially hate Rex Grossman.

2. Never got into QB rivalries because it's a team game. No offense of course. If that's your thing....

3. Got 272k miles out of my Ford Taurus, 145k miles out of my Saturn and it's still going. Had a German biodiesel car and got sick of working on it so I went back to my Saturn. American cars rule.

4. I read the script afterwards.

5. Geez, I hope the Democrats could put some fresh blood in there. Sick of Gore and Clinton (Hillary). I had someone on your blog before dog me and say that my opinion shouldn't count because I'm not a Democrat. On the contrary, my opinion matters even more because I'm the swing voter. Obama has more promise. There's very little to dislike about him. But then again, who knows? The future Democratic candidate might not even be in the race yet.

As for the Republicans, I hope it's not McCain. That guy should be in a loonie bin. I'd love to see a true fiscally conservative (Bush makes Clinton look like a fiscal conservative), socially moderate, environmentally conscious Republican if one still exists.

Probably wishful thinking on both sides, so it will probably be yet another 3rd party vote for me.
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