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News stories:

1. Computer Launches Terrorist Attack On Unwitting Fisherman: While on a fishing trip in Nevada, Thomas Forqueran stashes his Dell laptop in the cab of his truck. Unfortunately, this laptop was equipped with one of the infamous Sony spontaneously combustible batteries. Worse still, also stored in the cab were several boxes of ammunition. Just as he and his pal were returning to the truck, they noticed smoke coming from the cab. At which point bullets started spraying, and the gas tank blew, sending the truck a spectacular 20 yds in the air. Forqueran and his buddy emerged from cover about the time the fire dept. arrived. Fortunately, no one was injured. The same can't be said for Sony's reputation.

2. CNN Anchor Broadcasts From The Loo: Kyra Phillips decides to use the restroom during President Bush's Hurricane Katrina anniversary speech. Unfortunately she forgets to turn off her microphone. The result ... All of America learns that her husband is a "handsome, genuinely loving, passionate, compassionate man with no ego." Also that she has to protect her brother from her sister-in-law, who is "just a control freak". Actually, it was much more interesting than Dubyas's speach. And much more honest!

3. Drunken Man Wins $2000 Bet By cutting Off Penis: On July 17, a drunken man in Riva, Latvia, bet his comrades that he would cut off his penis for two grand. He won the bet! Surgeons at the Latvian Centre for Microsurgery and Plastic Surgery reattached the member successfully. It may even become functional with the help of prosthetics. Gives a whole new meaning to "dick in hand".

4. The Perils of Hot Naked Women: In Moscow, three women in an SUV pull into to the Balashakh Beach parking lot. They walk down to the waters edge, and proceed to strip naked. They cavort and romp and even wash each other in front of the cheering crowd of onlookers. By the time they calmly dress and drive off, fifteen minutes later, their accomplices have stripped ten cars in the parking lot, and stolen the four most valuable. To quote that famous one eyed sailor: "Women, they is nuttin' but troubles!"


10. Belle and Sebastian: The Life Pursuit - Scottish Band drops chamber pop sound for harder edge and results are spectacular. Easily their best album.

9. Soul Asylum: The Silver Lining - Minneapolis blues rockers have great album with particularly strong cuts STAND UP AND BE STRONG, LATELY, and CRAZY, MIXED UP WORLD

8. Tom Waits: Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards - slightly softer edged than most Waits. Really enjoyed it.

7. The Shins: Wincing The Night Away - Good solid Indie pop.

6. The Decemberists: The Crane Wife - Indie pop with great lyrics and slightly hard edge. Really enjoyed this one!

5. Ray Davies: Other People's Lives - Kinks' frontman's first album in 7 years. Great, semi autobiographical songs, and Davies is in fine voice.

4. Little Willies: Little Willies - Nora Jones, Richard Julian et. al. make outstanding country/rock/swing album, especially love the song Baltimore

3. Pink: I'm Not Dead - This album really surprised me. A terrific album with smart lyrics. Collaborates with her father, and the Indigo Girls. Pink has a much greater vocal range than I gave her credit for. This is an outstanding album!

2. Bob Dylan: Modern Times - Bob goes Delta Blues and Texas Swing. A fabulous album.

1. Willie Nelson: You Don't Know Me: The Songs Of Cindy Walker - Cindy Walker wrote hit songs for the likes of Bob Wills, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Ray Charles, Mel Tillis, and many more. Willie's interpretations are just incredible. And he is backed up by a fabulous band featuring the legendary fiddler Johnny Gimble. Just hearing Willie sing YOU DON'T KNOW ME is worth the price of this fabulous album. But ALL the songs are fabulous. This is easily the best album of the year in any genre.

Detroit Tigers Win American League Pennant - After threatening to be the worst team in the history of baseball just two years earlier, the Tigers go to the World Series led by a chain smoking, old school grandfather, a 42 year old pitcher with a history of anger management problems, a pitcher who once lost 20 game in a season, and a fireballing rookie composed well beyond his years. The feel good story of the year.

Indiana Paddler's Rendevous - 150 canoeists gather in Lafayette for 3 days of food, beer, camaraderie, and paddling. A great event with lots of new friends made.
Michigan Destroys #2 Notre Dame in South Bend - Nothing better than having braggin' rights in the home town of the enemy! If football is #1 in South Bend, then being a Michigan ex-pat in South Bend makes this just extra sweet.

Dems Sweep Congressional Elections - take control of both houses of Congress. Nuff' said.

Whoa! I sure hope that $2000 goes farther in Latvia, than it does here! ;)
I just hope it covers teh medical bills!
Hopefully, they have socialized medicine.
Why are so many people selling themselves short? Two grand for cutting off a penis, and only ten grand to the woman who tatooed the URL of an online casing on her forehead. Don't they know you can't even wipe your ass for that kind of money anymore? The woman with the URL did it for college money for her son. I guess he's going to community college.
2 grand wouldn't even pay for the booze you'd need once you realized just how stupid you were....
Wow ...$2000 thats worth about $3000 here...hmmmm, but with your health care it would cost more than that to re attach,,,if you waanted to re attache ...that is....smirk smirk
I was also thinking the $2000 went toward the medical bills. He didn't exactly come out ahead.
Thanks for the review of the albums. I'd heard of few of them. There are definitely a number of them I'll go check out now. We have similar tastes in music so a thumbs up from you means I'm highly likely to enjoy the album as well.
Nice and a howler of a story re the Moskovites.....
Check out Citay's self-titled album from 2006. You can download half of it from their website for free.
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