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That is the headline I am considering for a singles ad to be placed in the local personals website. I need a hit woman because I live next door to the Evil Bitch Dragon Lady. I would burn her out, but then she would just go terrorize someone else. Better to have her offed. However, my hit woman has to be principled, I don 't want just any Sue, Jane, or Mary off the street. If she happens to be a sex goddess too, that would be a great bonus. And if she turns out not to be such a great hit woman, well, I guess I could live with the sex goddess part.

Have any of you been following the Walter Reid Army Hospital scandal? The Washington Post ran a series of articles on the appalling conditions outpatient vets were being subjected to. The top brass expressed out rage, claimed no knowledge, and promised there would be immediate changes. Yesterday, they relieved the two star general in charge of his command.

Now, for some reason, this story sounded vaguely familier to me. It turns out there was good reason for that. I am a subscriber. It turns out Salon published a series of articles in 2004 describing the exact same conditions. And here is the kicker. The general fired yesterday for incompetance is being replaced by the general in charge in 2004.

And we may never find out if the lives of these brave men who have sacrificed so much will ever improve or not. The Army has placed a gag order on all military patients. They now are required to have permission to talk to reporters.

The truth appears to be that the Pentagon would rather sacrifice the well being of GI's than to invest money in a facility scheduled to be closed in ten years.
ALSO... I have added a couple of new recipes at THE CHURCH POTLUCK, Old Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie, Simmered Chicken, and Blackjack Chicken.
Some pics of Kipper, the world's largest, cutest, oldest puppy. 85 lbs of sheer exuberance.

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GWB, if I run into any Christian sex-goddess hitwomen, you'll be the first to know. Any denomination preferred? Is Catholic OK? There's gotta be at LEAST one Catholic sex-goddess hitwoman out there...

The Walter Reed thing has got me seeing red, too. NO excuse under the sun for what's going on. How can these people sleep at night?!
Any denomination (besides Pentecostal or Southern Baptist). I am an ecumenical kinda guy. Catholic might be particularly good. I remember catholic girls from high school.
I'll keep my eyes open. ;)
I can sympathize about the neighbor. We hope to start installing a privacy fence around part of our yard next summer to keep our neighbor's junk from encroaching onto our property.

How can you POSSIBLY think that the situation at Walter Reed is more important than the location of Anna Nicole's mouldering corpse? Get some priorities man!

Kipper is ADORABLE!! He doesn't look 85 lbs though. Hairry is only 75 lbs and is a lot more chunky than Kipper.
Geez, and you just moved in, too. I can imagine the frustration at having gone through all that just to find out you have a crappy neighbour. I hope you find your sex goddess! And the puppy dog is really cute!
My husband is the only one that worships at this alter but if you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours: I have a tenant I'd like to get rid off and you have a Dragon Lady--let's work out a deal?
tshsmom - Oorang Airdales are pretty much solid muscle mass. At 85lbs., Kipper is a relative wimp. Many reach 110 lbs. Havng said that, he is incredably strong, more so than my son's 125 Rotweiller.

WC - It is worse for my daughter, This is the house she grew up in, and she was so looking forward to living here.

Now we both dread coming home from work every night.

SL - All Ihave to say is, I make an excellent Molotov Cocktail.
kipper is a very handsome dog!...
He is huge... but he smiles as all special doggies do...what does he eat? Horses? Elephants?
I am keeping an eye peeled on your local craigslist, for you!
I'm not even touching the whole hitwoman thing.

I find the Walter Reed fiasco sickening. For all the "support our troops" rhetoric being spewed by this administration, their actual record of doing so is atrocious. Yes, it's true that war has changed since our last major conflict (Vietnam) and more and more soldiers survive their wounds than before. The VA should have been on top of this, anyone could have seen it coming. There are far more solidiers in need of extended care for their wounds than ever before. It's sickening to see them treated this way.
Alas I'm not Christian...
Adorable puppy! I just LOVE dogs! As for Walter Reed, didn't anyone at the Post catch the fact that Salon had already reported on this or that the 2004 guy was replacing the current guy? Sounds like another great story. And what's with the gag order?! Do we no longer have freedom of speech in this country! That's a crock of shit! Hey, have you ever heard Michael Penn's song about Walter Reed? Nice tune.
I have got to start wearing my reading glasses at the computer. I just now realized that this titles says 'Hit WOMAM"

you'ld think even the crappy spell checker on Firefox would have caught THAT gaff though.

Karen - the only part of this title that is not negotiable is the sex goddess part!

VV - Kipper thanks you! As for the gag order thing, what idiot at the Pentagon doesn't realize how bad that gag order makes them look? Don't they pay PR people to review things like this BEFORE they make themselves look bad?
There's a VA hospital that isn't a cess-pool?
You need to come answer my question... got yourself a deal.
Nothing sexier than a woman with guns. Except a woman with guns without any clothes on.

Yeah, I'm appalled at the lack of caring for our men and women in uniform. That's a whole can of worms I don't want to open now though. And that gag order's exceptionally disgusting. Sometimes I think things are getting worse, not better.
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